Rodger and ellen beck junior high school
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Rodger and Ellen Beck Junior High School. Course Selection 5 th into 6 th Grade 2014-2015. Course Selection Materials. BJH. Mascot : Bulldog Colors : Maroon & White Grades : 6 through 8. Elementary to JH Differences . School Hours 7:30-2:35 No recess NO MORE STRAIGHT LINES

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Rodger and ellen beck junior high school

Rodger and EllenBeck Junior High School

Course Selection

5th into 6th Grade


Rodger and ellen beck junior high school

  • Mascot: Bulldog

  • Colors: Maroon & White

  • Grades: 6 through 8

Elementary to jh differences
Elementary to JH Differences

  • School Hours 7:30-2:35

  • No recess


  • More responsibilities and privileges

  • New friends and interests

  • Open lunch room seating

6 th grade schedule
6th Grade Schedule

  • 7 classes-45 minutes in length

  • 30 minute lunch

  • 5 minute passing period between classes

  • 5 core classes (English, Reading Block, Math, Science, Social Studies)

  • 1 elective

  • P.E.

  • Advisory

Three degrees of difficulty
Three Degrees of Difficulty

  • Academic- appropriate for all on grade level (college bound curriculum)

  • Pre-Advanced Placement (PreAP)- prepares for AP classes in high school

  • Gifted & Talented- must already be identified and in Challenge for GT classes

Choosing courses
Choosing Courses

Three Class Formats:

Academic – For everyone, on grade level, more time to review concepts, more tutoring provided, prepares students for college as well as other post secondary education

PreAP – More challenging, fast paced, requires independent learning, prepares students for AP classes in high school

GT – Must be screened and identified

Academic courses

  • Instruction and learning is at grade level

  • Prepares students for college and post-secondary education

  • Provides more time for repetition

Pre ap courses

  • Designed to challenge motivated students

  • Prepares students for AP/college level courses

  • Moves at a faster pace

  • Requires more independent learning and homework

Preap math
PreAP Math

Big difference in # of

objectives covered

5th grade – approx. 60 objectives

6th grade Academic – approx. 64 objectives

6th grade PreAP – over 90 objectives with many being 7th grade objectives

Pre-AP level of instruction will focus on preparation for taking Algebra I in 8th grade.

Rodger and ellen beck junior high school

What Students Say About PreAP/GT Math

Need to enjoy math a lot and like to learn

  • You will learn something new everyday so you better be used to going fast

Better know your basic math facts and know them well

Expect homework everyday

Core curriculum
Core Curriculum

Every student has 5 core classes

  • English *

  • Reading*

    *(English & Reading blocked together)

  • Math (Pre AP covers 6th and ½ 7th curr.)

  • Science

  • Social Studies

Electives all junior high students must take a fine arts
Electives All Junior High Students Must Take a Fine Arts

  • Band

  • Orchestra

    (Band /Orchestra directors will contact you before school is out about an instrument selection)

  • Choir

  • Art

    Supply Fees required for all electives

Physical education
Physical Education

  • Both boys and girls (separate gyms)

  • Graded class/ attend everyday

  • Dress out in uniforms (laundering fee)

  • Lockers in gyms

  • No Athletics (competitive sports) in 6th Grade

Reading lab and math block
Reading Lab and Math Block

  • Based on first administration STAAR scores (take the place of PE or Elective)


  • 45 minutes

  • Announcements

  • Quiet study hall

  • Review Daily Planner

  • Opportunity to ask questions

  • Library

  • Computer Lab

  • Tutorials

Example a typical 6 th grade day
Example: A Typical 6th Grade Day


  • Respectful dining room etiquette

  • Open seating

  • Hot tray, Snack Bar/Pizza Bar

  • Must stay seated and keep area clean

  • Secondary lunch prices: $2.25

  • Secondary breakfast prices: $1.00

Course worksheet
Course WorkSheet

  • Legal first and last name

  • Level of core classes (Aca., PreAP, GT)

  • (Reading and English blocked)

  • 1 Elective

  • 1 Alternate

  • Parent & student signature needed

  • Return course selection worksheet to your Social Studies teacher by campus deadline

To help ease the transition
To Help Ease the Transition

  • Bulldog Pup Camp-New Student Orientation about a week before school starts (will be announced)

  • Schedule Pick up day- find your classes, pick up pre-purchased supplies

  • Tardies not taken the first week and a half of school

What next
What Next?

  • Course Verification Letter will be sent home in May verifying the course selections.....


    You may not get your first choice elective. Be sure to put 2nd choice on your course selection sheet.

    Follow instructions on sheet on how to make changes.

Home access center obtain pin from elementary front office
Home Access Center(Obtain PIN # from Elementary Front Office)

  • Home Access Center: Access to your student’s grades, schedule and attendance.

  • Campus eNews: Have news and information from your child's campus delivered directly to your inbox.

  • Mealpay: Web-based service allows you to access your child's meal account and make meal payments online.

  • Katy ISD Update: Receive district-wide news and updates via e-mail.

  • Stranger Danger: Receive e-mail alerts regarding suspicious activity in our community.

Points to remember
Points to Remember…

Schedules may change at least once throughout junior high because:

  • Classes need to be leveled/balanced

  • School growth requires the addition of new teachers

    Please remember to be flexible and

    open-minded about schedule changes.