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Team Members. Atmospheric Modeling Components. Sequential Simulations. Large-Scale Meteorology or Climate. Anthropogenic Emission Inventories. Land Use, Land Cover Data. “ Sequential ” – the models are run independently and there is only 1-way communication between models.

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sequential simulations
Sequential Simulations

Large-Scale Meteorology or Climate

Anthropogenic Emission Inventories

Land Use, Land Cover


  • “Sequential” – the models are run independently and there is only 1-way communication between models

Gridded, Hourly Emissions from All Sources

Gridded, Hourly Meteorology

Gridded, Hourly BVOC Emissions





Gridded, Hourly Nitrogen Deposition

Chemical Boundary Conditions

RHEYSSys, CropSyst

coupled wrf vic simulation for sequential runs
Coupled WRF-VIC Simulation for Sequential Runs

Decisions Made!

  • Western-US domain:
    • Allows analysis of ENSO cycles
  • Grid Cells:
    • 12-km x 12-km
    • Decent for representing ubran vs rural influence on air quality
  • Historical Simulation Period:
    • 1979-2008, which has several ENSO periods; PDO variability too long to capture
  • Boundary and Initial Conditions:
    • NARR (~32-km resolution)
  • Land-Use, Land-Cover Data:
    • NLDAS2 (save Alex’s dataset for WRF-VIC-RHESSys-- no need to recalibrate VIC yet!)

Simulation Domain

offline cmaq simulation for sequential runs
Offline CMAQ Simulation for Sequential Runs
  • Purpose:
    • Model nitrogen deposition and evaluate how it’s modulated by ENSO cycles
    • Provide results to offline RHESSys and CropSyst simulations
  • Domain & Grid Cells:
    • A subdomain within the WRF-VIC domain
    • Same grid cells as WRF-VIC
  • Historical Simulation Period:
    • A few ENSO cycles during the 1979-2008 period
  • Chemical Boundary Conditions:
    • 1990s from global chemical transport model MOZART?
  • Anthropogenic Emission Inventory:
    • 1999 or 2002 National Emissions Inventory
  • Bioegenic Emissions:
    • MEGANv2.1
enso cycles during historical simulation period
ENSO Cycles During Historical Simulation Period

El Nino

La Nina

status of coupled wrf vic
Status of Coupled WRF-VIC


Flux Coupler




Ocean (ROMS)




Ocean (POP)

Sea Ice (CSIM)




  • WRF (v3.2) and VIC (v.4.0.4) has been coupled through the CESM flux coupler CPL7
  • Coupled WRF-VIC has been tested in a global and an Arctic domain (Chunmei Zhu, UW)
  • For BioEarth, need to create input data spatial data for VIC for our Western-US simulation & grid cells.
status of coupled wrf cmaq
Status of Coupled WRF-CMAQ

Aerosol Optical Properties,

Cloud Condensation Nuclei


  • Current release, CMAQv4.7.1, is not coupled to WRF
  • CMAQv5.0 is supposed to be released anytime now.
    • Two-way coupling built into WRF v3.3
      • Only supports CAM and RRTMG shortwave radiation schemes
    • identical on-line and off-line computational paradigms with minimal code changes
    • flexibility in frequency of coupling




Prepares virtual CMAQ-compatible input meteorological files

coupled wrf cmaq domain setup
Coupled WRF-CMAQ Domain Setup

From Wong et al., CMAS 2011 Presentation

coupled wrf cmaq execution performance
Coupled WRF-CMAQ Execution Performance

From Wong et al., CMAS 2011 Presentation

coupled wrf cmaq test case
Coupled WRF-CMAQ Test Case

Aerosol-radiation feedbacks resulted in reduced shortwave radaition reaching the surface

Widespread wildfires resulted in high aerosol loading during mid/late June 2008 in California

From Wong et al., CMAS 2011 Presentation

status of megan recent improvements version 2 1
Status of MEGANRecent Improvements (version 2.1)
  • U.S. landcover
    • high resolution (30-m) PFT (CLM scheme) and species composition for crops, trees, shrubs, grass. Integrates CDL, NLCD, FIA, NRCS data with adjusted NLCD in urban areas.
    • LAI data: MODIS 8-day for individual years
  • Biogenic VOC
    • Updated emission factors, emission activity parameters
    • Response to increasing CO2
    • Additional compounds
  • Soil emissions
    • Biogenic VOC: soil moisture, litterfall, temperature
    • Nitric oxide: soil moisture, temperature and fertilizer



status of megan ongoing planned activities
Status of MEGANOngoing/Planned Activities
  • Integrating MEGAN into Bioearth
    • Coupling with VIC-RHESSys-CropSyst
    • Coupling with CESM/CLM (boundary conditions)
  • Improve soil nitrogen emissions (NO, NH3, N2O)
  • Add particles: pollen, fungal spores, bacteria, dust
  • Use MEGAN in BIOEARTH to identify scientific questions that can be addressed with a PNW regional field study
    • Landcover change (e.g. poplar plantations)
    • Interactions of biogenic emissions and anthropogenic pollution