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Train Journey { on the way} PowerPoint Presentation
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Train Journey { on the way}

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Train Journey { on the way}

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Train Journey { on the way}

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  1. Train Journey { on the way} Everyone was chatting to their friends and we were all really excited. All you could hear was loud noise.

  2. Southern cross station! We arrived at Southern Cross station. We started the journey to the Police Museum. Just before though the class ate some food on a bright red chair, so everyone got energized. 3/4B finally entered the Police Museum.

  3. Police Museum Suits were put on the students. Luckily every student looked around and saw weapons, criminal records, police suits and Ned Kelly's Armour. While everybody was looking around Miss B had spotted an 18 century vampire slayer kit.

  4. Crown Casino

  5. Crown In Crown casino there were breath-taking sights. There was a glistening fountain that spurt out colourful water. In the background there was classical music playing. We lay down on the stairs and we watched the enchanting lights. We constantly stared at the ceiling.

  6. Polly Woodside There she floated on the Yarra River. She was a cargo ship. She stood there tall and proud, remembering the times she sailed the ocean. The sails looked like it was made of pure silk and the ropes were as brown as a swamp.

  7. Polly Woodside “First up Quiz. Look around up and down” suggested our leader. “First ones finished!” sniggered Talisha.

  8. Polly Woodside: Upper Deck Mate walked out a door, saying “Ya ready for an adventure?” while offering a tour on deck. First thing we did was spin the wooden wheel that they used to board cargo. We then went up to the bow (the front) and then we spotted with our eye a big golden bell, the ring echoed inside of our brain. We rang the bell two rings means starboard and one ring port and three rings means straight ahead. (Port and Starboard mean left and right).

  9. Activities We did all sorts of activities including scrubbing the decks, putting the sails down and steering the ship. The grossest activity was holding a rope that was brown. Can you guess why it was brown? It had POO on it!

  10. Scrubbing the decks While we were scrubbing the decks someone else was yelling at us “Come on faster” “That’s not clean yet!”

  11. Polly Woodside: Lower Deck Below deck was dirty, rat infested, wooden crates everywhere you turn and disgusting conditions. Although it was quite horrifying, there was a special and personal room for the Captain , 2nd Mate and 1st Mate. The rooms were luxurious. After seeing all the dirty cabins we think that it had very bad service and even the kitchen was swarming with rats!

  12. Train journey back home The silence was scary compared to the beginning of the excursion. Over the bridge when we saw St. Anne's in the distance the class was excited to see it once again. It was very fun and one of the best excursions ever!! • Some people were tired and fell asleep. • While others were hyper!

  13. THE END