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Job Searching Website - Login - Employement PowerPoint Presentation
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Job Searching Website - Login - Employement

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Job Searching Website - Login - Employement
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Job Searching Website - Login - Employement

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  1. Looking for a Job, well finding a job iss nowhere near as simple or as straightforward as it used tobe. The marketplace is flooded with highly skilled talent, all of which is competing for the same limited number of positions, and there are more applicants entering the market every single day. To say that the applicant field for most new positions out there is competitive would be the understatement of the century. For this reason, recruiters are looking to screen applicants as thoroughly as possible. While combing over resumes, they’re also using the power of the internet to make sure they are picking the cream of the crop to fill openpositions. Combine this with the fact that some jobs become open and available without ever hearing about it, and you’re looking at a very sticky si uation. Well, thankfully, you won’t have to worry about that any longer. Not if you’re taking advantage of the tools and resources at UniverseJobs.c m. We work with employers to curate and distribute these open positions and we also utilize areferral network that most other job search websites aren’t even aware of. This allows us t give you instant access to red hot job opportunities a they become available so that you have every opportunity to secure the position – before anyone else even knows itexisted! All you have to do is sign up for a free account here at Universe Jobs and you’ll be given instant access to our job opportunities board – as well as all of the other resources we make available to help you lock up the position you’ve been searching for, the position you’ve been dreamingof. t s o o

  2. Overview Wondering where to find a job, come and experience your next level of career growth with us. Our company is defined by a customer centric approach. We value transparency and nurture knowledge and learning. Excellent career opportunities abound for dynamic individuals, with challenges designed to unlock your potential. We strive to keep our work environment conducive to personal & professional growth. Experiments and exploration are encouraged at all levels. If you fit the bill then we extend an invitation to be part of our growingcompany. If you are wondering how to find a job, start off by chopping rivals, with a credible partner by your side who can unearth hidden jobs for you by tapping into strategic networks who are privy to this information. When you apply for jobs online at o r platform, we go all out to help you prepare for ensuing challenges and opportunities. Positions are available at every level, multiple disciplines and markets. You will find a stimulating environment to learn, grow andthrive. u • We are not just a job seekers website, keeping the end user in mind we have aligned our systems and processes to foster teamwork, integrity, and continuous refinement for efficient solutions. Our core values are the guiding lights that take us forward as anorganization. • We are of the firm beliefthat: • We succeed when our customers succeed • We grow when our peoplegrow • Teams work, boundariesdon’t • Energy and focus transform challenges intoopportunities • Outstanding execution deliversimpact • The sky is the limit. Aim higher andhigher!

  3. A resume portrays a professional and successful image of a person. You as a jobseeker can only undermine its importance at your own peril. Let us find out more about this potent tool to be used on Job Search Websites, and see for ourselves how just a page of paper helps you land the desiredjob. Resume fastfacts Theresume c s t Communicates your major strengths, skills, accomplishments and future poten ial Shows your value to the prospectiveemployer Helps you with the entire process of job search, interview and possiblehiring · · · Purpose Gets you the interview in the first place Reminds the interviewer aboutyou Justifies the hiring decision in the neworganization · · · The recommendedformat Reverse chronological order – stating experience, jobs, and dates in reverse order beginning with the mostrecent. Writingtips · · One page resume suffices in mostcases Visualize the ideal candidate for the job and try to match his / her attributes, features, skills,traits andstrengths · This would require a unique resume for each job position, also layout the information in acertain order of interest for the targetedreader Never ever lie in a resume as the background checks will expose you and damage your credibility Advertise your abilities, without soundingimmodest Avoid paragraphs, instead use concise phrases with bullets, and be consistent in tense, useaction · · · verbs, double proof-read for typing, the copy should be free of grammatical and spellingerrors. · · Includereferences Have a catchy, descriptive title to grab the interviewer’sattention

  4. Showcase key -achievements • Consider these when you apply for jobsonline · · Judiciously use key words and phrases for a successful online jobsearch You need to mention critical job skills early and often, but not overstuff your CV with them.The software program then perceives them to be both recent and frequentexperience · Network aggressively so that your application can be routed internally for unadvertisedjob • positions, in addition to social medianetworking • Attach a cover letter to the resume as and whenrequired • And last but not the least seek professional help in drafting a professional resume - if required, after all it is the key to your dreamjob. Be Secure with UniverseJobs! We rank among the best job search engines and job search websites with credible global online presence and have acted as the preferred recruitment partner to leading business players and have emerged as the leading business brand nationally and globally. We have evolved as trusted consultants for leading professionals. Our core capability lies in building careers andorganizations. Our deep rooted values and the underlying philosophy enable us to render a unique approach to recruitment. Our focus has always been meeting and fulfilling varied talent needs and requirements. We recruit across various verticals and industry segments. We have helped shape the careers of thousands of professionals. We have experience with Indian and international companies and provide customized recruitment solutions across many industryverticals. Universe jobs is proud of its longstanding relationships in the industry and the fact that a major chunk of the revenue comes from the existing clients, which in itself is a standing testimony of happyclients.

  5. We post the vacancies of the clients on the internet on behalf of theclients. We source candidates through headhunting, cold calling, references and posting vacancies of our clients on the portals and as per the responses received from prospects consider them for the available requirements. We are a pioneer in the e – recruiting industry fulfilling the perpetual requirements of employers and the job seekers. The portal is designed not just to cater exclusively to industries and business organizations it also meets the needs of multitude of jobseekers. The usage of the website is strictly governed by its “Terms of Use” and it’s “Privacy Policy” and all site users are bound by its clauses. Both employers and job seekers need to adhere to the laid guidelines, which restricts and discourages any misuse of information and/or any fraudulentbehavior. Many a time few regrettable yet unavoidable instances may take place, wherein false job postings are listed online in order to collect information from unwary job seekers. Such job postings are clearly a violation of Universe Jobs Terms of Use and if needed, may also come under the criminal violation of the federal and/or the statelaw. Our constant endeavor is to provide you with the safest environment to search jobs and manage your information. To assist you with a safe and secure experience on our website, we have provided a list of precautions (also Refer Privacy Policy)hereunder- List of Precautions you need toremember: Never respond to any e-mails that ask for your personal information, which is not relevant to the job profile in question. Also, never share any information related to your credit card number, bank account etc. over telephone oremail. Do not reply to mails that have no valid contactinformation Ignore any such e-mails that ask for any kind of monetary transaction with respect to recruitment purposes. Such mails are necessarilyfraudulent. Be aware of any form of communication asking you to process money via your debit or creditcard. It is always advisable to cross-check and a conduct a thorough enquiry to verify or authenticate an employer before replying to any communication. Please note that Universe Jobs in no circumstances should be held responsible for any employer sending such fraudulentcommunication. If in case, you have received any such emails from any of our client, please write to usat

  6. SECUREPURCHASE: You can purchase any UJ Products at with confidence. We have partnered with Authorize.Net, a leading payment gateway since 1996, to accept credit cards and electronic check payments safely and securely for ourcustomers. The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway manages the complex routing of sensitive customer information through the electronic check and credit card processing networks. See an online payments diagram to see how itworks. The company adheres to strict industry standards for payment processing,including: 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for secure Internet Protocol (IP) transactions Industry leading encryption hardware and software methods and security protocols toprotect customerinformation Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS) For additional information regarding the privacy of your sensitive cardholder data, please read the Authorize.Net PrivacyPolicy is registered with the Authorize.Net Verified Merchant Sealprogram.