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OEAA Web Conference Series

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OEAA Web Conference Series. MEAP Writing. MEAP Writing Overview. There are no changes from the writing test introduced in 2010 Both 4 th & 7 th grade will include: One operational Informational Writing prompt (constructed-response item)

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OEAA Web Conference Series

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    1. OEAA Web Conference Series MEAP Writing

    2. MEAP Writing Overview • There are no changes from the writing test introduced in 2010 • Both 4th & 7th grade will include: One operational Informational Writing prompt (constructed-response item) One operational Narrative Writing prompt (constructed-response item)

    3. MEAP Writing Overview Both of these CR items will be scored using the 4-trait, 15-point analytic rubric. • Each trait—Ideas, Organization, Style, Conventions—is scored on a 0-3 scale, with the score for the Ideas trait being doubled. • The Ideas score is doubled because this trait can only be assessed in direct writing; Organization, Style, and Conventions are also assessed in the multiple-choice items.

    4. MEAP Writing Overview Both grades will also include: • One Student Writing Sample with 8 multiple-choice items • One Student Writing Sample with 8 multiple-choice items and one associated constructed-response item • The constructed-response item will be scored with a four-point, holistic rubric.

    5. MEAP Writing Overview • Additional constructed-response and multiple-choice items will be field-tested. • NOTE: The 2011 test design ensures that no student will respond to two narrative prompts in a single day/session.

    6. MEAP Writing Overview • Estimated Testing Time • While the MEAP tests are untimed, the BAA provides estimated testing times for planning/scheduling purposes. • We have increased the estimated time for responding to the Narrative and Informational prompts by 10 minutes. • Please bear in mind these are only estimates and that students should be given all the time they need to produce their best writing.

    7. Hints for Constructed-Response Items • Students MUST write in the appropriate mode/genre • E.g., if a student is asked to write a narrative and instead writes an informational/expository piece, the student will be given a 0 for the ideas trait (as the student writing is off-task) • However, the student will receive scores for organization, style, and conventions.

    8. Hints for Constructed-Response Items • Peer Response to the Student Writing Sample • Students are asked to identify what the writer could do to improve the sample, using examples/details from the sample, AND to explain why the suggestions would improve the sample. • Some students neglect to explain why their suggestions would improve the sample, i.e., improve the sample for the reader.

    9. Eligible Modes/Genres Informational Writing Modes/Genres that are Eligible for Testing • any mode/genre of Informational Writing that is included in the grade-level content expectations (W.GN.03.03 – W.GN.06.03) up to the grade tested is eligible for testing. • Grade 4 • Descriptive, enumeration, sequencing (e.g., how-to), compare/contrast, cause/effect, and problem/solution. • Grade 7 • Everything eligible for Grade 4, plus position/evidence and persuasive (introduced at Grade 5 and Grade 6, respectively).

    10. MEAP Writing Schedule • Writing Day 1, October 13 • Writing Day 2, October 19 • Make-up days • Writing Day 1, October 14and 17 • Writing Day 1 or 2, October 20-28 • See the testing schedule at: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/mde/Fall_2011_MEAP_Schedule_353993_7.pdf

    11. MEAP Writing Resources • Scoring Guides • Scoring guides for each of the four traits, with sample responses and annotations, are available at: • http://www.michigan.gov/documents/mde/grade_4_informational_writing_351773_7.pdf • http://www.michigan.gov/documents/mde/Fall_2010_Grade_7_Infromational_Writing__Scoring_Guides2_351754_7.pdf

    12. MEAP Writing Resources • Every district receives a CD with images of student responses and the scores each student received. • These CDs also include the scoring guides. • Reviewing the student responses, along with the scoring guides, will give educators a sense of how student responses were scored, and will be scored.

    13. Contact Information Chris Dennis dennisc1@michigan.gov 517.241.3458