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self direction and the ma dds participant directed program n.
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Self Direction and the MA DDS Participant Directed Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Self Direction and the MA DDS Participant Directed Program

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Self Direction and the MA DDS Participant Directed Program
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Self Direction and the MA DDS Participant Directed Program

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  1. Self Direction and the MA DDSParticipant Directed Program Building a Home Conference Sept. 29, 2012 Tara Himmel & Greg Carey

  2. Self Direction • Self-direction is a service model that empowers participants and their families by expanding their degree of choice and control over the long-term services and supports they need to live at home. • Many self-directing program participants share authority or delegate authority to family members or others close to them. Designation of a representative enables minor children and adults with cognitive impairments to participate in self-direction programs.

  3. About Public Partnerships, LLC Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL) assists Participant Directed Program participants in implementing their own choices by assuming all payment, payroll, tax filing and reporting responsibilities. Mission: Tosupport persons with disabilities and long term care needs to direct their own services and hire their own workers. Our staff, technology and tools all focus on giving participants the information and support they need to make good decisions and for the Commonwealth to manage public funds accountably and efficiently.

  4. Program Overview MA Participant Directed Program • Participants are adults with developmental disabilities who require a wide range of services. • Allocations are determined by DDS based on individual needs • Budgets range from: • Over $100,000 for 24 hour care • $1,000 and less for assistance with utilities, job training and help purchasing goods to improve the participants’ quality of life • Size: • 450 Participants • Funded by 3 Medicaid Waivers and state funding • 80+services: Flexibility allows for creative, individualized budgets DDS Support Brokers and Area Office designees assist in identifying the appropriate services to meet your needs

  5. Services Offered • One of the most flexible programs in the nation • More than 80 services to choose from. • Goods and Services can be provided • In home care • Transportation • Therapy • Rent • Groceries • Medical Supplies • Utilities • Memberships • Classes • Vehicle Modification • Physical Therapy • Individualized Day Supports

  6. Hourly Services

  7. Day and Visit Services

  8. Transportation and Goods & Items

  9. Network of Support

  10. Benefits • Three different provider types: Employee, Independent Contractor, Agency • Professional and Direct Support • DDS Support Brokers to help participants develop their budget • Ability to make changes at any time based on your needs • Providers can submit timesheets online for participant approval • Participants have online access to real-time budget information • Participant in control of decisions and increases independence • In a PPL survey over 86% of participants said their satisfaction with self direction was “Excellent”.

  11. Employer Relationship • As an employer of record, participants and families have the ability to interview, hire and fire employees for the participant. • The employer and participant can design a job description that fits their needs • Participants select who they hire, exactly what tasks the worker will perform and when the staff will work • Friends, family members, and professional agencies can be hired to work with individuals • Assistance provided can be tailored to the individual’s needs • Personal skills training • Job Training

  12. Support for Participants • Support broker or area office designee will work you to discuss how self direction would benefit you or your family member. • MA DDS Support Brokers help educate participants and families on the program and how to utilize tools that PPL provides • Budget Planning • Determining what type of services needed • Initiating and assisting with paperwork • Support Brokers and family members have access to PPL’s Web Portal. In the Web Portal the Support Broker can: • Allocate and update funding to be spent on services • Monitor spending and identify ways to save money • Monitor status of payments and timesheet submission • PPL Customer Service is available via phone and email to answer questions for Support Brokers, participants and providers

  13. Web Portal

  14. Questions? Interested in getting started with PDP: Speak with your DDS Service Coordinator. Then contact PPL @ 888-866-0869