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VoIP Quality Of Experience

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VoIP Quality Of Experience - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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VoIP Quality Of Experience. Mu Han Director Microsoft Corporation. Session Objectives. Microsoft’s user-focused approach to Quality of Experience. Inside the VoIP stack of Office Communications Server 2007. Considerations for deploying OCS 2007 in a corporate network.

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Presentation Transcript
voip quality of experience

VoIP Quality Of Experience

Mu HanDirectorMicrosoft Corporation

session objectives
Session Objectives

Microsoft’s user-focused approach to Quality of Experience

Inside the VoIP stack of Office Communications Server 2007

Considerations for deploying OCS 2007 in a corporate network

today s business environment what customers a re t elling u s
Today’s Business EnvironmentWhat customers are telling us


  • Need to solve problems faster
  • Need to be able to connect anytime anywhere

IT Decision Makers

  • Need to help the company to be more competitive
  • Need to invest for the future

IT Professionals

  • Need to deliver more value with less resources
  • Need to leverage existing infrastructure
the rise o f t he m obile workforce
The Rise of the Mobile Workforce
  • High-speed connectivity continues to grow more ubiquitous
  • Little tolerance for potentially complex operations
    • Setting up a virtual private network (VPN)
    • Connecting from their home broadband connection
  • User experience must be equivalent to the corporate network
    • Highest possible quality
    • Completely Secure
    • No extra steps to setup or manage

“We should anticipate the day when more than half of the information worker workforce can function productively outside of traditional facilities.”

– Heidi Skatrud, Vice President, Runzheimer International, quoted in

talking with other companies
Talking With Other Companies
  • Need to stay close to my customers, partners, and suppliers with rich communication modes
    • Connecting the communication islands with full OCS federation
    • For people who are not federated, they should still be able to join video conferences
designing for the internet
Designing for the Internet


  • Enable new scenarios – mobile worker, cross company
  • If a solution can survive the hostile conditions on the Internet, it can easily handle the Intranet


  • Loss, Jitter, Delay, Connectivity, Security, etc.
  • Administrators don’t own the network end to end


  • Intelligent endpoints with advanced software
the challenge of packet networks
The Challenge Of Packet Networks
  • Traditional IP telephony not designed for IP networks
    • Transfer of circuit switched concepts
    • Fragile CODECs, sensitive to minute network impairments
      • “Even a 1% loss can significantly degrade the user experience with G.711, which is considered the standard for toll quality” 1
      • “The default G.729 codec requires packet loss far less than 1% to avoid audible errors” 2
  • Network engineering required for traditional IP telephony

QoS and CAC work to recreate conditions of switched networks

1 - Intel: Overcoming Barriers to High-Quality Voice over IP Deployments

2 - Cisco: Quality of service for Voice over IP


“The ripe taste of cheese improves with age.

Act on these orders with great speed. “

traditional ip telephony limitations
Traditional IP Telephony Limitations



Traditional approach of QoS/CAC is complex and difficult to manage

  • Admins may not control whole network
  • Users are increasingly mobile


  • Most common source of user dissatisfaction is Voice Quality
  • Many factors affect voice quality
many dimensions of quality
Many Dimensions Of Quality


  • Getting the packet across the wire


  • Audio and Video content inside the packet


  • Caller usability and human factors


  • Understanding the user experience
microsoft s quality of experience
Microsoft's Quality Of Experience

Complete and comprehensive solution that doesn’t require QoS

Comprehensive, user-focused approach to quality

Intelligent end-points designed for the Internet

Real time metrics of actual experience

session objectives14
Session Objectives

Microsoft’s user-focused approach to Quality of Experience

Inside the VoIP stack of Office Communications Server 2007

Considerations for deploying OCS 2007 in a corporate network

the microsoft media stack
The Microsoft Media Stack

Advanced Network Layer

  • NAT/Firewall traversal
  • Secure RTP

Robust audio video processing

  • Forward error correction and error concealment
  • Time-warping jitter buffer control
  • Dynamic Adaptation to real-time network conditions

Optimizes the audio that gets into the packet

  • Noise suppression
  • Automatic gain control
  • Acoustic echo cancellation

Measurements and report of user experience

microsoft s real time c odecs rtaudio and rtvideo
Microsoft’s Real-Time CodecsRTAudio and RTVideo
  • Supports Wideband
    • Wideband greatly improves intelligibility and naturalness of speech
  • Robust under loss and jitter
    • Built-in protection to recover from lost or late packets
  • Highly efficient use of Bandwidth
    • Higher fidelity at lower bandwidth
  • Multi-rate codec
    • Enables real-time adaptation
quality of experience at work noise free
Quality Of Experience At WorkNoise free





Source: Psytechnics 12/06

quality of experience at work office environment
Quality Of Experience At WorkOffice environment





Source: Psytechnics 12/06

session objectives20
Session Objectives

Microsoft’s user-focused approach to Quality of Experience

Inside the VoIP stack of Office Communications Server 2007

Considerations for deploying OCS 2007 in a corporate network

right sizing your network
Right Sizing Your Network
  • You are adding a service to your network
    • Right provisioning is needed
  • Even with efficient CODECs, clients need bandwidth
  • Holds true for VoIP telephony or conferencing
  • Simple policies give you control
what does media take
What Does MediaTake?
  • These are one-way “on the wire” numbers
  • Numbers are worst-case
    • Silence suppression saves more bandwidth
    • Packetization dynamically changes based on usage
per user calculation
Per User Calculation
  • Type of usage is important when planning
  • Media Stack adjusts to network bandwidthchange every 5 seconds
  • Consider the whole path end-to-end
other network considerations
Other Network Considerations


  • Engineer to less than a mean of 100 milliseconds


  • Up to 10% can be handled without significant problems


  • The clients can connect through most common networks

Call Admission Control

  • Hard limits aren't required to provide quality
managing the u sage
Managing The Usage
  • Server policy
    • Limit the type of conference that can be setup
    • Limit who can setup a conference
    • Limit how many users per conference
  • Client policy
    • Limit the bandwidth used per session
    • Limit the port range used by audio and video
qos support
QoS Support
  • OCS 2007 does not require DiffServ, RSVP or CAC
  • We do work within a DiffServ environment
  • DSCP marking by the end-points
    • Audio: Expedited Forwarding
    • Video: Class 3 of Assured Forwarding
  • DSCP marking can also be tuned through policy
  • Windows Vista has centralized policy enforcement
  • Each endpoint generates detailed reports for each session
  • Server collects reports and generates alerts and high level reports
  • Use the reports to identify trends and hot spots
key takeaways
Key Takeaways
  • Microsoft’s user-focused approach to Quality of Experience
    • Designed for the Internet, more tolerant to hostile network conditions
    • Comprehensive approach
    • Built-in report of user experience
  • Microsoft’s solution is built around intelligent endpoints
    • Advanced CODECs and other signal processing for better quality
    • Advanced network stack for connectivity, security, and adaption
  • Good network design and engineering practice still matter
    • Be thoughtful about bandwidth – new services need it!!
    • Monitor and fix hot spots

Microsoft’s Quality of Experience White Paper

  • Psytechnics Study
  • Visit the OCS 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 Tech Centers

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