fulldome display specifications a proposal n.
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Fulldome Display Specifications: A Proposal PowerPoint Presentation
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Fulldome Display Specifications: A Proposal

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Fulldome Display Specifications: A Proposal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fulldome Display Specifications: A Proposal. Ed Lantz President Visual Bandwidth, Inc. ed@visualbandwidth.com. Fulldome Standards Summit L’Hemispheric CIUDAD DE LAS ARTES Y LAS CIENCIAS Valencia, Spain July 7-8, 2004. Fulldome Systems. Single Projector (Fisheye).

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fulldome display specifications a proposal
Fulldome Display Specifications: A Proposal
  • Ed Lantz
  • President
  • Visual Bandwidth, Inc.
  • ed@visualbandwidth.com

Fulldome Standards SummitL’HemisphericCIUDAD DE LAS ARTES Y LAS CIENCIASValencia, SpainJuly 7-8, 2004

fulldome systems
Fulldome Systems

Single Projector(Fisheye)

Multi-Projector Edge-Blended

edge blended projection
Edge-Blended Projection

Polar Source is Split Into Sub-Frames and Edge-Blended

Sub Frame 1 Sub Frame 2 Sub Frame 3 Sub Frame 4

many projection configurations
Many Projection Configurations

Five Projectors Six Projectors Seven Projectors

plethora of projector technologies
Plethora of Projector Technologies
  • DLP - Digital Light Processor
  • LCoS - Liquid Crystal on Silicon
  • CRT - Cathode Ray Tube
  • Scanned Laser
  • GLV - Grating Light Valve
ips display specification standard goals
IPS Display Specification Standard: Goals
  • First-cut specifications for displays only
    • Should expand to include image generator specs
    • Ultimate spec must be a collaborative effort
  • Independent of screen diameter & reflectivity
    • Should be similar to shopping for video projector
  • System level specifications
    • We’re interested in what would be measured on dome, not individual projector performance
brightness measurements
Brightness Measurements

Display Brightness (fL) = Screen Reflectance * Light Output (lumens)/Screen Area (sq. ft.)

brightness color uniformity measurements
Brightness/Color Uniformity Measurements

Bpp (%) = (Bmax – Bmin)/Bavg * 100

color uniformity
Color Uniformity

1931 CIE x,y Chromaticity Diagram

Courtesy LEDtronics, Inc.

color uniformity and delta e
Color Uniformity and delta E

MacAdam ellipses shown on the CIE 1931 (x,y)

chromaticity diagram at 10x magnification

[Wyszecki 1982]

color uniformity conclusion
Color Uniformity - conclusion

Do we want to ask our industry to purchase and utilize spectrophotometers? Perhaps not. For now we can be assured of first-order color uniformity by requiring Color Uniformity and Blend Uniformity specifications to hold for all three primary colors in addition to white. This technique makes the assumption that the RGB primaries on all projectors are well matched at the factory.


50% MTF Requirement for Defining CRT Resolution



[Wyszecki 1982] G. Wyszecki & W.S. Stiles, Color Science: Concepts and Methods, Quantitative Data and Formulae, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1982

[Halsted 1993] Charles P. Halsted, “Brightness, Luminance, and Confusion,” Society for Information Display, March 1993, http://www.crompton.com/wa3dsp/light/lumin.html

siggraph 2005 fulldome venue

In Planning:

SIGGRAPH 2005  Fulldome Venue

Los Angeles Convention Center

please review this spec and provide your feedback for our proceedings thank you
Please review this spec and provide your feedback for our proceedings!Thank you.
  • Ed Lantz
  • President
  • Visual Bandwidth, Inc.
  • ed@visualbandwidth.com