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UK Testbed Deployment PowerPoint Presentation
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UK Testbed Deployment

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UK Testbed Deployment
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UK Testbed Deployment

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  1. UK Testbed Deployment • Aim of this talk is to the answer the questions: • “What are other sites doing?” • “What are the steps between the situation today, and all interested UK sites being part of the Testbed?” Andrew McNab - Manchester HEP - 10 May 2002

  2. Software Releases • Deployment largely driven/limited by EDG software release status and cycles. • Have 3 major releases to coincide with three yearly Testbeds 1, 2 and 3 • Have minor releases every 2 months, and then patch level releases between those: currently frozen at 1.1.4 to allow concentration on 1.2. • We currently have a mixture of sites with: • some version of the Globus gatekeeper for Gavin’s Green Dots Map. • old Globus 1.1.3 installations • Globus 2.0/2.0beta installations, including • EDG installations (using 2.0beta), usually just a Computing Element. • BaBar installations of EDG CE. • Following table gives an overview of the testbed (not intended as per-site progress reports!) Andrew McNab - Manchester HEP - 10 May 2002

  3. Status Overview (Based on a straw poll - apologies for any omissions) Green Dot G1.1.3 G2.0(b) EDG-CE Babar-CE Birmingham y y y Bristol y y y y y Brunel y y Cambridge y Edinburgh y y Glasgow y y Imperial y y y Lancaster y y Liverpool y y Manchester y y y y y Oxford y y QMUL y y y RAL y y y y RHUL y y UCL y Andrew McNab - Manchester HEP - 10 May 2002

  4. UK WP6 Sites • CLRC/RAL • LCFG server; UI (accessible as part of CSF); 8 CPU’s running EDG 1.1.4 (usually full now); 2 development boxes; CE SE WN with EDG 1.2alpha5 from Monday; WP7 Network Monitoring Element; GridPP MDS server. • Bristol • LCFG server; several boxes with EDG 1.1.2 • IC • LCFG server; GridPP Resource Broker, CE and WN’s with EDG 1.1.4 • Manchester • LCFG server; CE with manually installed EDG 1.1.4; GridPP and BaBar VO servers. Andrew McNab - Manchester HEP - 10 May 2002

  5. UK Tier1/A Status @ RAL Current EDG TB setup 14 Dual 1GHz PIII, 500MB RAM 40GB disks Compute Element (CE) Storage Element (SE) User Interfaces (UI) Information Node (IN) + Worker Nodes (WN) + Existing Central Facilities (Non Grid) 250 CPUs 10TB Disk 35TB Tape (Capacity 330 TB) Hardware Purchase installed March 156 Dual 1.4GHz 1GB RAM, 30GB disks (312 cpus) 26 Disk servers (Dual 1.266GHz) 1.9TB disk each Expand the capacity of the tape robot by 35TB

  6. “Constituencies” involved in deployment • Sysadmins (represented in “Sysman” and by WP6) • Care about the integrity of their site (firewalls etc) and the maintenance load of Grid Testbed equipment; may be under pressure to get a “green dot” on the relevant map. • Experiments (represented by GridPP EB) • Want sites up and running for application development and to run data challenges. Esp. concerned about sites hosting their farms. • Grid developers (represented by GridPP TB) • Concerned about getting functionality running in UK, esp. at sites where experts are. • Local HEP groups (represented on GridPP CB) • Want a transparent process that includes everyone. Andrew McNab - Manchester HEP - 10 May 2002

  7. UK Deployment Plan • Start with UK WP6 people (+ other key experts) • Use mailing list, which anyone can join and is archived. • Once have some WP6 sites up and a procedure that should work for any site, then ask more sites to test installation procedure, docs etc. • Once this has stabilised, invite all interested sites to install Testbed software: by this point, installation instructions should be clear and not require previous grid experience, ad-hoc fixes etc. • Support will then be provided by tb-support mailing list on best-effort basis and Grid Support Centre with a formal ticket-based system. • (Likely that mailing list will be best place to get a quick answer.) • Need to repeat this every 2 months for EDG releases, although not all sites may have commitments (eg from experiments) to do this. • will have formal document. Andrew McNab - Manchester HEP - 10 May 2002

  8. Installation Procedure • This needs to be based around LCFG because of complex configuration process, which is published as automatic LCFG configuration objects. • Sites will almost certainly need to dedicate machines to be installed this way. • LCFG itself has been non-trivial to install and configure. • However, once your local LCFG server is working, installing CE etc is automated (similar to RedHat kickstart.) • Steve Traylen has written up the procedure used to install LCFG at RAL, and contributed updated scripts back to WP6. So the situation is much better now. Andrew McNab - Manchester HEP - 10 May 2002

  9. • Prototype installation procedure for LCFG: • modified RedHat HTTP install • you take a standard install floppy • point it at • uses extra “LCFG server” option (additional to “NFS server” etc) • just takes published LCFG server installation procedure • adds any necessary fixes • puts all the commands into a small number of scripts (eg 1) • Would like to have “turnkey” installation of local LCFG servers for each site. • Sites will still need to edit local site config and generate profiles for each machine. Andrew McNab - Manchester HEP - 10 May 2002

  10. Testbed Joining Procedure • Procedure for joining EDG testbed is being defined by WP6. • For UK sites, WP6 UK will propose sites to rest of WP6. • WP6-UK will provide help with testing UK sites: • Have GridPP VO, Resource Broker and MDS so can add sites to UK Testbed and validate functionality ourselves before trying in the EDG Testbed. • We don’t want to propose sites without testing them ourselves; and cautious sites can put themselves up for validation within GridPP without risking “embarrassment” at a European level.Will use same validation criteria as WP6. • Formal procedure + test suites will appear at (after TB etc has seen it) Andrew McNab - Manchester HEP - 10 May 2002

  11. More information • WP6 website at • GridPP Technical Board • mailing list • has improved LCFG installation instructions. • has: • mailing list information • Steve’s recipe for LCFG-installing CE etc. • will have link to formal joining procedure document and deployment plan. Andrew McNab - Manchester HEP - 10 May 2002