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Service Commitment Standards PowerPoint Presentation
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Service Commitment Standards

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Service Commitment Standards

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  1. Service Commitment Standards Employee Presentation

  2. System-Wide Service Standards • What are Service Standards? • Why Have Service Standards? • Review of Development Process • Presentation of Service Commitment Standards • Making Service Standards Real: Implementation at Department Level

  3. What Are Service Standards? • Service Standards are the keybehaviors that we must all consistently demonstrate for our customers to really “feel” who we are and what Aurora Health Care is • They are a framework that we each work within that helps create and sustain our service culture

  4. Why Have Service Standards? • Aurora’s Service Commitment states that our goal is to develop sustained loyalty among the diverse people we serve. • Developing loyalty is founded on the creation of a relationship with our customers, one that is rooted in trust.

  5. Why Have Service Standards? • Service Standards help us each to stay focused on key behaviors that matter to our customers • Focusing on what matters to the customer helps us develop a lasting, positive relationship with each of our customers and builds trust

  6. Why Have Service Standards? • The resulting positive experience contributes to developing sustained customer loyalty • The Service Standards capture thespirit of our service culture and help us create a trusting relationship with those we serve.

  7. Development Process • Selection of diverse task force (16) • Creation of Criteria for Standards • Market research on what matters to our customers • Review of existing standards • First draft of Standards to Senior Leaders • Rework of Standards • Feedback from ~ 150 employees/mgrs.

  8. Service Commitment Standards Criteria • Must fit all of Aurora’s varied settings • Must communicate a commitment to diversity in its applications • Must be easy to understand/remember • Must be practical to implement • Must be easy to verify • Must have no major barriers to execution • Must be congruent with the service commitment • Must completely cover the service encounter

  9. Service Commitment Standards Criteria • Must lead to an experience that is valuable to the customer • Must be compassionate in their implementation • Must challenge the employee to think like a customer and an owner • Must be able to withstand the test of time • Must foster innovation…..finding a better way

  10. Service Commitment Standards Layout • Service Commitment Standards Statement (Easy to remember) • Expansion of Standard • Description of Why We Do It (For Education) • Description of How We Do It (Behaviors) • Used to identify important consistent behaviors needed to meet the standards • Provides employees a framework to operate in • Allows for enhancement by each department to clarify specific departmental behaviors to meet the standards

  11. Service Commitment Standards • I will do my PART and find a better way to: • Provide Personalized Service • Addresseach personwith dignity & respect • be Responsive • be a Team player

  12. Provide Personalized Service • Why we do it: • In order for the diverse people I serve to feel that they are treated as unique and valued individuals who are listened to and understood I will:

  13. Provide Personalized Service • How we do it (Behaviors): • Warmly and attentively greet them using eye contact and a smile when appropriate • Introduce myself and address them as they want to be addressed • Acknowledge their presence and include them in decision making • Communicate what will be done for them in a way they understand • Treat them as they want to be treated

  14. Address Each Person with Dignity & Respect • Why we do it: • In order for the diverse people I serve to feel less vulnerable I will:

  15. Address Each Person with Dignity & Respect • How we do it (Behaviors): • Protect their privacy • Share information only when and where it is appropriate • Act without favoritism or prejudice • Include my customer in my conversations while I am providing service

  16. Be Responsive • Why we do it: • In order for the diverse people I serve to feel that I respond to their needs and their environment in a reliable, timely and innovative way I will:

  17. Be Responsive • How we do it (Behaviors): • Communicate service status and/or delays, keeping them regularly updated and informing them of their options • Actively listen, welcoming their questions and concerns • Quickly and fairly provide what is important to them • Ensure that areas are clean and safe, clear of debris and equipment

  18. Be a Team Player • Why we do it: • In order for the diverse people I serve to have confidence and trust in the service they are receiving I will:

  19. Be a Team Player • How we do it (Behaviors): • Respect everyone’s ideas and contributions • Avoid placing blame or arguing • Do what I say I will do • Support my partners in doing their job • Assure a smooth hand-off of each person for the next portion of the service experience • Have my nametag visible at all times

  20. Communication Plan • Announcement article in Management Bulletin - early November • Creation of intranet site (mid-Nov) with communication materials for managers: • Service Commitment Standards • PowerPoint Presentation • Talking Points/Q & A • Template to develop department behaviors • Posters on each standard

  21. Communication Plan • Tri-fold cards for all employees • Modification of Performance Appraisal • Added to New Employee Handbook • Ideas to Keep Standards Alive • Use of Management Bulletin, Teamworks and other media • Post signs by Kronos stations

  22. Making Service Standards Work: Implementation at Department Level • Distribute Tri-fold Cards (Nov., 2000) • Remind all employees during 2000 Eval • Identify and communicate specific behaviors that will be done in each department to meet each standard • Coach all current employees; include in orientation process • Evaluate using annual Performance Appraisal Process

  23. Making Service Standards Work:Implementation at Department Level • Help employees understand the Service Standards “in their heart” • Review on a regular basis at department meetings • Recognize and reward employees who are “living the standards”

  24. Excellence “Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, Risking more than others think is safe, Dreaming more than others think is practical and expecting more than others think is possible.”