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International Discussion Session 121 PowerPoint Presentation
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International Discussion Session 121

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International Discussion Session 121
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International Discussion Session 121

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Presentation Transcript

    1. International Discussion Session #121 Communicating at Career Fairs: Getting on a Schedule

    2. Program Appearance Greetings Opening Lines Holding the Floor Graceful Exits Role Plays Practice, practice, practice

    3. Business Casual? Women Dress/Skirt Heels Make-up? Men Khakis or dress pants No tennis shoes Tie or jacket

    4. Finishing Touches DOS Use deodorant Mints Use a lint brush Check teeth/hair Tuck in Other thoughts? DONTs Use heavy perfume Wear native dress Eat garlic/onion

    5. Opening Lines Im so glad youre here! Id love to work at your company Ive been researching your company Great/Exciting/wonderful display What a great company! Could I have a second of your time?

    6. Greetings Hi Hello Jane, John Ms. Smith/Mr. Jones Madame/Maam/ Sir

    7. Introductions Let me introduce myself: My name is s-l-o-o-o-w and clear Im ________ (slow and clear) Consider: short version, first name only FIRM HAND SHAKE LOOK AT THEM, SMILE HAND THEM A RESUME

    8. Interview Schedule My experience is a good/excellent/ great/perfect fit with your needs Id love to get on your interview schedule Id really like an opportunity to talk with you about my skills My resume satisfies many of your requirements I know your schedules full, but if you could fit me in, I can be really flexible about interviewing at your convenience.

    9. Keeping Their Attention Connect your experience with the company: Ive _____. You mentioned ______. Thats exactly what I did in Marketing class/project Im a great team player You mentioned globalization thats me all the way! My real strong point is ______.

    10. Polite Persistence No Room on Schedule Is there any way that can be altered? Will there be any other opportunities to meet? Can you make an exception please? No Internationals Im authorized to work beginning June 1 Its not as hard as you may think heres a flyer about visa regulations The university has helped me make sure Im legal

    11. Visa Question Do NOT bring it up on your own Assure them that for internship/1st year, they have no obligation If youre really globalizing, who could be better? IF you prove yourself and they help you apply for an H-1B, youll pay for it, and youll be loyal for at least 3 years

    12. Graceful Exits May I have your business card, please? I enjoyed meeting you Great! See you then! Is it okay if I apply directly? Could you recommend anyone in your company that may be interested in my abilities? Thats too bad. I think we would be a good fit

    13. Thank you for your time

    14. Practice, practice, practice!