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ALBANY HUMANE SOCIETY Marketing Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ALBANY HUMANE SOCIETY Marketing Plan. Catherine Gammage Valdosta State University PADM 7040 Dr. Gerald Melvin October 25, 2005. Mission.

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    1. ALBANY HUMANE SOCIETYMarketing Plan Catherine Gammage Valdosta State University PADM 7040 Dr. Gerald Melvin October 25, 2005

    2. Mission • Prevent cruelty to animals; provide services, that assist other agencies in dealing with the legal/health consequences of animals who interfaces with human populations; relieve the suffering of animals; and extend humane education to people in the greater Dougherty County area of Southwest Georgia.

    3. 1.0 Executive Summary • Albany humane Society is a non-profit organization committed to preventing abuse and relieve suffering to all companion animals through adoptions, public education and humane services. Through their efforts over 1,400 animals were rescued from abuse, neglect, and euthanasia. • Albany Humane target market includes: • Contracts/Government Agencies • Adoptions • Splost Funds Albany Humane Society is expanding their revenue issues by promoting adopt-a-thons, educating the general public, and increasing their publicity.

    4. 2.0 Situational Analysis • Albany Humane Society success depends on their adoptions and the their contracts between Dougherty and Lee Counties and splost funds. These areas counts for over 75 percent of total revenues. This presents a long-time threat due if a county decides to cancel or if the splost funds are diverted to other important areas.

    5. Market Summary • Albany Humane Society is a full service humane society, serving the needs of abused and neglected animals and dealing with the consequences of animals who interfaces with humans. The most important clients are the local government agencies that rely on AHS to perform contractual services. The counties recognize that contracting services with AHS saves tax dollars. Target Market Government Agencies Adoptions Splost Funds

    6. 2.1 Market Demographics • Government Agencies the most profitable(clients) contracts offers consistent revenue to the Albany Humane Society. Over 70 percent of the county Animal Control budget is allocated for contractual services to Albany Humane Society to provide housing, euthanasia, and welfare for unwanted animals. Target clients in this have an annual budget of two million or more. Government agencies are looking for more services which AHS can provide. • Albany Humane Adoptions offers 23 % of revenue, which represents the fastest growing program for Albany Humane Society. • Splost funds if given (based on necessitate) is normally around seven percent. The long term goal is to secure more splost funds and prove to the county administrator that animal care is also a necessitate.

    7. 2.1.2 Market Needs • AHS provides education, outreach programs, placement for the homeless animals, medical, spay and neutering assistance and counseling. AHS main objective is to educate the public on the overpopulation of animals that creates neglect, and abuse. AHS through pet adoption outreach programs, and other resources are using financial resources to make the differences. They respond as advisory and enable their clients to control the dilemmas dealing with animals.

    8. 2.1.3 Market Trends • Market Trends fall into three categories state law, local ordinances, and client growth. State Law • Although minor revisions had been made in previous years concerning animal welfare laws, animal laws has dramatically changed since 2003. This enables greater efficiencies for Albany Humane Society but it also creates more financial burdens because of court costs and restitutions. Local Ordinances • County personnel and animal organizations have tighten local county ordinances to support animal welfare and creates more of an awareness of cruelty-owners are now abandoning more and more animals. Client Growth The overpopulation of animals have created financial hardships for Albany Humane Society.

    9. 2.1.4 Market Growth • The growth of Albany Humane Society targeted market has averaged 15 %. This is due to the overpopulation of animals and services needed by neighboring counties. The growth has stayed constant in the past years and is expected to stay in the same range.

    10. 2.2 SWOT • The SWOT analysis addresses the strengths and weaknesses within the Albany Humane Society. This analysis areas that need improving and points to areas that can be utilized more.

    11. 2.1.2 A. H. S. Strengths • Government and Community Involvement • School Outreach programs • Local television Advertisements • High Adoption Rate • Increase awareness of animal welfare • Foster parents • Increase in spay and neutering funds

    12. 2.1.3 A.H.S Weakness • Over dependence on contracts and splost funding. • Inability to generate enough revenue from other projects to maintain stability. • Membership fallouts • High euthanasia rate

    13. A.H.S. Goals for Improvement • Advertisements • Direct Mail • Adoptions • Trade Shows • Sales

    14. A. H. S. Advertising • Animal Adoptions • Local television shows • Newspaper Circulation of pet of the week • Posters of animals in the libraries, and gyms

    15. Other Promotion • Movie Premiers • Fairs • Community outreaches • Senior citizens visitations • D. A. R. E. Programs

    16. Pricing/Grants • Pricing • Reduce costs of adoptions • Assist with spay and neuter costs • Grants • Seek grants to fulfill financial obligations

    17. A. H. S. Services • Education outreach programs • Sheltering homeless animals • Adoption counseling and placement • Lost and found assistance • Wildlife assistance • Pet facilitated therapy • Euthanasia

    18. Work Cited Page • Marketing Information provided by Kaye Bell, Administrator, Albany Humane Society. • Permission granted by executor director, Donna, Strickland.