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Promo Focus Your Branding Specialists PowerPoint Presentation
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Promo Focus Your Branding Specialists

Promo Focus Your Branding Specialists

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Promo Focus Your Branding Specialists

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  1. Promo Focus Your Branding Specialists presented by: Andrea LeiserPromo Focus Phone.800.992.8862

  2. Table of Contents About Promo Focus . . . . . . . 3 Tangible Advertising Rationale . . . . . . 10 a world at play . . . . . . . . 16 An Idea Haven . . . . . . . . 21Promo Focus high-quality product suggestions for Mohegan Sun Why Promo Focus? . . . . . . . 30 Contact . . . . . . . . . 34 Appendix . . . . . . . . . 35Studies prove tangible advertising effectiveness and ROI

  3. About Promo Focus

  4. About Promo Focus • About Us… • Promo Focus is proud to offer you a selection of 10,000+ promotional products as well as provide you with highly trained specialists available for personal assistance. We recognize that it can be a daunting task to select the perfect tangible advertising product to meet your specific objectives, that's why we suggest that you meet with us so we may analyze your needs and make the most focused recommendations. We‘re here to instill confidence that your order will be handled with the utmost attention to detail. Our art staff is available to create a mockup of your logo on various items prior to giving us the go ahead. We can also make actual preproduction proofs before we run the order. • Since there is such a vast array of products we can source for you, do not hesitate to ask us to locate a product, we do extensive custom product development. If you can dream it, we can make it! • Company Beliefs… • We believe that we're lucky to be "here.“ • We believe that we're lucky to be Americans. • We believe that it's our job to protect our planet. • We believe that it's our job to protect and care for our fellow man. • We believe that honest business practice brings it's own rewards.

  5. "Your One Stop Marketing Shop" • Promo Focus is truly a single-source provider of all tangible advertising products and related services. When you see what we can provide, you'll understand why we don't just 'sell' branded premiums... nor do we have one catalog which could possibly contain all the providers we represent. • The only way to do this correctly is to… • sit with you for a complete needs analysis. • conceptualize ideas and strategies. • assist you in developing a budget on how much you wish to spend on your own self-promo. • select the products. • work your logo, slogan or anything into usable 'art‘ and get proofs. • source, order and deliver products to you, your clients, tradeshow, special event or mailing house. • 100% turn-key: • In-house graphics department • Strong operations team • Fulfillment department • Mailing house staff • Support personnel • Tens of thousands of suppliers

  6. Core Competencies Because You Never Get A Second Chance… • We are experts in our fieldTwenty-five years of experience in office branding and over 20,000 satisfied customers. • ServiceA one-point-of-contact office branding expert will help you every step of the way and turn-around your order in record time. • QualityWe have access to vast product research resources, including an extensive database which contains more than 500,000 products, in addition, every premium we offer is hand-picked and meets our quality standards. • Strong vendor relationshipsOur buying power means the best quality for the best price. • We go beyond just selling productsWhile it’s true that you can buy a product anywhere, as an experienced consultant with a client-centric approach, we can help you solve problems, plan a program and get results. • We are in tune with the trends, including hot items and the newest products and processesOur expertise can add creativity, innovation and imagination to your overall program to achieve your goals. • Our training can save you money in the long runWith us you will avoid unexpected and unbudgeted costs, we quote the total price up-front. • AccuracyOur open lines of communication and strong supplier/manufacturer relationships means our custom premiums arriveperfect and on-time. to Make A First Impression QualityWe have access to vast product research resources, including an extensive database which contains more than 500,000 products, in addition, every premium we offer is hand-picked and meets our quality standards. • What Creates That First Impression? • According to University of Illinois Extension statistics, first impressions are the result of: • 55% Appearance • 38% Tone of Voice • 7% What You Say • Partnering with Promo Focus for your premium needs means our high-quality products and aesthetically refined branding yield the highest impact, ensuring you the most effective first and lasting impression.

  7. Our Signature Colors: Orange, Blue and GREEN • Promo Focus is committed to working with our vendors and employees to incorporate environmentally friendly business practices into our daily operations. These measures benefit our local community and society at large. It is the mission of Promo Focus to continually identify and act on opportunities to minimize our impact on the environment. • Keeping our planet GREEN is a job in itself. So what do we do? • We only use biodegradable shipping peanuts. • We recycle all shipping materials sent to us that are not bio-degradable. • We do not use plastics, bubble wraps or anything that is not recyclable. If sent these items, we recycle them ourselves. • We recycle every bit of paper that enters our company environment, down to the smallest scraps. • We recycle every bottle, can and plastic container that we get our hands on.

  8. Use of Bio-DPS™ Products • Our GREEN providers offer fully biodegradable plastic products that look like normal plastic products and have the same properties of plastic until placed into the waste stream. Best of all these products are offered at comparable prices to regular plastic products, all without changing the shelf life. • What is Bio-DPS™? • Organic Compounds in the form of a pellet which, when combined with plastic resins, renders the end product biodegradable. • Breaks down plastic into stable, organic matter by weakening the plastic structure and attracting communities of microorganisms that can then digest it. • 1-5 years to become fully biodegraded. • Indefinite shelf life. • Full preservation of mechanical properties. • FDA Approved for contact with food. OSHA Approved as Non-Hazardous.

  9. Our Guiding Principles • Our guiding principles are to always service you in a manner which is consistent with your top strategic priorities. We pride ourselves on our customer-focused selling strategy. • The key to a fully integrated, reliable promotions approach starts with a good initial understanding of where you are today, and where you need to be to be tomorrow. • Our Client Needs Analysis process is designed to capture key data to enable the provision of an accurate proposal for a successful promotional campaign. • Our goal is to provide useful and actionable information to help you focus on credible opportunities. • The Client Needs Analysis provides the basis for applying knowledge, improved practices, and wise deployment of promotional tactics to achieve the greatest return on investment. • The data required for the Client Needs Analysis can be obtained in just an hour or so. • Ultimately, Promo Focus does not want to talk about what you may or may not have available that we could bid on until we gain a thorough understanding of how we can impact your business in the long-run. • We always consider your industry market trends, in order to provide you with solutions that are tailored to your needs.

  10. Tangible Advertising Rationale Please view the Promo Focus Appendix for research supporting the effectiveness of tangible advertising.

  11. Target Audience Insights • “There are real neuropsychological changes • that occur when you get a gift, • even a ballpoint pen for God's sake.” • Dr. David Korn, as quoted in Business Week, October 23, 2006 • Senior Vice-President, Association of American Medical Colleges • “…The advertising they come up with is truly inventive. • My favorite would be the box of facial tissues in my psychologist's office. For a while it was covered in Lexapro propaganda, • now it's Cymbalta.That's one heck of a qualified impression.” • As quoted on Furious Season Medical Blog, March 18, 2007

  12. All The Cool People Are Doing It… Last Year US Marketers spent $19.6 Billion on Tangible Advertising Products 2007 industry Sales increased 5.4% compared with 2006 figures… A New Record! Especially in times of economic distress, businesses turn to promotional products. The pressure is on to spend wisely. Marketers are held accountable for their ad spend, and tangible advertising lends itself to targeted marketing and measurable investment versus other media. Source: ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute), 2008

  13. Impact of Varied Marketing Platforms • Direct Mail • Direct mail has a very high impact. Your message reaches each recipient in a personalized way and at a moment they have chosen to consider your message. The return on investment with direct mail tends to be as great or greater than television, radio and print which are more expensive advertising mediums per person reached. • Television Advertising • Television also offers the advertiser an opportunity to speak to a captive audience. However, the heavy saturation of DVR technology in American households means that 70% of DVR owners are fast-forwarding through your message 100% of the time! • Radio Advertising • Radio offers an improvement over print advertisements, particularly when targeting the commuter. The listener is captive to the message unless they switch stations or turn the radio off. The popularity of competing platforms however, particularly in modern vehicles equipped with iPod docks and satellite radios means your message is now reaching less people than it has in the past. • Outdoor Advertising • Outdoor and transit advertisements are hard to avoid viewing. But, despite the high visibility factor, no one spends any great amount of time reading them. • Newspaper Print Ads • Without taking the internet into account, newspapers are generally the cheapest way to reach a mass audience. However, newspapers carry many ads. It is easy for all but the largest display ads to get lost in the visual clutter. In any case, remember that newspapers are typically scanned by the reader. If an ad is seen at all, the headline will be glimpsed and the copy largely ignored. Source: Promotional Products Association International, 2008

  14. Quality & Innovation • Evaluate your brand advertisement conduits by getting a closer view of the different aspects of product benefits… because it’s all about quality and innovation. • Quality efficiencyThe promotional business gifts have to be more quality efficient than the simple business gifts, for they shoulder the onus of promoting a brand. Efficacy of quality should be observed on the three broad parameters - appearance, usefulness and brand representation. • InnovationEvolution in the promotional business gift industry is something that needs to be keenly observed… be it in terms of visual appeal, upgraded functionality or display of branding elements. Unless your tangible advertising is innovative, it will not be readily accepted in the daily activities of your target audience. • Crafted out of everyday commodityWe very well know that everyday commodities have an increased frequency of visual contact. When they are molded into promotional goods, nothing is changed but a brand positioning happens in the memory of the users and the beholders. • DurableThe extended life of promotional merchandise means an increasing number of existing and potential audiences are addressed even after the immediate effect of the promotional campaign.

  15. Thought Starters… • Public Relations • A gift to the Press to go with the Press Pack. • A small gift to visitors attending an opening day celebration or product launch. • Product LaunchesClients need maximum exposure for a new brand in the Consumer or Trade Press, on TV or Radio at Exhibitions and so on. Remind them not to forget the people who have made it possible - staff and suppliers! Send them a thank you message with a gift to mark the occasion such as a: • Note block cube. Printed with the new product details it will sit on a desk for a year or more. • Mouse Pad. Where would we be without it! Big message area and cost effective. • Conferences & MeetingsMake a conference or meeting a professional, well thought out event with branded: • Delegate badges • Conference folders, Notepads, Pens • Exhibitions & Trade ShowsExhibitions and trade shows are expensive to produce and manage, so it is vital to squeeze every bit of value out of it! Encourage your clients to maximize the attendance at their table/booth by giving a small gift that "every customer to the exhibition must have!“ • Expressions of Gratitude • Retail and In-Store Promotions • Employee Incentives and RewardsHow about personalized company stationery to reward staff? It isn't as expensive as you may think, but the PERCEIVED VALUE is HIGH and much more thoughtful than a gift voucher!

  16. branded a world at play v

  17. Astronomical Noon “Given the current economic climate and the challenges being faced by so many members of our industry, it is more important than ever for companies to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive marketplace. Excellent marketing, advertising and communications is one way they can do just that.” - Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr., President and CEO of the AGA, who will serve as master of ceremonies for the awards presentation. Mohegan Sun Global Gaming Expo’s Communication Award Best Direct Mail Campaign Best Broadcast Radio Broadcast Television Advertisements Winner

  18. Running Well… • From the moment one begins to consider an extraordinary destination for luxury, recreation and gaming, Mohegan Sun has the inexhaustible opportunity to leverage tangible advertising to enhance recognition and recall along the decision-to-buy process. Beginning with solicitation through intriguing three-dimensional direct mailing pieces to branding during booking, travel, on-site experiences, retail, data capture activities, check-out and gratitude, you stand to create an emotional bond between the customer and you, leading to brand loyalty. • "We believe and know that we will be the market leader…” • - Mitchell Etess, Mohegan Sun • Boasting market share and a location which attracts 60% of Connecticut’s tourism, continuing to target your customers and market segment communicating your value proposition and differentiation from Foxwoods, you position yourself for big pay-offs… • Understanding and preference for your brand • Lower cost of sales • Ability to charge higher premiums • Attracting the best partners and employees • Abundant publicity as a market leader • Higher company valuation • Lower cost of capital • Positive halo effect that helps future projects • Goodwill of the market

  19. Infinite Touchpoints • Travel & LeisureBranding opportunities exist at every customer touch-point. • Direct Mail marketing • Reservations & Booking • Mohegan Sun affiliated travel by land, air and sea • 1,200 luxury guest rooms and suites • 22,300-square-foot Elemis Spa, Fitness Center, Pool & Solarium, Golf Course, Kid Quest and other amenities • GamingPromotional giveaways and reward opportunities for all visitors, emphasizing: • High- and Little-Roller Giveaways • Birthday Club • Shopping & DiningCash isn’t necessarily king… Maximize the use of Players’ Club Points and continue your forging of strong ties with patrons. • 13,000-square-feet of high quality products across wide price points across retail • 24-hour Mohegan Sun MOBIL gas station and convenience store • 40+ casual to fine dining establishments plus exciting nightlife • Meetings, Conventions & Special EventsEnhance your turn-key offerings and your bottom line with client branded premiums. • 100,000-square-feet of function room space boasting the Northeast’s largest ballroom • Comprehensive meeting management and special event opportunities • Sports & EntertainmentBranded material that aligns with consumer passions make for the most valued souvenirs and yield the highest ROI. • Mohegan Sun Arena, the 350-seat Cabaret Theatre and the 300-seat Wolf Den • WNBA’s Connecticut Sun • WMOS FM 104.7 The Wolf

  20. What’s On The Horizon? • The “Project Horizon” expansion means positioning a new brand. In the same way Promo Focus will continue to drive recognition, recall and loyalty among Mohegan Sun consumers, we hope to be your strategic project for your 2010 launch. • Gestaltism at it’s finest… Mohegan Sun meets House of Blues… meets more branding opportunities… • 261 House of Blues-themes hotel rooms • 261 House of Blues-themes hotel rooms • 661 Mohegan Sun guest rooms • Separate House of Blues reservation deck • Exclusive, members-only, House of Blues • 20,000-square-foot Spa

  21. An Idea Haven

  22. Retail Apparel • Travel &

  23. Retail Specialty Retail • Travel &

  24. Retail Branding • Travel &

  25. Retail Branded Premiums • Travel &

  26. Retail In Room Branding • Travel &

  27. Retail Birthday Club • Travel &

  28. Retail High-Roller Awards • Travel &

  29. Retail Corporate & Special Events • Travel &

  30. Why Promo Focus?

  31. Creation of Custom Campaigns Successful marketing doesn’t happen by chance. To realize goals, branding tactics must be planned, taking into consideration audience, budget and, of course, the ultimate result to be gained. Promo Focus will work with you to design programs customized to your needs … • Distribution of a premium is as important as the item itself. Research shows that a carefully executed distribution plan significantly increases their effectiveness. • work within your central theme. • Integrating a recognizable logo and color to all aspects of your marketing mix. • select a premium that bears a natural relationship to your profession or communications theme. • We will only present items to you that are relevant to you and your target audience. • choose items that are price and value appropriate. • No need to fall prey to the latest trends or fads. The most effective premiums are used as a cohesive, well-planned campaign that don’t necessarily break the bank… just deliver appropriate perceived value.

  32. Client Testimonials “Working with Promo Focus is always a pleasure. While offering a vast amount of knowledge in items, costs, and production time, Promo Focus is able to keep the customer's goals and budget in mind. From start to finish, they’re great and easy to work with!” Craig Blakaitis, Pollock “Promo Focus has steadily provided creative ideas for our client campaigns, always considering timeline and budget. Because of their wealth of experience and reliability, Promo Focus has become a highly valued partner of my marketing firm.” Kevin McLaughlin, Principal, Resound Marketing “it’s so easy to work with you that you really put your competition to shame.” Anna Stanciof, Hawkins International PR “Promo Focus knew exactly what we were looking for, provided us quickly with samples, recommended the better value products and got the job done in no time and in perfect quality!” Gert Semler, Hammel USA

  33. Our Commitment Personalized service with unrivaled commitment to quality. Your branding determined by your needs and goals, With your best interests at heart. We invite you to review studies of tangible advertising success stories in the Appendix portion of this presentation.

  34. Contact Andrea Leiser Business Development Promo Focus Phone.800.992.8862 Bob Balewicz Principal Promo Focus

  35. Appendix

  36. Brand Image The impressions consumers have of a company extendwell beyond the product or service the firm provides. Brand image is a mental image that reflects the way a brand is perceived,including all the identifying elements, the product or company personality, and the emotions and associations evoked in the consumer’s mind.

  37. Enhancing Brand Image • Tangible advertising products have a positive impact on brand image. Specifically, when comparing people who receive a premiums from a company with others who do not. • Studies show that people who receive premiums have a significantly more positive opinion about a business through… • more positive overall image. • 52.1% of premium recipients report their impression is more favorable since receiving the item. • more positive perception of the business. • higher likelihood of recommending the business. • higher likelihood of patronization. • Premium recipients who had not done business with the advertiser are 50% more likely to do business with the organization that gave them the item. Source: Promotional Products Association International, 2008

  38. Impact & Influence • Savvy marketer’s look for methods with reach, recall and low cost per impression – Premiums measure up! • In a survey of business travelers at DFW airport… • Reach: • 71% of an audience consisting primarily of business people reported having received a premium in the last 12 months. • 33.7% of this group had the item on their person - a coveted location for advertising that gets seen regularly. • Recall: • 76.1% of the respondents could recall the advertiser’s name on the product that they had received in the past 12 months… In comparison, participants were also asked if they had read a newspaper or magazine in the past week. 80% of the participants said yes, but only 53.5% of them could recall the name of a single advertiser. • Impression: • 52% of respondents did business with the advertiser after receiving the premium. • Of those who had not done business with the advertiser, almost half stated that they were more likely to do business with the organization that gave them the item. • The impression of the advertiser is important in building a brand. 52.1% of the participants reported their impression was more favorable since receiving the item. • In sum, tangible advertising products are powerful opinion change agents! Source: Promotional Products Association International, 2008

  39. Brand Exposure & Impressions • Frequent Exposure = Low Cost Per Impression: • The frequency of premiums’ use is tantamount to advertising exposure. • Of those who reported using the premium, 73% stated that they used it at least once a week. • 45.2% used it at least once a day. • In media measurement, the greater the frequency of exposure, the lower the cost per impression. • Repeated Exposure: • 55% of participants generally kept their premium for more than a year. • This means repeated exposure over a long period of time. • Pass-Along Exposure: • In a survey of business travelers, participants were asked what they do with premiums they do not plan to keep. Their responses indicate the possibilities of pass-along exposure. • 26% of participants reported that they give the item away to someone else. • 45% file the item away. • The 26% who give the product to someone else clearly provide ample pass-along exposure to the advertiser similar to that of magazine advertising. Source: Promotional Products Association International, 2008

  40. Unique Rewards from Investment • With the increase of postal rates over the past several years and dwindling advertising and premium budgets, many companies are tempted to reduce or eliminate investments into pre-tradeshow mailings with premiums in tradeshow settings. • Is this a wise choice? • The results of an experiment conducted using the pre-registration lists of attendees for three different exhibitors at a tradeshow indicates the answer is NO… • 47.9 % of the attendees who stopped by the three booths had received a pre-show mailing. • Of the recipients who stopped by the booths… • the largest number (41%) received an offer for a free t-shirt. • the next largest number (36%) received a postcard with a magnet imprinted with the exhibitor’s name. • the group with the lowest response (23%) was the one that only received an invitation to stop by the booth. • In summary, 78.2% more people responded with the t-shirt offer than a postcard mailing alone, and 56.5% more people responded to a magnet than a postcard mailing alone. Source: Promotional Products Association International, 2008

  41. Enhance Advertising Campaigns • Office branding product mailings can dramatically improve response rates for campaigns involving other media, such as print advertising. • In a study which integrated the use of direct mail and premiums into an existing print advertising campaign, response rates were tracked for a known group of subscribers. Some subscribers received only a trade ad, while others also received a sales letter, a premium, or a premium incentive. • The trade ad alone received a .7% response. • The addition of a personalized direct mail letter tripled the response rate to 2.3%. • When a dimensionally packaged premiums (stress ball) was sent, along with information similar to the letter, the response rate rose to 4.2% (83% higher than for the personalized letter). • An impressive 9.55% response rate was obtained by sending out an eye-catching direct mail package that contained a premium incentive (for a calculator). • The calculator incentive package resulted in more than twice as many responses as the stress ball package, at one third the cost. (Not inclusive of postage.) • Of those respondents who were exposed to both the trade ad and some form of direct mail, two-thirds identified the direct mail piece as having prompted their response. Source: Promotional Products Association International, 2008

  42. Foster Company Goodwill • Tangible advertising fosters customer goodwill (positive attitudes and feelings) toward a company and its salespeople. • In a study which involved distribution of an educational sales letter combined with either: (1) a pocket calculator plus letter, (2) a lower-priced highlighter pen plus letter, or (3) a letter only… • Customers who received a premium expressed more good will toward the company and its salespeople than those who did not receive a premium. • The attitudes of those who received the calculator were consistently more positive than for those who received the less expensive highlighter pen. • Customers who received the pocket calculator or the highlighter pen rated the proficiency and ability of the sales representatives as 34% and 16% (respectively) higher than those who received only a thank you letter. • On questions relating to the customers’ personal feelings toward the company and its sales representatives, customers who received the calculator scored 52% higher than the letter only group. Source: Promotional Products Association International, 2008

  43. Generate Customer Referrals • Tangible advertising helps encourage customers to provide you with the names of friends and associates whom you can contact in the future. • In a study which involved two groups of purchasing consumers whom either received or did not receive a premium and were then prompted to refer the names of acquaintances… • Customers who received a premium were 14% more likely to provide leads than those who did not. • Salespeople who gave premiums to their customers received 22% more referrals than salespeople who did not use premiums. • 40% of the salespeople who used the gifts commented on how well the gifts were received by their customers. Source: Promotional Products Association International, 2008

  44. Increase Direct Mail ROI • Office branding products when used in conjunction with a sales letter as an incentive to respond, can make a significant difference in direct mail response rates. The use of premiums can also significantly improve a business’ effectiveness in converting leads to sales appointments. • The findings of a direct mail study proved… • Adding a premium to a direct mail campaign increased the response rate by 50%. • The use of a premium as an incentive to respond generated four times as many responded as a sales letter alone. • The use of a premium as an incentive to respond reduced the cost per response by two-thirds. Source: Promotional Products Association International, 2008

  45. Awards and incentive programs can improve performance and motivate employees to increase sales, reduce accidents, boost productivity and give customers better service. In a random survey of 1,500 people, asking their opinions regarding employee awards and incentives… True: False: • Employees are not interested in the awards or incentives, so the program has no impact on their behavior. • Employees do not believe they have a chance to win an award or incentive, so they don’t even try. • Employees like awards and incentives. • Employees are motivated to win the awards. • Employees work hard to win the awards. • Employees encourage each other to work toward awards and incentives. Employee Awards & Incentives Source: Promotional Products Association International, 2008

  46. Generate Repeat Business • Customers who receive premiums, on average, return sooner and more frequently, and spend more money than customers who receive coupons. • In an eight-month study in which researchers tested whether premiums would outperform coupons in the area of repeat business and sales… • Over an eight-month period, new customers that received premiums spent 27% more than those who received coupons, and 139% more than those who received only a welcome letter. • Premium recipients were also 49% more likely than coupon recipients and 75% more likely than letter recipients to patronize the business in each of the eight months studied. • In summary, new customers who received premiums spent more and were more regular customers than those who did not receive premiums. Source: Promotional Products Association International, 2008