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Become A Licensed Vocational Nurse

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Become A Licensed Vocational Nurse

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  1. Become A Licensed Vocational Nurse Info by: Robert Fogarty

  2. Nursing begins with the bottom level but still ever important nurse's aide. This is called a Certified Nurse's Assistant or Aide (CNA) in short. This is where you really get your hands dirty so to speak and assist an RN or an LPN or LVN with the duties they may not have time for such as bathing, turning, feeding, and administering wound care and medication to the patient. Many CNA's work in one of three places and they are hospitals, nursing facilities for the aged or in the patient's home. This is where most people begin the long journey to becoming either a RN or LPN/LVN. However, some people stay in the field permanently. What are the different levels of nursing?

  3. A Licensed Practical Nurse and a Licensed Vocational Nurse is basically the same thing. It depends on where you live and whom you work for it is just a title that has morphed into a slight difference but your responsibilities will be the same. The basic role is a step above the CNA and will entail administering of medications where a CNA will only assist and the administering of injections as well as collecting samples for the lab and the monitoring of diagnostic and other medical equipment. Level Two the LPN/LVN

  4. At this level, you are responsible for all of the above-mentioned tasks and for the people who are under you, which are the CNA's and LPN/LVN's. You are also able to make executive decisions such as conferring with the doctor and making any changes to the care plans for a patient. This includes the patient's nutritional plans as well as medication changes and dosage adjustments, which mean more responsibility for you and more consequences. This takes us to the other over 50% of your job, in many cases more and that is paperwork. Documentation is king, today we live in an even more litigious society, and we must learn to cover our tracks. Level three Is Registered Nurse or RN

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