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LUBRICATION FOR THE 21st CENTURY PowerPoint Presentation
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LUBRICATION FOR THE 21st CENTURY - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  1. GREEN STRATEGY Readily Biodegradable Biolubricants: An Environmental Alternative to Petroleum in Your DOT LUBRICATION FOR THE 21st CENTURY

  2. How DOT’s Can “Go GREEN” And let thepublic know.

  3. 2002 Farm Bill Boosts Biobased Lubricants Demand “…signed into law by President Bush on May 13, 2002, contains provisions designed to dramatically increase the purchase of "biobased" materials by federal agencies. “Title IX of the new law requires each federal agency to "develop a procurement program which will assure that items composed of biobased products will be purchased to the maximum extent practicable." “The procurement requirement will have limited exceptions for products that do not meet performance specifications, are not available within a reasonable time, or are available only at an "unreasonable" price.”

  4. MIL-PRF-32073A, Amendment 1 17 December 2007 SUPERSEDING MIL-PRF-32073A 5 April 2007 PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATION HYDRAULIC FLUID, BIOBASED • This specification is approved for use by all Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense. • 1.1 Scope. This specification covers hydraulic fluids made with renewable resources for use in environmentally sensitive areas (see 6.1).

  5. 6.1 Intended use. “The hydraulic fluid is intended for use in the environmentally sensitive areas such as construction, forestry, river, and mining. They are applicable to use in the construction equipment, bridging, tactical vehicles, shipboard hydraulic systems, and hydraulic systems for metal tool applications. If used in any other equipment or hydraulic systems, a study should be made to determine its applicability in such mechanisms or systems, particularly in the area of elastomer compatibility and operation at high and low temperatures.”

  6. “GREEN” means…. • Readily Biodegradable • Renewable • Sustainable • Ultra Low Toxicity

  7. Renewable - is replenished by natural processes at a rate comparable to its rate of consumption by humans or other users. Sustainable - is a characteristic of a process or state that can be maintained at a certain level indefinitely. The term, in its environmental usage, refers to the potential longevity of vital human ecological support systems, such as the planet's climatic system, systems of agriculture, industry, forestry, and fisheries, and human communities in general and the various systems on which they depend in balance with the impacts of our unsustainable or sustainable design. Ultra Low Toxicity – a substance has little potential to produce adverse effects during normal use. Terms To Understand

  8. BioBased Products are derived from renewable agricultural products and are used for industrial applications other than food or feed. Biodegradation is the chemical breakdown of vegetable oil products into carbon dioxide and water, in the presence of organisms, air and water. Inherently Biodegradable means that eventually the product will biodegrade. Typically 20-40% will be gone in 28 days. Readily Biodegradable means that 60%ormore of the product will have biodegraded in 28 days or less. Veg. Oil Biolubricants fit this category; many are > 90%. Terms To Understand

  9. Oil Type Amount Biodegradable Mineral Oil 15 - 35% White Oil (mineral base) 25 - 45% Natural Vegetable Oil 70 - 100% PAO (synthetic) 5 - 30% Polyisobutylene (PIB) 0 - 25% Polyols & Diesters 55 - 100% Percentages of Biodegradability

  10. Biodegradable Product Applications When and where to use biodegradable products Biodegradable products are perfect candidates for applications that are in and around sensitive environmental areas as well as human and animal health areas Economically, biodegradable products should be used when the cost of the oil, the savings in downtime, repairs and health issues are less or equal to the costs of using mineral or synthetic products.

  11. Biolubricant Product Advantages Superior Lubricity • Veg.Oil biolubricants are “polar” so they have an affinity for metal and have excellent metal wetting capabilities. • The inherent friction reducing qualities of the base oil lowers application temperatures, extending equipment life. • What does this mean? ++++++++++++++++++

  12. Advantage of High Lubricity High Lubricity Means: Less Friction Less Power Less Power Less Electricity Less Electricity Less $$$$ High Lubricity Means: Less Friction Less Heat/Wear Less Heat/Wear Longer Life Longer Life Less $$$$

  13. Biolubricant Product Advantages High VI • Even with typical application sheer, the high natural viscosity index (VI) of a Biolubricant product maintains the film strength – viscosity - of the lubricant, which in turn protects the metal surfaces of the equipment. Typical VI for Biolubricant products is >200. • What does this mean?

  14. LOGRTHYMIC SCALE SHOWN FOR COMPARISON Viscosity Index (VI) Comparison 3460 1652 Mineral Oil ISO 46, VI 95 Mineral Oil ISO 32, VI 95 VISCOSITY Viscosity 6.8 5.5 -20 100 Temperature °C

  15. LOGRTHYMIC SCALE SHOWN FOR COMPARISON (These values are approximations) Viscosity Index (VI) Comparison 3460 Mineral Oil ISO 46, VI 95 1652 Mineral Oil ISO 32, VI 95 436 VISCOSITY Viscosity 8.0 6.8 5.5 Bioflo AW 32 ISO 32, VI 210 40 -20 100 Temperature °C

  16. Biolubricant Product Advantages Natural Cleansing Properties • Biolubricant products dissolve organic and inorganic residues. • Varnishes and residues won’t build up in air tools robbing them of power. • Hydraulic impeller blades remain free of varnish and residue reducing the chances of failure. • Chain applications will remain free of residue build up between the links and pins.

  17. BiolubricantProduct Advantages Ultra-Low Toxicity & Safe • Aquatic Toxicity Testing levels exceed CA standards. • Safe for contact with skin, non-carcinogenic • Excellent for metal working where employee health concerns may be critical What happens if it gets in the water? Test Results: EPA-81-R-02-012 Fathead Minnow (fresh water) LC50 > 10,000 ppm, 48 hours EPA-81-R-02-012 Sheepshead Minnow (salt water) LC50 > 30,000 ppm, 48 hours

  18. Biolubricant Product Advantages Fire Resistant • Higher flash and fire points over mineral oils make the use of vegetable base oils safer for employees and equipment. BIOLUBES > 500 F Petroleum < 400 F

  19. BioBlend Product Advantages Safety Factor - What does this mean? Dielectric Breakdown Voltages refers to a rapid reduction in the resistance of an electrical insulator that can lead to a spark jumping around or through the insulator. THINK STATIC ELECTRICITY!

  20. Biolubricant Product Advantages Safety Factor – ASTM D877 Dielectric Breakdown Voltages far in excess of comparable m mineral oil products. Biolube > 55 kV Petroleum < 40 kV AIR = 762 Volts

  21. Biolubricant Product Advantages • Biodegradable products are compatible with most regular petroleum based products. • Products will not biodegrade in the applications. You need air, water and micro-organisms found in the ground/water to complete the process. • Additive companies are developing and bringing to market new technologies every month that help improve vegetable oil performance. • Available in SHEEN FREE formulation.

  22. Product Offering Renewable Canola Oil based Lubricants Hydraulic Oil Gear Oils Metalworking Specialty Products Aerosols Chain & Cable Lubes Chainsaw & Bar Oil Grease Rock Drill

  23. Finally…..

  24. DID YOU KNOW… what you get from a barrel of crude oil? 1 bbl = 42 gal.

  25. You need 111 gallons of crude oil to make 1 gallon of mineral oil lubricant. Using biodegradable, renewable, sustainable, non-toxic, Carbon-neutral Biolubricants save oil and $$$! You need 6.5 gallons of crude oil to make 1 gallon of diesel fuel. YOU can RECYCLE biodegradable, renewable, sustainable, non-toxic, Carbon-neutral vegetable oil biolubricants to biodiesel and save oil and $$$! DID YOU KNOW……..

  26. & Thank You!