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NETWORK OF EXECUTIVE WOMEN. Board of Directors meeting Monday, October 12, 2009 8 am – 2 pm Meeting rooms: State Rooms 3&4 Conference Center, 3 rd floor Sheraton Dallas Hotel 400 N. Olive St. Dallas, TX 75201. Agenda. 7:30-8:00 am Breakfast

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Presentation Transcript
network of executive women

Board of Directors meeting

Monday, October 12, 2009

8 am – 2 pm

Meeting rooms: State Rooms 3&4

Conference Center, 3rd floor

Sheraton Dallas Hotel

400 N. Olive St.

Dallas, TX 75201

  • 7:30-8:00am Breakfast
  • 8:00-8:05am Welcome, President Introductions – Trudy Bourgeois
  • 8:05-8:20am Welcome, Introductions – Alison K. Paul
  • 8:20-8:35am Quorum , Antitrust, Previous Minutes, By law changes, Policy Adoption - Kim Feil
  • 8:35-8:45am Treasurer’s Report, Financials and Projections – Joan Toth for Betsy Hosick
  • 8:45-9:00am Succession Planning Update and Approval of Board Slate – Alison K. Paul, Helayne Angelus
  • 9:00-9:10am Global Expansion Update – Helayne Angelus
  • 9:10-10:00am Becoming a Mature Non Profit: Report from Summer 2009 Branding Project – Michelle Gloeckler
  • 10:00-10:15am Break
  • 10:15-10:30am Engaging the Board in Next Steps – Trudy Bourgeois
          • Brainstorming (are we on the right track)
          • What are the right priorities
          • Looking at a 2-year horizon
          • Sustainability Modality
          • Framework for report out
agenda cont
Agenda Cont.
  • 10:30-11:40am Four Strategic Areas of Focus – Breakout Sessions (includes 10 minute report out by committee chair)
          • Regional Programming – Maria Edelson
          • Membership ROI (including programming/education), scholarship/attraction) – Kathy Casey, Kim Feil, Debbie Wildrick
          • Sponsorship Activation (including sponsor survey results) – Nancy Krawczyk for Regenia Stein
          • Increase Unaided Awareness (including trade relations) - Michelle Gloeckler, Mike Gorshe
  • 11:40-1:00pm Group Report Outs and Working Lunch
  • 1:00-1:50pm Action Work: Who Owns What – Michelle Gloeckler
  • 1:50-2:00pm Closing Remarks and Adjourn – Alison K. Paul
welcome president s introduction
Welcome/President’s Introduction
  • Welcome to new board members
  • Thank you to all for your time and support of NEW!
  • Introductions
  • Your name, company, role at your company and on the NEW board
secretary s report

Secretary’s Report



Approval of Previous Minutes

Proposed By law Changes

Policy adoption

treasurer s criteria
Treasurer’s Criteria
  • Technical Skills:
    • Strong business leaderConsensus builderTime managementFinance experience and knowledge; firm understanding of balance sheets and budgetsKnowledge of non-profit tax law and codesAbility to prepare budget across organization
  • External Work Experience
    • Retail and/or consumer packaged goods experienceExperience in being held accountable for P&LFinance and Accounting background
treasurer s report

Treasurer’s Report

Net Assets: $753,338 ahead of Last Year

Accounts Receivable >90 days: $ 136,958 ($36,200 Regional)

Committed Sponsorships: $1,202,916

$17,250 Over Last Year

Operating Expense: $ 261,869 over Last Year

new succession planning pillar progress
NEW Succession Planning Pillar Progress
  • Started effort at 2008 board meeting
  • Committee partnered with Deloitte
    • Examined current process, tools
    • Recommended additional tools, process, rigor
  • Presented to Board April 2009
    • Recommendations from board members to simplify
  • Today we are kicking off that process
    • President owns this year, Past president going forward
    • Board “ASKS”
      • Review Board Matrix to be sure we accurately captured your data
      • Start thinking about YOUR successor
      • Complete (if not done already) Board evaluation survey—our baseline for future metrics
  • Thank you to all of you helped in this process—especially Michele Murphy and our committee of volunteers

Simplified Succession Management Flow





Record Keeping, Meeting Planning, Timeline Tracking, Communications, General Support

succession management implementation plan
Succession Management Implementation Plan

*By-law mandated dates; 2010 dates pending board approval on 10/12/09

nominating committee
Nominating Committee
  • 2009 Slate-12 candidates to be approved
  • Three New Board Members to be Nominated, Christy Consler (Safeway), Gail Jordan (Stop & Shop/Giant), and Chelle Moore (Walmart)
  • All Candidates met criteria set by the nominating committee
  • Continued success in attracting excellent Board Nominees
  • Recognition of outgoing board members:
      • DeDe Priest
      • Debra Grosh
      • James White
      • Jennie Jones
      • Helayne Angelus
new global pillar progress

NEW Global Pillar -- Progress

NEW Global Sub Team Members: several conference calls with eight subteam members.

Designed an eight question internet survey with over 20 responses and individual follow up interviews.

Agreement in last Board meeting to develop a plan for piloting in Toronto and Mexico City a lead for outside US expansion

Recommendation on next steps to include better definition of the work to be done including a comprehensive RFP, and roadmap with key deliverables for NEW’s long term growth plans

your network of executive women is approaching a milestone
Your Network of Executive Women is approaching a milestone…

Are we prepared?

How will we contribute?

How will we lead?

Are we dynamic and fast?

Are we flexible and responsive?

What is the role of the Board?

Are YOU READY to guide and influence?


Non-Profit Organizational Lifecycle Model






Stage 4

Stage 3




Community Impact


Stage 2


Stage 1

Infrastructure Development



Core Program Development






This model is adapted from Susan K. Stevens’ Nonprofit Lifecycles: Staged-Based Wisdom for Nonprofit Capacity (Stagewise Enterprises, 2002.)

Tier: Title, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Regional

Class: Foundation, Recently added, A/O

Type: CPG, Retail, Other

3 Types of Segmentation drive resources & priorities

Sponsor Segmentation

Member Segmentation

for Programs

  • Emerging Leaders
  • Executives
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Executives
  • Ambassadors

Member Segmentation

for Marketing


Network of Executive Women’s

Mission Statement

  • To attract, retain, and advance
  • women
  • in the consumer products
  • and retail industry

Positioning to sponsors and members

  • To diversity decision makersand high potential women
  • at CPG retailersand their suppliers,
  • the Network of Executive Women is the
  • network that provides collaborative engagement
  • that advances women
  • and drives business
mission segmentation and positioning drive the brand nationally and regionally
Mission, Segmentation and Positioning drive the Brand Nationally and Regionally
  • Brand Personality
    • Authentic
    • Inspiring
    • Professional
    • Confidence builder
  • Functional representation: encourage “drift”
  • to wider functional representation

2012 Strategic Objectives

  • Five key focus areas of our 2012 strategic objectives
    • Sponsorship enrollment
    • Regional involvement and activity
    • Sponsor and member perception of Networking of Executive Women value
    • Mission statement centric
    • Cash flow

Commitment to Implementation

2010 Marketing &

Selling Objectives

2012 Strategic Objectives

2010 Strategic


  • Executive committee member assigned to each strategy/objective; complimented with a staff member
  • Quarterly meeting cadence to provide status on each strategy/objective
  • Board will receive updates and be asked to engage at least once a year to monitor progress and provide continuity throughout leadership changes

Non-Profit Organizational Lifecycle Model






Stage 4

Stage 3




Community Impact


Stage 2


Stage 1

Infrastructure Development



Core Program Development






This model is adapted from Susan K. Stevens’ Nonprofit Lifecycles: Staged-Based Wisdom for Nonprofit Capacity (Stagewise Enterprises, 2002.)

engaging the board in next steps
Engaging the Board in Next Steps
  • Brainstorming (are we on the right track)
  • What are the right priorities
  • Looking at a 2-year horizon
  • Sustainability Modality
  • Framework for Report out
regional committee update

Regional Committee Update

Demand Continues to grow with YTD Registrations +16% ahead of last year

Annual prj. Is 6200 or +20% over last year despite softening in 4 regions

Older regions with softer registration: Chicago, Dallas, Metro NY & Twin Cities

New Chapters driving the growth +1100 vs. yago - So Cal and Carolinas , plus Fall Twin Cities event

NEW Chapter Progress Contingent on Retailer Engagement

Toronto Region under evaluation led by Kraft

Seattle launch with Costco

Informal events in Atlanta (Kraft/CCNA) and Denver (White Wave/Dean)

Consistent Communication is Critical to Sustain our Brand “NEW”

Updated Regional guidelines to clarify process (Connections events) to avoid cannibalization.

Communication: NEW Regional WebPages / NEW Event Calendar -- black out dates provide consistent support, encourages advance planning and balance.

Quarterly calls to share best practices and process updates (event registration process, no group invoices, promotions, fundraising pkg. and membership requirement -- serve on committee.

regional registration trends by event 2008 2009
Regional Registration Trends by Event 2008-2009

4 Regions Declining3 with 2nd event actual #’s

Note: 10 Fall events in 2009 are projections


NEW Regional Groups Expand our Reach

Toronto 2010

Seattle 2010

Twin Cities

Western Michigan U.

Portland State U.

New England


Greater Philadelphia


New York Metro

Northern California

Northwest Arkansas


The Carolinas

Southern California



Current - 15


2010 Potential Expansion - 2

Potential Expansion - 2011


Total Groups 13 15

Total Attendees 5100+ 6200+

Total Formal Events 22 28


Membership Committee Report




  • * Total number of corporate member sub-accounts activated since May 26, 2009.
  • Activated corporate member sub-accounts – corporate members connected to ambassador account.
  • Estimated corporate seats 2,915; progress to date 43% completed since website launched.
education committee 2009 goals
Education Committee: 2009 Goals
  • Continue to improve ROI to members
  • Understand evolving needs of current and future members – core competencies
  • Incorporate workforce trends and best practices in education offering
  • Multicultural Workforce 2009 – Addressing 6 Platforms
  • Executive Leadership Conference 2009 – Thriving in Tough Times
  • NEW Annual Summit 2009 – Smart, Fast, Flexible – 3 breakout tracks
  • Align with value proposition; renew focus against development of online skill building modules
    • Work with external resource
  • Continue success against scholarship program – Scholar Shop 2009
education committee
Education Committee
  • 2010 – Schedule Complete
    • Executive Leadership Forum
      • Westin Stonebriar  Resort
      • Tuesday, July 13 – Thursday, July 15, 2010 
    • Multicultural Workforce
      • W Dallas - Victory 
      • Tuesday, March 16 - Thursday, March 18, 2010  
    • Annual Summit
      • The Westin Charlotte
      • Monday, September 27 - Tuesday, September 28, 2010
  • 2010 – Step Change – Committee
    • Better Defined Roles
    • Enhanced Outcomes
    • Consistent Themes
sponsorship committee

Sponsorship Committee

Progress as of 9/22/09 – growth through a challenging economy

YTD we have exceeded budget of $1.1M and have raised $1.245m in sponsor revenue

Out of 52 sponsors, 3 pending invoicing, 1 at risk MARS NA Candy1 Platinum KPMG (Oct renewals) 1 Gold: MARS (July 09 renewal)

We have sold 6 new sponsors - 5 from our target list1 Title: Food Lion/Delhaize 2 Gold: Kimberly Clark, Newell Rubbermaid 3 Silver: Coty, Jamba Juice, SC Johnson

Sponsor changes: 1 Platinum shifting upward to Title: Clorox 1 Platinum shifted downward to Gold: 7- Eleven 1 Gold sponsor shifted downward to Silver: Pepsi Bottling Group (acquisition target) 2 Silver sponsors lost: Morton Salt & Hy Vee ($15,000)

sponsorship committee 2010 forecast

Sponsorship Committee – 2010 Forecast

Maintain our Base & Enhance the Value Proposition

Maintain and grow activation at 18 Title and 15 Platinum sponsors who generates 85% of our revenue*

Recognize some risk at lower sponsor levels due to economy and mergers: Cadbury, Chiquita, Kalypso, Pepsi Bottling Group

Share new Sponsor level program with select group to determine refinements and optimal timing for roll-out. (Add Diamond level)

Secure new sponsors focused on CPG and Retail and expand selectively outside of our industry. (Pharma with OTC Products, Expanded Retail like Best Buy, Michaels, Radio Shack)

A target: NestleB targets: Brown Forman, Diageo, HeinzC targets: A&P, AG Bayer, Best-Buy, Dannon, Dollar General, CH Robinson, Glaxo Smith Klein, IBM, Novartis and, Rite-Aid


Sponsor Survey Fall 2009

23% response rate (26 responses). 49% of respondents were Title or Platinum sponsorsPlease rate the value of NEW sponsorship to your organization:Percent An exceptional value, worth more than my organization paid for it   20.00% A good value, worth about what my organization paid for it64.00%A poor value, worth less than my organization paid for it   4.00% Not sure/no answer   12.00%

How likely is it that your organization will continue its sponsorship of NEW?ResponsePercent Very likely   48.00% Likely   36.00% Unlikely   0.00% Very unlikely  0.00% Not sure/no answer 16.00%

84% rate value as exceptional or good and 84% are very likely or likely to renew

trade and industry relations

Trade and Industry Relations

Progress to date

FMI: Partnership with Future Connect in Dallas May 2009 rescheduled same time as Summit -so Trudy Bourgeois reception program was rescheduled. Reception with the Dallas NEW Regional Committee cancelled.

NEW has an active presence on education committee via Joan and Associate Executive Committee via Mike.

Key FMI VIP’s invited to Board dinner at Summit.

GMA:GMA Exec Conference in September featured Kim Feil in “Coffee with” session

GMA Executive Conference honored “Outstanding NEW Champion” Jeff Noddle

GMA/NEW partnered and published new study on sales talent mgmt, on podium at ELF and GMA’s MSM conferences

NACS: co-hosting reception at NACS Show for 3rd year

SIFE & NEW Partnership continues to grow

RILA, NACDS, CIES - all status quo.

2010 board meeting schedule
2010 Board Meeting Schedule

- Tuesday, March 16th – Dallas, TX


  • Monday, September 27th – Charlotte, NC