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Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu Digital Library

Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu Digital Library. ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC. CONTENTS. 1. Overview of Library Services. 2. Finding Information – Digital Library. 3. Virtual Reference Services. 4. Internet. 5. Plagiarism. 6. Turnitin. ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC. 1.

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Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu Digital Library

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  1. Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu Digital Library ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  2. CONTENTS 1 Overview of Library Services 2 Finding Information – Digital Library 3 Virtual Reference Services 4 Internet 5 Plagiarism 6 Turnitin ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  3. 1 Overview of Library Services Where is the library? • Wawasan Open Library • Main Campus, 54 Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang • Kuala Lumpur Regional Office Library • Level 3, Menara PGRM, 8 Jalan Pudu Ulu, 56100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur • Johor Bahru Regional Office Library • No 17 & 19 Jalan Jaya 2, Taman Jaya, 81300 Skudai, Johor • Ipoh Regional Office Library • Wisma Gerakan, 80 Persiaran Green Hill, 30450 Ipoh, Perak • Kota Bharu Regional Office Library • No 3956 Tingkat Bawah, Wisma Gerakan, Jalan Temenggong 15000 Kota Bharu • Kuching, Sarawak Regional Office Library • SL14, Westin Avenue, Jalan Tun Jugah, 93350, Kuching ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  4. 1 Overview of Library Services What are my library privileges? Undergraduate: 4 books from General Collections for 2 weeks Graduate: 5 books from the General Collections for 30 days Unlimited access to Digital Library Computer and Wi-Fi facilities Document delivery and inter-library Loan services ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  5. 1 Overview of Library Services Difference between Physical & Digital Library ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  6. 2 Finding Information How to find information resources? ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  7. 2 Finding Information Where do I start? Library Homepage http://woulibrary.wou.edu.my/library/default.aspx ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  8. 2 Finding Information MyLibrary Account – Patron Profile Patron can check - full personal record, account information (fines & penalty fees) & online renewal. Borrower’s Full Record ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  9. 2 Finding Information MyLibrary Account – How do I renew book loan? • Renewals are processed in person or electronically • 1 online renewal allowed for students • Materials held or recalled for another patron may not be renewed • Media ResourcesVideos and DVDs may not be renewed ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  10. 2 Finding Information MyLibrary Account – Do I have to pay for overdue or missing book? • 40 cents per day per book • For a lost book – total overdue fines + current cost of the book + RM25.00 per volume as processing fee • RM50.00 for lost ID card ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  11. Log-in with your user ID & password using single sign-on method. 2 Finding Information – Digital Library How do I search Digital Library? Click on Library ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  12. 2 Finding Information – Digital Library Access to Digital Library This will pop-up • Login using your WOU username and password ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  13. 2 Finding Information – Digital Library Who can access Digital Library? Digital Library is restricted to WOU students, staff and tutors ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  14. 2 Finding Information – Digital Library What is inside Digital Library? 24x7 E-books on business, finance and technology E - B O O K S Ebrary E-books on all academic subject areas Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History Articles by noted scholars on intersection of history and the social sciences ranging from accounting to zoos ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  15. 2 Finding Information – Digital Library MyDigital Library e-Journals EBSCOHOSTBusiness Source CompleteCollection of scholarly business databaseMore than 7,000 titles ProQuest Education Journals It covers literature on primary, secondary and higher education,, and hundreds of related topics. JSTOR Arts and Sciences Collections I & IV Emerarld Management 80 titles management journals ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  16. 2 Finding Information – Digital Library What is inside Digital Library? E-course reserves Materials are set aside by Course Coordinators for the exclusive use of their students. Direction to use is provided in the course material. ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  17. Access 24 x 7 Learn how to utilize Digital Library resources http://woulibrary.wou.edu.my/library/default.aspx 2 Finding Information – Digital Library About Digital Library ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  18. 3 Virtual Reference Services How do I get help from the Library? ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  19. 3 Virtual Reference Services Help Online Live chat with Reference Librarian ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  20. 3 Virtual Reference Services Facebook ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  21. 3 Virtual Reference Services For further assistance – ASK A LIBRARIAN ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  22. 3 Virtual Reference Services Document Delivery To be used by staff/student/tutor to request for material NOT available in Regional Office’s library ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  23. 3 Virtual Reference Services Subject guides • Academic Writing • Business & Administration • Computer Science and Engineering • English Language Learning • Human Resources • Learning Skills  • Psychology • Construction management ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  24. 3 Virtual Reference Services Citation guides: WOU; MLA; APA ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  25. 3 Virtual Reference Services Where should I go for photocopying and printing services? Main Campus- Level 5 • Self service card operated photocopier • Purchase the card at the Circulation Desk Regional Office • Please approach Library Administrator for assistance ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  26. 4 Internet When do I need to use Internet? • Locate general information • Current news events • Statistics • Points of view • Opinion on your topic ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  27. 4 Internet Types of Search Tools • Search engines – Google, Google Scholar, Yahoo, Ask.com • Subject Directories –Librarians’ Index, Google Directory, Yahoo! • Invisible web/Deep web - InfoMine ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  28. 5 Plagiarism What is plagiarism? Improper use, or failure to attribute, another person’s writing or ideas. • Inadvertent neglect to include quotes or references when citing another source • Knowingly copying an entire text and claiming it as your own work ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  29. 6 Turnitin What is Turnitin? • Web-based plagiarism prevention tool used for assignment originality checking. It will find and highlight matching or unoriginal text in a written assignment/TMA. • Fully implemented in January 2011 ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  30. 6 Turnitin Why use Turnitin? • To ensure that you have cited all your references properly • To ensure that you have conform to good ethics of writing • To ensure that you have done proper paraphrasing • To ensure that you have not done “cut and paste” ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  31. 6 Turnitin How do I use Turnitin? • Refer to Turnitin instruction orientation slides • Submit technical problem to library@wou.edu.my ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  32. Circulation Desk Learning & Library Services Department Wawasan Open University, Main Campus, 54 Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang Circulation/Reference Librarian: Ms Ooi Siew Lee/Ms Farzanah Ali Hassan Tel: 04-2180 159 Fax: 04-227 9214 Regional/Learning Offices:  Ipoh : 05-2436 323 (Ms. Doreen)  Kuala Lumpur : 03-9281 7323 / 9283 8323 ( Ms. Rajaletchumy)  Johor Bahru : 07-5566 323 / 5564 323 (Ms. Teresa Wong)  Kota Bharu : 09-7487 323 (Ms. Nur Shahidah)  Kuching : 082-578923 / 575923 (Ms. Mary Liliana) ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  33. Practical Session – Digital Library Those who are interested please proceed to the library • EBSCOHOST – Business Source Complete “Service quality" AND “Higher education” • Emerald Management – “capacity planning” • Hart Publishing – “Distance education” AND quality • ACM – “artificial intelligence” ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

  34. THANK YOU! e-mail: library@wou.edu.my ORIENTATION—JANUARY 2013—PG,IP,KL,JB,KC

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