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Education reform. Policy changes for public schools . Portland Public Schools. The average h igh school graduation rate of all high schools within the city of Portland is 63%, 68% for the state of O regon The current national average is about 70% . Madison, 71%. Lincoln, 89%.

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Education reform
Education reform

Policy changes for public schools

Portland public schools
Portland Public Schools

  • The average high school graduation rate of all high schools within the city of Portland is 63%, 68% for the state of Oregon

  • The current national average is about 70%

Education reform

Madison, 71%

Lincoln, 89%

David Douglas, 72%

Cleveland, 76%

Iceburg model systematic analysis of the state of public schools
IceBurg Model: Systematic analysis of the State of Public schools

  • Events: Failing schools are producing students who are not prepared to contribute to society or their community

    • result: Tutoring centers

  • Patterns/trends: Schools in low income neighborhoods produce the most drop outs.

    • result: Raising money, federal grants, fundraisers, etc.

  • Underlying structures: every school in the nation has a budget that is a mix of federal, state, and local tax and funding. These funds are not distributed equally among schools. Teacher salaries are dependent on these funds as well

    • result: teachers seek higher paying salaries, highly skilled teachers disproportionally in higher paying school districts.

  • Mental Model: ”Play with the cards that you are dealt”. American society fuels a mental model that feels that equal opportunity is given to everyone, so that the situation they are in is dispositional and if everyone else can do it, so can you.

    • Result: instead of blaming the system for failing, we blame those who are failing the system

David douglas high school
David Douglas High School

  • David Douglas High is the only high school within the David Douglas School district

  • With one high school, David Douglas doesn’t have to spend as much on principals and administrative staff, and spends 4 percent less on overhead costs than the average Oregon high school.

  • Fourteen years ago, David Douglas High created sheltered core classes for non-English speakers, creating a place where students and teachers were encouraged to try new methods that make teaching more affective for non-English speaking students in non-English classes.

  • David Douglas offers after-school English lessons for parents and teachers are encouraged to seek out parents and even to visit them at home if they can’t be reached by phone.

  • The teaching and administrative staff is committed to the challenges posed by language barriers as well as dealing with low-income students.

Dialog and tipping point theory
Dialog and Tipping point theory

  • “Collectively we can be more insightful, more intelligent than we can possibly be individually”. –Senge

    • David Douglas has policy and practices that encourage accommodation of cultures, instead of rushing students to catch up in English without any regard to their country of origin

    • This dialectical approach to culture in education has created a relaxed environment instead of a competitive or embarrassing one for foreign students.

    • David Douglas shows how cultural competency produces desired results within the context of education

  • The Power of Context

    • Broken Windows Theory

    • Crime rates in New York began to dwindle when graffiti was removed and fare jumpers were fined

    • Small practices or programs being implemented within the district could spread through out the state and bring graduation averages up.

    • David Douglas has policies only being practiced within their district

Leadership qualities
Leadership qualities

  • Michelle Rhee

    • chancellor of the Washington, D.C. public schools from 2007 to 2010

    • TED Talk: “Public Education - Are We Under, Over or Just Misspending?”

    • Unmovable and persistent: Fought against tenure and teacher’s unions, pushed for merit based salaries and centralized funding. She closed down many schools knowing she might loose her job as the result.

    • Started StudentsFirst, the first student’s right lobbist group: “Our mission is to build a national movement to defend the interests of children in public education and pursue transformative reform, so that America has the best education system in the world.”

Action plan

  • 1.) Goal: Make information on Oregon Public Schools accessible

    • Activity: write to Oregon Department of Education to make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) available online

    • Resources: email

    • Rationale: The Public has a right to have access to information about public institutions. This information is needed especially for parents who feel maybe their child’s academic performance is the result of their parenting, when really it could be the school/ district as a whole.

  • 2.) Goal: Apply practices of David Douglas High School to tutoring centers around Portland.

    • Activity: reach out to tutoring centers and gather info on demographics at various centers to determine which methods might work best for that community.

    • Resources: Free Tutoring Centers (map)

    • Rationale: If tutoring centers have the similar demographic of students as David Douglas High and other surrounding schools, tutoring methods similar to sheltered core classes might make students more successful from more than one school. Tutoring centers do not have administrative restrictions to their tutoring methods so they have wiggle room to experiment with different policies.

Action Plan

Getting the public behind education reform

Education reform

Free Tutoring Centers

Huntington Center

Native American Youth

And Family Center

David Douglas

Not Shown: Oasis tutoring located on sight at various public schools

Action plan1

  • 3.) Goal: Hire new teachers/ faculty and implement merit based teacher salaries.

    • Activity: propose administrative plans and changes to Portland School Board at publically held meetings.

    • Resources: Madison High School where board meetings are held

    • Rationale: Policy changes within the Portland Public School System will help spark education reform for the entire state of Oregon

Action Plan

Getting the public behind education reform

Education reform

SWOT Analysis