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JFK: The Medical Evidence [7]. PowerPoint Presentation
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JFK: The Medical Evidence [7].

JFK: The Medical Evidence [7].

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JFK: The Medical Evidence [7].

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  1. JFK: The Medical Evidence [7]. Autopsy Description Sheet The location of the back wound, which is lower than the throat wound, is inconsistent with a shot from the Book Depository Building. Dr. James Boswell, the autopsy pathologist who made out the Description Sheet, said it was based on an approximation.

  2. JFK: The Medical Evidence [2] Warren Commission Exhibit 386, National Archives

  3. JFK: Medical Evidence [ ]. President Kennedy’s Jacket Where exactly did the back wound shot penetrate? And, was it possible for the bullet to go through both Kennedy’s body, strike Governor Connally, break his ribs` and shatter his wrist – the so-called ‘Magic Bullet’? Bullet hole is about 15cm below the top of the collar and 5 cm to the right of the midline seam of the jacket.

  4. JFK: Medical Evidence [ ]. President Kennedy’s Shirt Bullet hole is about 15 cm. Below the top of the collar and 5 cm. To the right of the midline seam of the shirt.

  5. JFK: The Medical Evidence [4] Alleged Autopsy Photograph This photograph first appeared in Best Evidence by David Lifton who acquired it from Secret Service photographer James Fox. The “circle-x” marks the location of the back wound as specified by the House Select Committee on Assassinations [HSCA].

  6. JFK: The Medical Evidence [1]. The Warren Commission suppressed the autopsy X-rays and photographs and instead used as evidence drawings such as this.

  7. JFK: Medical Evidence [ ]. Death Certificate The President’s physician Dr. Burkley placed the back wound at the level of the third thoracic vertebra.

  8. JFK: The Medical Evidence [5] Medical Illustration of Spine and Trachea A bullet striking the President’s back at the level of the first thoracic vertebra (T1), and then exiting the throat between the levels of the third and fourth tracheal rings, would have to be rising, a path which is inconsistent with a shot from the sixth floor of the Book Depository Building.

  9. JFK: Medical Evidence [ ]. CAT Scan of a patient at Eisenhower Memorial Hospital. This patient , had similar upper chest and neck dimensions a President Kennedy. Was it possible for a single bullet to pass through Kennedy’s body and strike Governor Connally?

  10. JFK: Medical Evidence [ ] Location of Skull Bones

  11. JFK: The Medical Evidence [3]. Warren Commission Exhibit 388, National Archives

  12. JFK: Medical Evidence [?]. Full-Face Photo of President’s Head viewed from Right-Hand Side. Parkland Hospital doctor’s claimed there was a throat wound, indicating a shot from the front . The wound was then enlarged in an operation to enable the president to breathe more easily, this is known as a ‘tracheotomy’ [It involves opening up the patient’s wind-pipe and inserting a breathing tube].. However, Parkland doctors claim the wound shown here is much larger than the one they made. Note the dark spot located by the arrow. This could be a bullet hole caused by a shot from the front. Tom Robinson, the mortician who prepared the body for burial noticed this hole. Also, note the wooden structure [upper r-hand corner]. Paul O’Conner said there was no such wooden structure at Bethesda morgue. Does this mean this photo (and others) were taken elsewhere. Does this mean that work was dine secretly on Kennedy’s body before it was delivered to the Bethesda morgue?

  13. JFK: Medical Evidence [8] ‘Bat Wing’ blow-out, which later dropped off. Bullet entry wound House Select Committee on Assassination 1977 A second enquiry into the Kennedy assassination was set up in 1977. As with the Warren Commission, no autopsy photographs were produced instead the committee relied on artists impressions.

  14. JFK: Medical Evidence [?] The ‘Bat Wing ’wound The entry wound? Compare this photograph with the sketch used by the HSCA [ ? ]and also with the recollections of the doctors at Parklands Hospital [ ? ]. Was this a photograph of JFK’s head?

  15. JFK: Medical Evidence [ ]. President Kennedy’s head wounds according to the Clark Panel and the House Select Committee on Assassination, 1976.

  16. JFK: The Medical Evidence [6]. Dr.McClelland’s Drawing Dr. Robert McClelland’s drawing, made for Josiah Thompson’s Six Seconds in Dallas, represents what doctors at Parkland Hospital observed to be the approximate size and location of President Kennedy’s head wound. It was not drawn to depict the edges of the wound or the exact destruction of the skull and brain.

  17. JFK: Medical Dr.’s Carrico, McClelland, Jenkins and Crenshaw, and many other Parland’s medical staff indicated a large ‘blow-out’ wound to the back of the head, implying an entry wound from the front. Malcolm Kilduff, White House Press Secretary, on being asked as to where the bullet struck JFK, pointed his right temple. Several autopsy photographs show a peculiar “bat wing” wound that conceals the President’s cranium.

  18. JFK: Medical Evidence [ ]. Warren Commission Drawing and Zapruder Frame 312 When the Warren Commission Drawing is turned so that President Kennedy is in the same position shown in frame 312 of the Zapruder Film, the path of the bullet is rising which is inconsistent with a shot from the sixth floor of the Book Depository Building.

  19. JFK: The medical Evidence [ ]. An x-ray of President Kennedy’s skull during his lifetime. Autopsy x-ray of President Kennedy’s head. The autopsy x-ray of Kennedy’s skull, which Dr.Mantik claims might have been ’doctored’ to hide signs of a massive wound to the back of the head. The area to the rear seems excessively bright. Mantik, using a process called optical densitory can measure the natural thickness of skulls.

  20. Were there two autopsies on Kennedy's body? JFK: The Autopsy Was Kennedy’s body secretly removed at some point between leaving Parkland’s Hospital, Dallas, and its arrival at Bethesda Naval Hospital, Washington? If so, why? TIMELINE FROM TIME OF SHOOTING TO DELIVERY OF BODY AT WHITE HOUSE Noel Twyman, BLOODY TREASON, 1997. Pp210-12

  21. Were there two autopsies on Kennedy's body? JFK: Medical Lyndon Johnson being sworn in as US President onboard Air Force One Could there have been a point after the assassination when Kennedy’s body was secretly removed and sent elsewhere for a separate autopsy and, if so, why? There was a 14 minute period when Kennedy’s coffin was left unattended on board Air Force One Diagram of Interior of Air Force One