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Unit 7 Living with disease

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Unit 7 Living with disease - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 7 Living with disease. By Da’nian Zhang. Revision. 1. What kind of disease is AIDS?. 2. In what way does AIDS spread?. 3. What attitude does Xiao Hua have when she found she has got AIDS?. New words. diagnose vt. determine the nature of

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unit 7 living with disease

Unit 7 Living with disease

By Da’nian Zhang



  • 1. What kind of disease is AIDS?
  • 2. In what way does AIDS spread?
  • 3. What attitude does Xiao Hua have
  • when she found she has got AIDS?

New words

diagnose vt. determine the nature of

(esp. a disease) from observation of symptoms.诊断

weep vi. cry; let tears fall from

the eyes.哭泣,流泪

cell n. small room for

one person. 细胞

disrupt vt.扰乱;分裂,破坏

contagious adj. (of disease) spread by contact.


recover vt.vi. become well. 恢复

contrary adj. opposite

( in nature or tendency) 相反的


Choose the best answers:

1.Which of the following is true?

A. On that Thursday afternoon, I knew I got cancer.

B. Cancer can be treated.

C. Doctors know why some people get cancer.

D. Cancer can be caused by injury.

2.Which of the following is NOT true?

A. When I heard I got cancer, I thought my life

was going to end.

B. If one gets cancer, cells either divide

too fast or at the wrong time.

C. all the people who got cancer will be

treated with radiation.

D. After two years’ treatment, I changed

my mind towards cancer.


3.How did I feel when I heard the news?

A. Sad B. Optimistic C. Empty D.Nothing serious

4.The passage mainly tells us_______ .

A. how “I” got cancer

B. what cancer is

C. how I came through the shade of cancer

D. how my friends help me

5. What can we get from the passage?

A. I loved my mother.

B. The cancer can be defeated if only

we can fight with it.

C. Cancer does not spread from

one person to another.

D. “I” plan to live a long life.


Answer the questions:

1.How cancer is caused ?

2.How did cancer change the writer’s life?


Find the right phrase in the text to

complete each sentence.

1.The next step is to carry out the plan______ .

2.We have_______ things to do at present.

3.--Are you nearly through ?

--_______ ,I’ve just begun.

4.They ____the birds_______the cages.

5.He is ______ by driving his car so fast.

6.Stop discussing _____,please.

7.He is _____as one of the richest men in Europe.



1.Compare the writer’s situation with

that of Xiaohua in the reading passage.

How are their experiences similar

or different?

2.How do you think your life would change if you found out that you had an incurable disease?



Draw a timeline of your life and make the

best times (the highs) and the worst times

(the lows).

What were some events that made you very happy?

What made you very sad?

What were some points in your life

when you made a big change or learnt

an important lesson?

Here is a sample answer:


1988 I was born!

  • 1989 I took my first step.
  • I learned to read and write.
  • I started school.
  • I hurt my foot when I was playing football.
  • I couldn’t walk for two weeks.
  • My grandfather was ill and almost died. I
  • learned how important it was to have friends
  • and family and that we had to take care of
  • each other.
  • I helped my mother in her store during the
  • summer. I learned many things about keeping
  • a store and dealing with people.
  • I went to senior middle school in a different
  • city. It was my first time away from home and
  • I learned to take care of myself and get along with others.


Now according your timeline,write an essay about

an important event in your life. Before you write,

think about the event you want to describe and try to remember all the details. Make a list of your feeling

and thoughts about the event.

When you are writing your essay,try to describe

the event and explain how it made you feel and

what it made you think. Finally, explain

why this event is important in your life.

You must finish the essay after class.