geothermal energy n.
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Geothermal Energy

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Geothermal Energy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Geothermal Energy. By Alissa Spangler, Victoria DeFalco & Carly Perlman. Geothermal Energy I s thermal energy generated and stored. in the earth. Geothermal energy is renewable. . Click here to watch the video. When geothermal energy was discovered.

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Geothermal Energy

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    1. Geothermal Energy By Alissa Spangler, Victoria DeFalco & Carly Perlman

    2. Geothermal Energy Is thermal energy generated and stored. in the earth. Geothermal energy is renewable. Click here to watch the video

    3. When geothermal energy was discovered When was geothermal energy discovered? Who discovered it? Geothermal Energy was discovered in the 3rd century. The Chinese discovered Geothermal energy. Prince PieroGinori Conti the first geothermal generator tester on July 4th 1904

    4. What do we use it for? Geothermal Energy is now used in heating and cooling systems, Everyone uses geothermal energy, to cool and heat houses, and many more things

    5. How it's recovered • Geothermal energy goes to Large battery Systems Once it’s recovered or energy its

    6. Where do we find geothermal energy? Geothermal energy is found in the Earth’s core/crust, also volcanoes, hot springs, geysers, and fumaroles. You cannot see geothermal energy, its usually underground. Geothermal energy is commonly seen as steam, which turns a turbine connected to a generator to generate electricity

    7. Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages: Disadvantages: There is always a danger of eruption of volcano Installation cost of steam power plant is very high It may release some harmful, poisonous gases that can escape through the holes drilled during construction There is no guarantee that the amount of energy which is produced will justify the capital expenditure and operations costs • It is a renewable source of energy • By far, it is non-polluting and environment friendly. • There is no wastage or generation of by-products • Unlike solar energy, it is not dependent on the weather conditions.

    8. Will we have geothermal energy in the future It is used to cool residences and commercial and institutional buildings. It is used in heat pump systems by those companies. We used geothermal energy more in the past rather than now. It has decreased. It will be part of the future because we need geothermal energy to live. New technology is being created In 30 years there will be more geothermal energy

    9. 5 Resources Video