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Advanced Placement Scholars Program at Glenelg High School PowerPoint Presentation
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Advanced Placement Scholars Program at Glenelg High School

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Advanced Placement Scholars Program at Glenelg High School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advanced Placement Scholars Program at Glenelg High School. A Program with Extraordinary Potential. “The surge in the number of students taking the AP tests is changing life inside America’s classrooms -- and altering the rules of the college admissions game.” - Newsweek, 5/03.

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Advanced Placement Scholars Program at Glenelg High School' - Olivia

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Presentation Transcript

Advanced Placement

Scholars Program

at Glenelg High School

A Program with Extraordinary Potential

“The surge in the number of students taking the AP tests is changing life inside America’s classrooms -- and altering the rules of the college admissions game.”

- Newsweek, 5/03

college board 2003 inspiration awards
College Board 2003 Inspiration Awards

Parade Magazine (Nov. 2, 2003) featured this year’s three winners:

  • Pasadena, CA: student body of 1700, 70% Hispanic or African American, 60% on free/reduced lunch; increased number of students passing AP exams from 37 to 187 in 6 years, and now has 33% of student body enrolled in AP courses. College attendance was boosted to 88%. Mr. Sunada, AP coordinator and teacher, says “We demand that our students push themselves and improve, and in that way prepare for college.”
  • Two other award winning schools in Dallas, TX and Atlanta, GA with similar demographics also had excellent results in elevating student achievement by raising the top end through AP programs.
ap scholars program goals
AP Scholars Program Goals:
  • To increase the number of students participating in advanced placement programs
  • To raise the performance of all students by creating a culture of high academic achievement
  • To prepare students for a competitive college admissions process
advanced placement programs are measures of excellence
Advanced Placement Programs Are Measures of Excellence
  • Ranking of schools and school systems is based on AP participation (Newsweek selected top 737 schools nationally based on AP or IP programs)
  • Universities are using AP participation as a benchmark for selecting students (Grades in college prep courses ranked #1 of the 9 criteria used for admission)
national trends based on ap performance
National Trends Based on AP Performance
  • Total number of students taking AP Exams increased by 11% in 2002, and the number of...
      • African Americans students increased by 13%.
      • Latino students increased by 14%.
      • Low income students increased by 16%.
    • AP programs increase the academic rigor of the entire school (see Walter Johnson High School Data later in slide show)
    • Newsweek chose nation’s top schools based on enrollment in AP/IB programs.
  • U.S. Department of Education study shows AP students have higher bachelor degree completion rates.
  • AP students are more likely to maintain a high GPA and graduate with honors from college.
  • College tuition can be cut by as much as 25% by applying AP credits toward graduation requirements.
apex scholars programs from walter johnson and middletown high schools serve as local models
APEX Scholars Programs fromWalter Johnson and Middletown High Schools Serve As Local Models

WJHS implemented its APEX (Advanced Placement EXperience) Scholars Program seven years ago. Other school systems across the nation started similar programs. The data collected from WJHS are presented in the next several slides. Currently, several other schools in MD are offering such programs with success, including Middletown High School which began last year, and nationally this trend continues to grow.


Number of Advanced Placement Classes taken by APEX Students52 APEX Scholars at WJHS during grades 9-12

10 AP Classes Taken 8

9 AP Classes Taken 9

8 AP Classes Taken 22

7 AP Classes Taken 11

6 AP Classes Taken 2

5 AP Classes Taken 0

418 AP Courses taken by 52 APEX Students

* All AP Courses are year-long or the equivalent


Distribution of Cumulative GPAs Weighted and Unweighted(For 52 APEX Scholars at WJHS in Class of 2002)

glenelg high school s ap scholars program
Glenelg High School’s AP Scholars Program
  • Offers a comprehensive 4-year curriculum for academically talented students.
  • Requires participants to take a core of at least six designated AP courses and six AP exams over their four years of high school. These courses will:
    • assist students to meet academic goals.
    • ensure interdisciplinary learning.
    • allow freedom to follow coursework of their own choice.
the ap scholars program will
The AP Scholars Program will ...
  • Increase AP participation school wide.
  • Allow combination of heterogeneous and homogeneous class groupings which are integrated within the school program.
  • Allow students to make choices, keeping the flexibility to remain part of the total high school experience.
  • Create small learning communities.
  • Provide an impressive overlay for the High School Transcript describing the academic program completed.
course requirements
Course Requirements

Students in the program must

  • meet all state and local requirements for graduation and the unique requirements for the program designation.
  • complete six AP courses and examinations by the end of their senior year. These must include:

Calculus AP

English Language (or Literature) and Composition AP

Science AP

Social Studies AP in Grade 10

2 self-selected AP courses

  • complete Theory of Knowledge and Philosophy course in senior year
  • complete required summer reading assigned in some AP classes.

Students not in the program initially may enter (open enrollment) the program at the end of their junior year, provided they can complete the 6 required AP classes.

course requirements for grade 9 gt and ap scholars level courses
Course Requirements for Grade 9GT and AP Scholars Level Courses
  • English GT (AP Scholars)
  • Biology GT (AP Scholars)
  • Social Studies--US History GT (AP Scholars)
  • Geometry GT, Algebra 2 GT, or higher (AP Scholars)
  • Foreign Language
  • PE/Health
  • An elective in Related Arts or Technology
course requirements for grade 10 one not more than 2 ap level courses
Course Requirements for Grade 10One, Not More than 2, AP Level Courses
  • English GT (AP Scholars)
  • Chemistry I or Chemistry I GT
  • Social Studies AP--Government and Politics, (AP Scholars)
  • Independent Research (AP Scholars)
  • Math--Algebra 2 GT, Pre-calculus GT, or higher, (AP Scholars)
  • Foreign Language
  • Elective
course requirements for grade 11 students must select two or more ap level courses
Course Requirements for Grade 11Students Must Select Two or More AP Level Courses
  • English GT--Literature/Language, (AP Scholars)
  • Science AP--Biology AP and/or Chemistry AP in junior year (AP Scholars)
  • Social Studies
  • Math--Pre-calculus or higher (AP Scholars)
  • Foreign Language
  • Physics
  • Electives

Course Requirements for Grade 12Students Select AP Courses (must total six courses and exams by graduation, including the four specified in the program)Plus:

  • Theory of Knowledge/Philosophy (new course, AP Scholars)
  • Electives
candidate selection requirements
Candidate Selection Requirements

Prospective candidates must submit a Statement of Interest with the following items to the 8th grade counselor at their middle school:

  • Four teacher-evaluation forms from the program candidate’s choice of teachers in 8th grade academic subjects.
  • Official report cards for grades 7 and 8
  • Writing sample (administered at GHS at designated time)
  • Nationally-normed test results (CTBS)
selection for participation
Selection for Participation

Students will be evaluated for selection into the program by a committee. Based on a total of numeric scores from each category, students will be ranked and placed in one of the following categories:

  • Full acceptance
  • Wait-listing status based on availability of seats in the program
  • Not accepted, with a date by which all appeals must be submitted

Students will have 10 weekdays to return either a letter of commitment, acceptance of wait-list status, or appeal of the committee decision.

  • Dec. 19th, ‘03 Letter of information and invitation to parents and students
  • Jan. 7th, ‘04 Parent and Scholars’ Information Night at GHS
  • Jan. 15th, ‘04 Parent Freshman Orientation
  • Jan. 30th, ‘04 Statement of Interest from program candidates due in guidance at GHS, 3:00 p.m.
  • Feb. 13th, ‘04 Writing sample administered at GHS 9:00-10:00 a.m. or 2:00-3:00 p.m.
  • Mar. 5th, ‘04 Letters of acceptance mailed
  • Mar. ’04 (TBA) Meeting of accepted and wait-listed students
currently offered ap courses at ghs
Currently Offered AP Courses at GHS

English--AP Literature and composition, AP Language and Composition (examination only)

Foreign Language--None at present (Possibilities for future include Spanish, French and Latin Language)

Mathematics--Calculus AB and BC, Statistics, Computer Science A

Science--Biology AP, Chemistry AP, Physics AP

Social Studies--US History AP, Gov’t and Politics AP, World History AP, European AP, and Psychology AP

Art--Studio Art AP (Possibilities for future include Art History AP)

Music--None at Present (Possibilities for future include Music Theory AP)


Through this proposed program we will elevate the academic performance of not only AP Scholars, but of all students in the school, as demonstrated by those schools currently implementing similar programs.

Long Range Benefits

where are we going
Where are we going?

Imagine the possibilities…

In May 2002, 123 GHS students took 222 AP tests; 78% scored a “3” or higher to earn college credit.

What might our students achieve in 5-7 years?

In just 7 years WJHS grew from giving 347 AP tests to 1016 AP tests.

Just imagine what we could do!

ap scholars program staff
AP Scholars Program Staff
  • AP Scholars Program Coordinator: Lynn Strandquist
  • GT Program Coordinator: Charles Ashcraft
  • Guidance Department Liaison: Gary Ahrens
  • Academic Advisor: Phil Singleton

Statement of Interest Packet will be posted on this web site after the winter break. Questions ?Email us at orCall GHS: 410-313-5528