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Reconstruction Era Political Cartoons

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Reconstruction Era Political Cartoons - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reconstruction Era Political Cartoons. Ryan Rebenschied Jessica Lykins.

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reconstruction era political cartoons

Reconstruction Era Political Cartoons

Ryan Rebenschied

Jessica Lykins


In this political cartoon, it shows that a white man and a member from the Ku Klux Klan are agreeing in the punishment of African Americans. This political cartoon shows the struggle for freed African Americans after the Civil War.

(October 1874). Thomas Nast.


In this political cartoon, I see justice (the woman ) not letting the white men league through. The white men group are killing African Americans.

(1871). Thomas Nast.


In this political cartoon, Lincoln and Johnson are trying to “sew” back together the U.S. after the Civil War.


In this political cartoon, there are many disordered dead on the scale that is unbalanced to the one white peacefully dead man on the bottom of the scale. On the scale with the dead men, it says Yankee, so that must mean that that is the North. On the scale with the white man it says gentleman, southern, and CSA (Confederate States of America). This is well, the South.


In this political cartoon, African Americans are suffering and crying out that this government is not protecting their rights.


In this political cartoon, three white men are agreeing in their white men’s government. The African American is being stood on in this agreement.