Mathematical musical mnemonics
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Mathematical Musical Mnemonics. By Wilson Pang January 7 th , 2013. My Capstone Project. Designing a Teacher Webquest. It will consist of the following things: Image, acrostic, and musical mnemonics that can help recall mathematical concepts

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Mathematical musical mnemonics

Mathematical Musical Mnemonics

By Wilson Pang

January 7th, 2013

My capstone project
My Capstone Project

  • Designing a Teacher Webquest. It will consist of the following things:

    • Image, acrostic, and musical mnemonics that can help recall mathematical concepts

    • An introduction, process, and rubric for the math music video project

    • Sample math music videos

    • Clips of me singing some math songs

  • Link to my Webquest


Intended audience
Intended Audience

  • The webquest is for students, teachers, or anybody who enjoys mathematics.

    • Students will find the music video project fun, interactive, and a memorable learning experience. Math teachers can use the videos as samples if they decide to assign the project.

    • Teachers will find the mnemonic devices helpful in getting students to recall mathematical concepts, such as special right triangles and the quadratic formula. They can incorporate these mnemonics in their teaching practice.

1 st guiding question
1st Guiding Question

1) How can teachers improve instruction of mathematical concepts through mnemonic devices to enhance understanding of students?

-memory enhancing instructional strategy

-types of mnemonics: musical, acronym, and visual imagery

  • Musical example: learning your ABCs using the tune to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”

  • Acronym example: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally (PEMDAS) – used for orders of operations

  • Visual Imagery: “The Big G”- used to recall basic measurements

2 nd guiding question
2nd Guiding Question

2) How is my webquest going to assist teachers deliver mathematical mnemonics in their curriculum?

-3 youtube videos of me singing (more will be uploaded in the future)

-3 image and 1 acrostic (more will be added in the near future)

-teachers can play and share my mnemonics to their students

3 rd guiding question
3rd Guiding Question

3) Why is it that students can learn and recall information from music videos? Would a math music video project help recall and enhance their understanding of mathematical concepts?

-students respond positively to music videos because they leave a lasting impression that embeds images and scenes from the song’s lyrics, which helps them recall the lyrics

-math music video project will be assigned to my Alg. 2 classes this year

-survey will be done by the students to see if they can recall the mathematical concepts presented in the music video

What i hope comes out of this
What I Hope Comes Out of This?

  • Students and Teachers saying that this is a helpful and useful Webquest.

  • Not to sound like Mr. Schuesterfrom “Glee”, but music does help recall valuable information. If we can remember lyrics, we can certainly remember mathematical concepts thru music.

  • Mnemonic Devices are not limited to math. It can be used in other subject areas, such as English, Science, and History.

Plans for the future
Plans for the Future

  • Some of my sample music videos on my webquest were made by math teachers from Westerville South High School in Ohio. This has inspired me to want to make a music video with other math teachers and teach a concept to the students.