Ccsa standardization activities on cognitive radio system
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CCSA Standardization Activities on Cognitive Radio System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CCSA Standardization Activities on Cognitive Radio System. Longming ZHU CCSA ( ZTE ). Current Activities in CCSA. Two Working Groups studies on CRS inside CCSA TC5 WG 8 (Frequency) WG6 (Wireless new technology). The progress of WG8 on CRS is quite faster than WG6 in CCSA,

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Current activities in ccsa
Current Activities in CCSA

  • Two Working Groups studies on CRS inside CCSA TC5

    • WG 8 (Frequency)

    • WG6 (Wireless new technology).

  • The progress of WG8 on CRS is quite faster than WG6 in CCSA,

    • WG8 launched the research almost two years before WG6, and WG8’s meetings are arranged more frequently than WG6’s.

    • The project in WG8 was first discussed in its 27th meeting in Nov, 2008; and initiated the work in its 28th meeting in Dec, 2008.

Current activities in ccsa cont
Current Activities in CCSA (cont.)

  • Two sub-projects in WG8 aimed or emphasized different aspects but have internal relation.

    • CRS techniques aspects and relevant spectrum issues

    • On regulatory and policy aspects (AI 1.19)

  • Two sub-projects’ life cycles are different,

    • the report on WRC-12 AI1.19 almost finished.

  • Contributions will be collected during the WG8’s meeting for discussion and two documents will be updated accordingly if necessary.

Current activities in ccsa cont1
Current Activities in CCSA (cont.)

  • The report of CRS techniques aspects and relevant spectrum issues in CCSA WG8 contains the following sections:

  • The concept of CRS

  • Key technologies for CRS

  • Possible deployment scenarios for CRS

  • Technology evaluation for CRS

  • Impacts on radio regulation and policy

  • Suggestion and other aspects

  • This report is a start point for the study of CRS in CCSA, and it could also be divided to sub-reports (focus on special aspect) due to the future requirement.

Current activities in ccsa cont2
Current Activities in CCSA (cont.)

  • CCSA WG8 discussed and finished the questionnaire on CRS in APT region which sent it back to the 11th AWG meeting consequently.

  • The views on each question had been collected from academic and industry field, and discussed by the attendants during the meeting.

  • From this questionnaire results, it is easy to understand that CCSA hold the positive view on the development of CRS.

Strategic direction
Strategic Direction

  • Deepen on the research on CRS

  • Deployment scenarios

  • Technical aspects

  • Radio regulation and policy aspects

  • Suitable for Chinese national condition

  • Tri-networks convergence

  • From academia research to industry

  • Collaborated with the external SDOs

  • Pay attention on WRC-12 result


  • For administrations

  • Spectrum management new method

  • No harmful interferences to primary services


  • For operators

  • Minimum change to the current system

  • Smoothly compatible with existing wireless system

  • Acceptable cost control(CAPEX, OPEX)

  • QoS


  • For vendors/manufactures

  • Lower system complex

  • Reconfiguration overhead

  • CRS standardization process


Next steps actions
Next Steps / Actions

  • To continue CRS work in CCSA

    • Not only in studied WG8 but also begin the research in WG6

    • To continue complete the report in WG8 based on input contributions

  • To promote collaboration between academic and industry on CRS:

    • Research projects on CRS in China: 863, National Major S&T projects…

  • To promote collaboration among different regions on CRS standardization

    • In ITU-R, AWG, ETSI…

Supplementary slides
Supplementary Slides

  • China’s response to APT questionnaire related to CRS and SDR .