senator charles e shannon jr community safety initiative n.
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Senator Charles E. Shannon, Jr. Community Safety Initiative PowerPoint Presentation
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Senator Charles E. Shannon, Jr. Community Safety Initiative

Senator Charles E. Shannon, Jr. Community Safety Initiative

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Senator Charles E. Shannon, Jr. Community Safety Initiative

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  1. Senator Charles E. Shannon, Jr. Community Safety Initiative Bidders Conference Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, Office of Grants & Research October 23, 2012

  2. Purpose of Grant Funds To combat gang violence through: • Coordinated programs for prevention and intervention • Coordinated law enforcement efforts • Focused prosecutions • Community Mobilization • Coordination with other grant streams

  3. Details for Applicants • $6.25 million in grant funds allocated to the Shannon CSI grant program in the FY 13 Budget (6.075 to Shannon CSI sites) • Competitive grant program; EOPSS may award full, partial, or no funding • Only one application per municipality will be considered. Municipal CEO is encouraged to signoff to demonstrate executive leadership • Funds may be distributed to agencies within the municipality by the lead fiscal agent

  4. Key Dates • November 1, 2012; 5:00 PM – Letter of intent due to EOPSS • Format for letter is available at • November 15, 2012; 5:00 PM – Applications due to EOPSS • December 10, 2012 – Targeted date of award decision announcement by EOPSS • January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2013 Anticipated grant period

  5. Application Review Criteria Quality of the Application • Statistical evidence of youth violence and gang problems • Linkage of problem to the proposed strategy • Level of collaboration • Evidence-based practices • Comprehensive Gang Model • Proposed budget and budget narrative Risk Index Ranking • Various data sources including NIBRS, juvenile and adult court data, DOC and DYS data, etc.

  6. Proposal Contents Cover page (Available at • Provides summary information of the grant application • Must be signed Defining the Problem (up to 3 pages) • Describe the specific problems and the evolution of youth violence and gang crime in the applicant communities (cite your data) • Describe the types of criminal activities, targeted locations, or groups of individuals that will be the focus • Identify current gaps in services or capacity that Shannon CSI funding will address. • Briefly describe how currently funded programs and other stakeholders have assisted in your efforts to assess and define your site’s gang and youth violence problem

  7. Proposal Contents (continued) Proposed Strategy to Address Identified Gang Problem (up to 7 pages) • All applicants should review the OJJDP Best Practices to assist you in identifying and demonstrating comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approaches to reduce youth violence and gang crime (

  8. Proposal Contents (continued) • Strategy should be tied directly to your identified problem – funds should identify why resources are matched to specific partners • Collective strategy should be evident – how will partners work together to fill identified gaps • Outputs and outcomes should be defined and achievable

  9. Proposal Contents (continued) NEW: FOR EACH CITY THAT RECEIVES FUNDING THROUGH ADDITIONAL FEDERAL OR STATE FUNDED GRANT PROGRAMS: • Identify how Shannon CSI funding will differentiate from those other resources What is the focus of Shannon CSI funding?

  10. Proposal Contents (continued) Program Budget and Budget Narrative (format and instructions provided at: • Describe how the budget line items link to the proposed strategy • Balance allocations across participating stakeholders (Explanation is required if more than 33% of grant funding is proposed for a single organization) • Authorizing legislation includes language that indicates that preference will be given to applicants that submit a written match commitment of 25% - if you wish to include match, please include it as an addendum to your budget narrative. • Proposed program budget using the Excel budget spreadsheet provided (PLEASE, PLEASE use formula functions) • All agencies requesting fringe or indirect must provide supporting documentation

  11. Proposal Contents (continued) Other budgetary notes: • Agencies wishing to offer incentives must include terms of participation and monitoring in original budget proposal • Travel is allowed in-state only at a rate of .45 cents/mile • Amendments to your proposed budget will require a formal budget amendment request showing how funds will be moved and a narrative of proposed changes

  12. Legislative Requirements • Funds are one-time grants and will not annualize in fiscal year 2014 • Administrative costs for the grant may not exceed 3% of the value of the grant • No funds may be expended on food or beverages • No awards should be made to the Department of State Police

  13. EOPSS Grant Conditions • Participation in information sharing meetings • All sites must maintain a steering committee and identify a program director • Site program managers shall distribute a list of agencies funded and their respective funding allocations to the Shannon CSI steering committee • All sites and agencies receiving funding shall submit timely progress and financial reports to EOPSS • All city’s receiving Shannon CSI funding must submit NIBRS (or proxy NIBRS) crime data to the Massachusetts State Police Crime Reporting Unit on a timely basis

  14. EOPSS Grant Conditions (continued) • It is the responsibility of the sub-recipient to report alleged Waste, Fraud or Abuse including any alleged violations, serious irregularities, sensitive issues or overt or covert acts involving the use of public funds in a manner not consistent with related laws and regulations, appropriate guidelines for purposes of the grant. Reports should be made to the Offices of the Massachusetts Inspector General or State Auditor. Office of the Inspector General Office of the State Auditor John W. McCormack MA State House, Room 230 One Ashburton Place, Room 1311 Boston, MA 02108 Boston, MA 02133 617-727-2075 800-322-1323

  15. Application Requirements • Full applications must be mailed or hand-delivered to: Executive Office of Public Safety and Safety Office of Grants & Research 10 Park Plaza, Suite 3720 Boston, MA 02116 Attention: James Stark • E-mailed or faxed copies will not be accepted

  16. Questions? • Interested applicants with further inquiries about this grant may E-mail questions to: • Questions and answers from today’s conference and from your emails will be posted on the EOPSS website on Tuesday, October 30, 2012

  17. General On-line Information EOPSS • • DOJ • • •