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Holy Trolley

Holy Trolley. A Duty Free Comprehensive Advisory Solutions. DF Sales cycle. Duty Free Administration. DF Committee Catalogue Pre-orders Internet Pricing and Updates On Board Special Offers Travel Agents special offers Customers’ relations Directive Operational Equipment Reports

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Holy Trolley

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  1. Holy Trolley

    A Duty Free Comprehensive Advisory Solutions
  2. DF Sales cycle
  3. Duty Free Administration DF Committee Catalogue Pre-orders Internet Pricing and Updates On Board Special Offers Travel Agents special offers Customers’ relations Directive Operational Equipment Reports Supervision Marketing Frequent Flyers
  4. Duty Free Administration Committee: 5-7 members: DF, Accounting, Purchasing, Marketing, Warehouse Merchandise: Consumer sales potential instead of personal feelings Catalogue: Keep it simple Advertising pages and covers Tax restrictions Return and change policy Warranty and repairs policy DF contact customer service Quarterly issue
  5. Duty Free Administration Pricing policy: Best efforts for lowest price vs port DF Flexible pricing Customer service: DF own customer service Monitoring and reports: Simple CRM for ticketing management History management International free shipping (shipping fees refund) Finance settlement: Credit card, money transfer, check
  6. Duty Free Administration Directives: DF directives and exclusions Purchasing management Forecast Best selling prices Competitive research Urgent shipping
  7. Duty Free Administration Equipment: On board configuration POS Purser kit Management reports: Sales: destination, dates, aircraft type, per flight, per category, per item, per passenger, sold out Special sales: pre-orders, discounts, out of catalogue items, dead stock Probability and Optimizer BI
  8. Duty Free Administration DF Manager Supervision on directives Report analysis Company management reporting Special offers Group / VIP Holidays Destinations / routes Vouchers / coupons High stock / dead stock “Buy 1 get 1 free” Over achievement performance bonuses
  9. Duty Free Administration Marketing & Advertising Pre flight DF information Web site, online ticketing / pre flight check in Travel agents Frequent flyer “Gift in the sky” service Prestige items Internet On-line catalogue and orders FF mileage as payment
  10. In Flight Sales Equipment Time management Sales partner Crew knowledge Purchasing experience Opening and Closing cycle Special offers Discounts Frequent Flyer Other sales Upgrades Returns and changes Change
  11. In Flight Sales Equipment: Sales kit Example: printing paper, spare batteries, calculator, shopping bags, notepad, small mirror, flash light, eye sheds Manual credit card device: back up Principals Honesty, Fairness, Reliability, Accountability and Humor On board time management Flight profile Destination and Length Mix of passengers: potential sales
  12. In Flight Sales Product information Know your catalogue Special promotions and sales, discounts, etc Choosing a sales partner Destination language Opposite sex Volunteer Sales oriented Second in command (DF referent)
  13. In Flight Sales Purchasing experience Sales cycle Cabin lights Announcements Return policy Exchange and refunds during flight: On-Board Customer Service Saves on OPEX and CAPEX Exchange priority, cash second Only viable products Some products only with closed undamaged original package Manual operation
  14. In Flight Sales Announcement policy 1: “DF on board” as part of all flight announcements 2: “Check your catalogues for XXXYYY” before sales 3: “last call” – check your timing Special offers Special promotions must be uploaded to POS Delisted items: Promotion flyers “1+1” ads “New on board” “Exclusive!!!” Rounding up rules Rules per currency Rounding up per total sale
  15. In Flight Sales Frequent flyer Points / mileage per sale total Tier up Coupons Points / mileage usage for purchase Services sales First and business class upgrades All ticket types Preferred sit: Exit, first row Earphones & entertainment Food & beverage Overweight Money exchange
  16. In Flight Sales Trolley display: visual merchandising Most popular items Higher quantity Special promotions Noticeable Pyramid display Labels facing passengers Maintain safety
  17. In Flight Sales Sales objection: how to solve Agree with the customer “I’ll buy it on the way back” “Yes, BUT” Mention the Difference NOT the total “it costs few $ more than…” Rephrase and response “This is a very old items…” “A or B”: make recommendation and sell higher stock Ask to find for the objection reason “is it a gift? For whom?” Genuine products on board
  18. In Flight Sales: General Tips Sale more to the customer Add matching and complementary items Time is money! Manage your Inexpensive items Identify your potential flyers Pre flight and on board Sports team Groups Service conflict Night flights: monitor your sales lights Move faster you are not transparent: aisle sales blocks the screens Lower your voice Fully covered by double warranty
  19. In Flight Sales: General Tips Closing the sale: Shopping bag Greeting per item “last call” before credit card Do and don’ts “May I help you?” – NO! Use the seasons and holidays Use a business meeting Keep it short: no more than two alternatives “The Stewardesses preferred item” Use the sales aids: mirrors, reading lights Offer a cheaper alternative for unknown sales objections Let the customer feel and test some products
  20. Accounting Currency updates Commissions Personal accounting Accounting Settlement Outstanding flights Reports
  21. Accounting Currency update policy Commissions Direct sales Per position Per DF item Per service Food $ Beverage, Earphones, preferred sits, on board upgrade Personal accounting Accounting settlement Salary, checks, etc
  22. Deposits Deposit verification Cash, T.C, Vouchers, CC slips Reports
  23. Warehouse Processes Storage Stock management (BI) On board terminal management Disposal dead / damaged goods DF Special offers
  24. Warehouse Processes Two options: Main and secondary Per trolley or per set of trollies Storage Organizing method Stock management BI Red lines alerts (purchasing) Forecast management Returns and disposal: damaged and dead stock Expiration dates
  25. Warehouse On board terminal management Terminals fixed on board: updates and operation Support by operation team Fixed per trolley Support by warehouse: space and professional services
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