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LIFE™ Program Goals PowerPoint Presentation
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LIFE™ Program Goals

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LIFE™ Program Goals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LIFE™ Program Goals . By: Zachary Owens . Why am I in the LIFE™ Program? . To become more independent Be more responsible with my money Live on campus or in an apartment Work on getting my driver’s license To socially interact with my peers Talk about work outside of class

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LIFE™ Program Goals

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    1. LIFE™ Program Goals By: Zachary Owens

    2. Why am I in the LIFE™ Program? • To become more independent • Be more responsible with my money • Live on campus or in an apartment • Work on getting my driver’s license • To socially interact with my peers • Talk about work outside of class • Join clubs and organizations on campus • To work on getting a good job • Experience with internships • Learning how to find jobs and interviewing skills

    3. What are my Personal Goals? Independent Living Goals • I want to get a driver’s license so I can drive a car • I want to work on not giving up when frustrated and have a positive attitude in class • I am working towards budgeting my money on a monthly basis • I want to learn to stay awake in class and stay focused • I am working on being more independent by walking around campus on my own so I can live on campus next year Career Related Goals • I want to learn how to get a job • I want to learn how to work with animals so I am able to get a job being a zoo keeper at Brookgreen Gardens • I want to gain skills as a janitor so I may get a paid position at Brookgreen Gardens

    4. Progress on Personal Goals • Resolved goal to stay clean and shave daily May 2011 • I have made progress on goal to work towards getting job by interning at Brookgreen Gardens • Progress made on goal to work towards getting license by studying driver’s manual and going over different driving signs in class • I have made progress staying alert during class time • I have made progress staying positive not giving up • I have made progress going around campus on my own • I have made progress learning skills as a janitor and working with animals • I have made progress on learning how to write a resume, interview and keep a job • I need to work on budgeting monthly

    5. What are My Attributes? • Caring- I like to help those in need like friends, family, and animals. I take people’s feelings into consideration when I make choices that effect other people. • Good listener- Listening to people’s problems and helping them work through it. I follow directions to the best of my ability when I work on group assignments. • Creative- I do not like to do the same routines everyday. I enjoy adding my own style to posters, power points and drawings.

    6. What I Like To Do? • Going out on my dad’s boat and going fishing • Riding my 4-wheeler on the weekends • Spending time with my cat Fluffy and my mom • Shopping at the mall • Going out to eat at places like TGIF • Enjoy going to the Wild Water and Wheels in Surfside with friends

    7. Music Video from My Favorite Band: The Psychedelics •

    8. What do I like about being in the LIFE™ Program? • Making new friends in class and out of class • How to get a job in the community • Learning about different kinds of apartments • I like learning about different careers • Learning about how to keep a job and working at Brookgreen Gardens • Opportunity to live on campus • Taking different classes like Personal and Community Health and The Sea

    9. What Have I Learned this School Year? • About careers and how to get a job • How to keep a job that I want • How to stay focused on my school work • How to get my own place • Visited a local bank and learned about different services such as saving money, opening an account and balancing a checkbook • Studying for getting my driver’s permit • Learning to budget money on a monthly basis • Going around campus on my own

    10. Career Aspirations: Animal Caretaker • One part of being a animal caretaker is taking care of the animals. This type of job will take place at a zoo or animal shelter like Saint Frances Humane Society in Georgetown, SC. Also being a good animal caretaker you need to be able to work with all types of animals. A good animal caretaker must clean, feed, bathe and look after the animals on a daily basis. I enjoy interning at Brookgreen Gardens this place is cool, and some day I would like to work there or a similar place.

    11. First Internship: Kimbel Library • Student Assistant • Put books and magazines in alphabetical order • Clean off the computers by putting documents in the recycle bin • Experience on how to maintain a job with a regular work schedule

    12. Skills I Learned at Kimbel Library • How to work on a job and what I need to do to keep a job • I learned how to sort out magazines and newspapers that was fun and kind of confusing at times • Putting books in order and back in proper place on shelf • Clean up the computers by putting documents in the recycle bin on the computer • I learned to work as hard as I can and do the best I can no matter what

    13. Second internship at Brookgreen Gardens • Animal Caretaker- I help feed the animals and clean out there stall by raking out hay and leaves. I hope to learn on site how to groom the animals and medicate them. • Janitorial- I help take trash out from the different offices and clean out bathrooms. • Beverage Services (Host and Dining Room Attendant)- I help take people to their tables and hand them their menus and silverware. I also take up dirty dishes when they are through with their meal.

    14. Skills I am Learning at Brookgreen Gardens • When I work with the animals I have learned how to adapt and properly handle animals • I learn how to feed the birds of prey they eat meat balls and rats • I learn how to feed horse, sheep, and cows feed hay and balls of grass • As a janitor I have learned about different chemicals to clean bathrooms and how to sweep the Holiday Cottage for Weddings • At the Restaurant I learned how to speak to people when I'm taking them to their silverware sets and taking their dishes

    15. Career Related Classes: The Sea Class and Personal and Community Health • Personal and Community Health- we learned about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and smoking • The Sea Class and Lab- gained an understanding of under water sea life like dolphins and their homes in the sea

    16. What are my Plans for this Summer? • Ride my Honda Rancher four wheeler • Intern at Brookgreen Gardens • Camping at Buck Hall • Maybe work recycling with City of Georgetown to pay for residence hall at Coastal Carolina University

    17. Why Should New Students Join The LIFE™ Program? • It will benefit students to continue their studies and become able to get a job • Joining the LIFE™ Program will help you start your future in the right direction for your dream job • You will make life-long friends in the LIFE™ Program • It is a good way to start your career and learn from on-campus working experiences such as interning at Brookgreen Gardens • The opportunity to live in the residence hall next year and I am really excited about it

    18. Resources • Careers State • Occupational Outlook Handbook • Wikipedia • ONET •