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Not Everything we’re Told about Engagement Rings is True PowerPoint Presentation
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Not Everything we’re Told about Engagement Rings is True

Not Everything we’re Told about Engagement Rings is True

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Not Everything we’re Told about Engagement Rings is True

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  1. What You Think You Know about Engagement Rings

  2. Finding the right engagement ring for that special someone can be a very difficult task. There is a lot of pressure to get it right, spend the right amount of money on it, and procure the ring from a dealer you can trust to give you what you need at a reasonable cost. But when it comes to engagement rings, there are a lot of fallacies surrounding them that can hamper your ability to get something unique and truly special. So if you are feeling a little constrained by expectations which are making your buying decisions difficult, then don’t worry. Diamonds for Less brings you some of the most common misconceptions about engagement rings, and busts them for you.

  3. YOU SHOULD SPEND AT LEAST 3 MONTHS OF YOUR SALARY ON THE RING • There is no real truth behind this, and in fact is a clever marketing ploy to try and get you to spend more. • Since people’s incomes differ, spending 3 months of your salary will obviously mean that different incomes will fetch varying prices in rings, meaning there is no real benchmark on how much you should spend that is related to your salary.

  4. IT’S ALL ABOUT SIZE • Starting your lives together in debt because of the cost of your engagement ring is no way to secure a happy marriage. It is best to buy within your means and not over extend your earning power. • When it comes to diamonds in the ring, it shouldn’t be all about the size of the stone it is fitted with, and if that’s all your relationship is based on, then maybe you should be asking some questions.

  5. More important than size is the stone’s clarity and colour which adds to the long term value of the diamond, and therefore the ring. • Going overboard in size can make the ring very uncomfortable (and sometimes unsafe) to wear. If you expect your partner to wear it all the time, then it is probably best to keep it comfortable.

  6. STICK TO THE NORM • One of the greatest gifts that an engagement ring can give is its uniqueness, only if the ring is actually unique, of course. • It is a good idea to find something that • she likes, like her cousin’s white gold • three stone ring, and then put a twist on it to make it • unique. • Having a ring tailor made is a great way to break the status quo and be original. Try getting a hand-crafted diamond engagement ring from Diamonds for Less for something that is truly unique.

  7. AN ENGAGEMENT RING IS AN INVESTMENT • We can throw words like ‘investment’ and ‘value’ around all day, but with engagement rings this kind of thinking makes for a dangerous cornerstone of your future together. The ring is meant to be worn for a lifetime (if everything goes according to plan). This means that it is a symbol of something that you will cherish forever, not stow away until you can pawn it out.

  8. Furthermore, the mark-up on engagement rings when you buy them is pretty high. This means that if you ever try to see a return on your ‘investment’, you would probably have to work very hard just to see close to what you paid for it. There is no need to stick to the norm when it comes to getting the right engagement ring. If you want something unique then explore your options and don’t let the general consensus on what an engagement ring should be narrow your decision. Express the originality of your love and the one who is wearing your ring with the right choice --tailor made and expressive of the one who wears it. For more information about how you can get a ring as unique as your love, contact Diamonds for Less today.

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