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POLICY & PROCEDURES. William G. Crawford. Agenda. Training schedule is a handout We will discuss Medical Opinions Letters to Medical Experts Q & A Policies and Procedures. Review of Key Objectives & Critical Success Factors. Our Representatives makes us unique

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policy procedures


William G. Crawford

  • Training schedule is a handout
  • We will discuss Medical Opinions
  • Letters to Medical Experts
  • Q & A
  • Policies and Procedures
review of key objectives critical success factors
Review of Key Objectives& Critical Success Factors
  • Our Representatives makes us unique
  • Growth has been accomplished 25 new employees
  • August 1, 2005 – October 31, 2007 124,565 veterans,dependents and survivors have been assisted by County and TDVA Representatives
  • 13,905 phone contacts
19,797 correspondence processed in the claims office
  • 18,325 correspondence replies
  • Only 86 hospital visits????
  • 499 Outreach visits
  • 97,926 claim records created
  • 92,175 claim records edited BDN,COVERS
77,825 Forms generated or new claims
  • 124,565 Total VIMS Client Service since August 1, 2005
  • You all deserve an applause for your hard and steady work for our Tennessee Veterans
top issues facing tdva
Top Issues Facing TDVA
  • Accreditation EXAMS
  • Quarterly & SOTS Training
  • Quarterly & SOTS EXAMS
  • Developed claims to the claims office to reduce average days to complete claims
code of conduct tdva representatives
Code of Conduct, TDVA Representatives

1. Do not knowingly present a fraudulent claim or submit false information in connection with a claim before any government agency.

2. Do not engage in any unlawful, unprofessional or unethical practice such as deceiving or misleading a client.

3. Remember that you are fully responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations of each government department or agency governing confidentiality of information and release of information from official records. Information should be released only if authorized by the client, and only to the extent authorized.

4. As an accredited representative, under no circumstances should you serve as guardian, committee or fiduciary by any other designation, of veterans or other persons receiving benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

code of conduct tdva representatives continued
Code of Conduct, TDVA Representatives, (Continued)

5. Representation is gratuitous and under no circumstances should you demand, request or receive remuneration in cash or in any other form, from persons to whom representation or other assistance is provided.

6. Representatives will refrain from the use of racial, religious, age-related, sexual or ethnic epithets, innuendoes, slurs or jokes in the workplace.

7. In all dealings with members of the opposite sex, representatives must conduct themselves in a totally professional manner and refrain for sexual advances, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, or requests for sexual favors.


goals for next period
Goals for Next Period
  • Claims office employees present hearings
  • Decrease the annual appeals DRO VIDEO
  • Decrease the ADP 124 to approximately 45-90 days
  • Field Offices to develop claims and assist veterans at the field offices
  • TDVA has grown professionally and increased knowledge in claims development, court citations, 38 CFR and understanding of veterans issues
  • Key Goals to be reached 2008
  • Most of all THANKS for your cooperation this past year