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Top Quality VoIP Solutions Offered by VoIPSipTermination PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Quality VoIP Solutions Offered by VoIPSipTermination

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Top Quality VoIP Solutions Offered by VoIPSipTermination
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Top Quality VoIP Solutions Offered by VoIPSipTermination

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  1. Top Quality VoIP Solutions Offered by VoIPSipTermination

  2. Who we are In recent years, there are many technologies that have set our foothold in almost every major industry. One of the most utilized and signified among all those technologies, VoIP has established a great reputation. With the help of this essential asset, businesses are upgrading our old business telephony systems efficiently. 2 VoIPSipTermination is well-known SIP termination provider which offers high-quality and affordable call termination services. We have been delivering these essential services across various popular nations like UK, USA, India and Canada. With the help of high-standard and top network carriers, we are enabling superior termination services to boost the productivity of calling companies. With over 10 years of experience, we always look to deliver most prominent solutions for companies with high quality services. Our services are specially made for fulfilling company’s requirements and meeting our expectations in terms of quality, reliability and productivity.

  3. 1. What we offer 3 Being a top and most preferred wholesale VoIP provider, VoIPSipTermination is deploying these services in many organizations around the world. By having a good understanding of rapidly changing markets, we always look to offer most advance and latest technologies with superior quality.

  4. Retail termination. This termination service is very helpful to maintain consistency while reaching several destinations using call termination. At affordable rates, companies will get their calls routed through trusted network carriers. With pure CLI routes at cheap rates, your business will be boosted with more productive calls. ● Wholesale Termination. This type of call termination service is very useful for routing the calls over high-standard networks from across the world. With affordable prices, companies can reach any customer or client located in any region of the world. ● ● Dialer Termination. This type of termination service is helpful for call centers that want to maintain higher volume of calls with short durations. With low cost routing, agents can handle any number of calls without capacity restrictions. It also has many tools for recording calls and reporting them to agents for higher efficiency. ”

  5. 5 What Feature we are providing ? Whether you are adopting retail SIP termination or wholesale termination services, you will get many beneficial features that can ease the process of handling calls more efficiently. Here are the top features of our VoIP termination services through which the calling operations will get flexible, without requiring huge expenses:

  6. 6 ● Call Transferring after Routing When the call is initiated, it is routed over high-quality networks to reach the right recipient as soon as possible. When the routing process is finished and if the agent is not present then the call is transferred to another one on the basis of availability. In this way, the calls will not get missed and productivity of the business improves. This feature is very beneficial when agents are always busy in handling lots of calls every day and need superior services for better management. When the call is being dropped, it goes to voicemail, which is another great feature included in these VoIP-based services. ● High-quality Conferencing with Call Termination When there is a need to combine or merge calls from different customers or agents, the conferencing feature is available to connect with several persons. With the help of VoIP networks, this feature can be used with high-quality connectivity.

  7. 7 Moreover, when several calls terminate on a single IP phone or made with a single line, then they will be merged to provide same messages for every receiver. In this way, there is much better management of customers’ queries. ● Integration with other software Using ACD (automatic call distribution), IVR (interactive voice response) and CRM (customer relation management), call termination can be easily operated with VoIP systems. These integrations are very beneficial to deliver high-quality calling experience to both agents and callers. With IVR software, auto attendant feature can be utilized to handle customers’ queries and submit their response. This will help to make the customer interaction better for the employees who are continuously dealing with lots of customers.

  8. 8 With CRM software, employees can deliver better customer services through high-quality communication with them. It will help to boost level of handling most utilized operations and make their business perform in a better way. For many years, VoIPSipTermination has been delivering most advanced and high-standard solutions for every type of business. These solutions are comprised of latest features and services to manage all the essential calling operations of a company.

  9. 9 About Voipsiptermination VoIPSipTermination has been delivering most enhanced SIP termination services to strengthen companies’ business communication and helping them to be competitive in every aspect. With the help of VoIP technology, call termination operations are being deployed at fullest capacity to boost the productivity. Here are some pointers of our services that always stay with them: ● ● ● ● ● High-standard maintenance and reporting 24/7 Support services Live chat and email support 100% customer satisfaction Secure remote access to the systems So if you want to establish a secure, reliable and affordable solution in your organization, just contact VoIPSipTermination anytime. You will get a unique experience while adopting our services and solutions.

  10. 10 THANKS! Any questions? You can find me at