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Cataloging: Millennium Silver and Beyond PowerPoint Presentation
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Cataloging: Millennium Silver and Beyond

Cataloging: Millennium Silver and Beyond

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Cataloging: Millennium Silver and Beyond

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  1. Cataloging: Millennium Silver and Beyond Claudia Conrad Product Manager, Cataloging ALA Annual 2004

  2. Millennium Silver

  3. Millennium Silver Cataloging provides the functionality formerly only in GuiCat and the character-based system*

  4. Authority ControlMARC SupportDiacritics & Special CharactersPower Tools

  5. Authority Control

  6. Headings Verification • Verify entire record • Verification code information • Including appropriate messages for non-MARC21 (i.e., UniMARC) records • Internationalized • Verify individual field (any indexed field, any record type) • Easy way to use heading from selected authority or bib record • Option to look at the full record from which the new heading is being taken

  7. Verify Headings

  8. Explain Verification Codes

  9. Verify Heading (Individual)

  10. Headings Reports • Work interactively or print reports • Show type of record and authority record field (e.g., 4xx) on “Preceded by” & “Followed by” lines (First Time Use) • Clear entries selectively • Prompt to clear report(s) upon exiting the Headings Reports function • Create review files of records in the reports • More than one user at a time

  11. Headings Reports Select report(s), date info & limits (as desired)

  12. Headings Reports Resizable columns Type of record/field Selective clearing

  13. LC Authority File on Inn-View • Ability to search Library of Congress Authority File on Inn-View (optional product) • From browse and from within headings verification process • Import authority record • Edit record before saving to local system • Ability to specify type of saved record (name, subject, etc.) • Overlay existing authority record • Update bib automatically (from within headings verification process)

  14. INN-View Authority File Available from Browse

  15. INN-View Authority File Available via Verification

  16. INN-View Authority File Update, Save or Both

  17. MARC Support

  18. MARC Validation and Information • Validation errors display automatically, using “Invalid Text” color set in login’s preferences • Validation may be turned off in login’s preferences • Navigable MARC Information for all variable-length fields • MARC Information is searchable • “Correct” function to put valid tagging in record

  19. MARC Validation Tags, indicators, subfields

  20. MARC Information

  21. MARC Leader • Store MARC Leader on Bibliographic, Authority and Holdings records • Edit as a special field: Record status, Type of record, Encoding level, etc. (Millennium only) • Certain elements protected from editing: Record length, Base address, Entry map, etc. • Eliminate the requirement to append leader bytes to 008 field • Search on Leader values in Create Lists • Existing records: Leader will be constructed when needed, saved with your changes • Loaded records will retain leader

  22. MARC Leader Standard 008

  23. Leader is expandable

  24. Holdings Records for Monographic Material • Ability to add, change and delete holdings records for monographic material (“c” records) • Items linked to both bib and holdings records • Improved look-up hierarchy for call numbers and locations (with or without holdings record) • WebOPAC will show holdings records in the attached records box, which will be linked to a display of attached items • Holdings records will be optional (by system and by record)

  25. Why use Holdings Records for Monographic Material? • Desire to use the MARC21 format to its fullest, including the MFHD (MARC Format for Holdings Data) • Display advantages in the WebOPAC • Improved organization of multiple item records on a single bib record • Multipart item holdings (e.g., encyclopedias) • Multiple locations with multiple items

  26. Monographic Material • Holdings record: Leader/06 Type of record • u - Unknown • v - Multipart item holdings • x - Single-part item holdings • y - Serial item holdings

  27. Basic MARC tags • 852: Location, call number • 876: Items (Basic bibliographic unit) • 877: Items (Supplementary Material) • 878: Items (Indexes) Optionally • 85X/86X pairs: Summary holdings statement

  28. Holdings Record, Monograph Item information

  29. Holdings Records in WebOPAC Click through to items

  30. Items attached to holdings record

  31. Diacritics & Special Characters

  32. Input and Storage • Insert special characters & diacritics via a pop-up character map window • Character map organizes characters by MARC21 Character Set and each Unicode category • Option to store data in Unicode

  33. Character Map

  34. Use the character map on any screen

  35. Default Chart

  36. Chinese Romanization • Automatic creation of 880 fields or additional corresponding subfields (Chinese MARC) on Chinese language bibliographic records • Removal of Romanization data • Paired display

  37. Romanization options: Create 880s Delete 880s Flip 880s Show paired display

  38. After Romanization

  39. Paired display

  40. Power Tools

  41. Millennium Template Maintenance • Add, change and delete new record templates (authorized users) via Admin  Settings • Ability to store variable-length fields values in templates • Accounting/Serial unit-aware: fund & vendor defaults OK • Copy a template • Save record as a template • Character-based templates will be copied for Millennium modules during upgrade to Silver • Limit on number of templates has been removed • Import GuiCat templates

  42. Millennium Template Maintenance (in all modules)

  43. Fixed-field prompts Fixed-field defaults Variable-field prompts Variable-field defaults Millennium Templates

  44. Z39.50 Power Tools • Broadcast searches: Show the source of each record on browse displays and when viewing an individual record • Allow user to see the fields that the load table would strip out (user definable color) • Overlay existing record • View existing record before overlay • Update OCLC holdings via z39.50 • Duplicate checking of records • Authority records • Display type (author, subject or title), can change when saving • Display thesaurus (008/11) of subject

  45. Z39.50 Broadcast Record source in browse and in title bar

  46. Z39.50 Record source in browse and in title bar Shows fields not in load table

  47. Z39.50 Overlay Options • Three methods possible • Select from a list of open bibs (when in multi-window mode) • Automatic overlay based on load table match point • Browse to find record to be overlaid • View record about to be overlaid before saving and making final

  48. Z39.50 Overlay

  49. Z39.50 Overlay: View Existing Record

  50. Data Exchange • Millennium equivalent to the Read/Write MARC records functionality from the character-based system • FTP, preprocessing, loading all types of records • View MARC files and error logs • Millennium “menus” based on those used in the character-based system on your server • Browse for file on client workstation (without it being set up as an FTP server) • Create review files of loaded records • Related function: Export individual records to a file on the client workstation