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my abc book of u s history n.
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My ABC Book of U.S History PowerPoint Presentation
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My ABC Book of U.S History

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My ABC Book of U.S History
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My ABC Book of U.S History

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  1. My ABC Book of U.S History Cytois Horton 5-12-11 4th

  2. A Annex- to add territory to one’s own territory . Abolitionist- a person who strongly favors doing away with slavery. Abstain- to not take part in some activity, such as voting.

  3. B Bond-a note issued by the government which promises to pay off a loan with interest. Boomtown- a community experiencing a sudden growth in business or population. Burgesses-elected representatives to an assembly

  4. C Cede-to give up by treaty. Cabinet-a group of advisers to the president Cash Crops-farm crop raised to be solid for money.

  5. D Disarmament-removal of weapons Debtor-person or country that owns money. Decree-an order or decision given by one in a

  6. E Emancipate-free from slavery Executive Branch-the branch of government, headed by president ,that carries out the nation’s laws, and policies Export-to sell goods abroad

  7. F Federalism- the sharing of power federal and state governments Fugitive- runaway or try to run away Factory system-system bringing manufacturing steps together in one place to increase efficiency

  8. G Guerrilla tactic-referring to surprise attacks or raids rather than organized warefare Guerrilla warfare- a hit And run technique used in fighting a war Gettysburg Address-an address spoking by Abraham Lincoln

  9. H House of Burgesses-make local laws for the colony Human rights- rights regarded as belonging to all persons, such as freedom from unlawful imprisonment, torture and execution Henry, John-he worked on the railroads he was an African American renowned for his strength and skill in driving and steel drills into solid rock

  10. I Inflation-a continuous rise in the price goods and sevices Import- a good bought from foreign markets Impressment-forcing people into service, as in the navy

  11. J Jackson, Andrew- a favorite son candidate Judicial Review-the right of the supreme court to determine if a law violates the constitution Judicial branch- the branch of goverment

  12. K KU-KLUX-KLAN-a violent group Kansas state-in the central United States fighting over slavery issue in 1850’s gave the territory name bleeding Kansas Kentucky-state in the south central United States border state that sided with he union during the civil war

  13. L Lynching-putting to death a person by illegal action of a mob Legislative Branch-making of the laws Laissez-faire-policy that government should interfere as little as possible in the nations economy

  14. M Mercenary –paid soldiers who serves in the army of a foreign country Minutemen-companies of civilian soldiers who boasted that they were ready to fight on minutes notice Militia-a group of civilians trained to fight in emergencies

  15. O Naturalization-to grant full citizenship to a foreigner Neutral-taking no side in a conflict Nullify-to cancel or make ineffecive