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Smokefree Communities!!!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Smokefree Communities!!!!!

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Smokefree Communities!!!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Smokefree Communities!!!!!

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  1. Smokefree Communities!!!!!

  2. ...Answers... • 6000 11) 5.5 Trillion • 1/3 12) Big Tobacco • $400 Million 13) Teenagers • 16 Million • 3.5 Million • $0.17 • False • 900 • 72 Seconds • 4000

  3. What are the 3 aspects of a Smokefree Community? • Health • Budget • Political

  4. ~Health~ • It’s a proven fact that Secondhand smoke is Dangerous! • Secondhand smoke is a Class A Carcinogen and kills 49,000 people a year. • When a community goes smokefree it protects the workers, customers, and the citizens whether they are in the place or not. • This can also help a worker quit smoking and or reduce the amount your employees smoke each day. • It helps to prevent kids from smoking.

  5. ~Cont.~ • We all know that smoking is bad for us and the people around us but still, how many people stop to think what they are doing to the people around them? • It can increase the risk of heart disease and even cancer • It can trigger heart attacks, set off asthmatic people. • It can irritate your eyes, nose, and throat • And give you a respiratory infection. • Many smoker’s want to quit but don’t have the willpower to do so, so with the help of having a smokefree community and their availability to smoke will help them to a better way of life. :) • Statistics show that teens in smokefree communities don’t use tobacco.

  6. Phillip Morris • Phillip Morris understands what it’s product is doing but they don’t care because all they really care about is the fact that they are making money. And if that means they have to target the teens they will because as long as we have teenagers, which we will, they will ALWAYS have consumers.

  7. A Quote From Phillip Morris Philip Morris thinks they can change their image by changing their name. They think they can give big campaign contributions to the Washington politicians and get whatever they want. For decades, the tobacco companies targeted youth – and covered it up. They knew that cigarettes and other tobacco products were addictive and caused deadly diseases such as lung cancer and heart disease. They covered that up, too. Now they are tying to cover up a bad reputation with a new name.

  8. :]Budget[: • If we have a smokefree community there will be more money for the city to do things will because they wont have to deal with insurance claims as much. • Insurance companies have more and more cancer patients due to the fact of them using cancer for so longtherefore there is more money that they have to give out to the patients. • Also there will be less absentees in the work force for tobacco related illnesses.

  9. Smokers vs Non-Smokers • Tobacco use costs Missouri $2.13 billion annually in health care costs and $2.41 billion in lost productivity • Smokers work ONE MONTH per year less than non-smokers! • Smokers, on average, miss about 60% more days of work per year than non-smokers.

  10. ^Political^ • Tobacco usage was and is prohibited in all government buildings, hospitals, and other health facilities. • Tobacco companies have invested large amounts in advertising and publicity to fight the legislation. • If we get more and more younger kids we can fight back against Big Tobacco!

  11. New Products? One Orb is equal to TWENTY cigarettes… 1 cigarette has roughly 1.8 mg of nicotine 1 Snus pouch has 8 mg of nicotine

  12. New Products Continued… Camel came up with the idea to market their product in bright new fun colors to attract teenage girls, and they were a sponsor for the New York Fashion Show.

  13. =Statistics= • 9,362 Missourians Die every year because of tobacco. • Roughly 53,000 NON-SMOKERS in the United States each year.

  14. Smokefree Communities In Missouri!!! Missouri now has 14 smokefree communities!!!