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Adding Resources in eChalk PowerPoint Presentation
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Adding Resources in eChalk

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Adding Resources in eChalk
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Adding Resources in eChalk

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Adding Resources in eChalk ISquad- Session 1 of 1

  2. Focusing Questions • What are the steps needed to upload a file/website to the Resource section of a Class page? • How can students retrieve those Resources?

  3. Instruction

  4. Framing The Session “Teachers sometimes want students to be able to access documents or websites that will be used for instruction. eChalk is an excellent place to host these Resources for classroom use. Today, you are going to learn how to assist teachers in uploading Resources as well as assisting students with retrieving those Resources.”

  5. Teaching Demonstrate for participants how to:“Watch me as I show you how to upload a document from my computer to my Class Page. The Teacher needs to be logged in to eChalk and have a Class Page created in order to upload a Resource. ” • Teacher must log-in to eChalk and click on the My Classes section. • Click on the Class that you want to add the Resource to • Under Resources, click on Add • Then, choose which type of resource you want to add (Link to a site on the web, Add a file from your local computer, etc…). We will choose Add a File from your local computer

  6. Teaching (continued) • Click on Next • Next to File, click on Choose File and locate the file that you want to attach • Give the file a Title • You can give it a description if desired • Under Classes, check all the classes that you want the Resource to appear under • Click on Save • To add a link to a site on the web, follow the same steps as adding a file except you must type in a web address.

  7. Watch the Video

  8. Guided Practice • Guide participants through the process of uploading a document from your local computer to the Resource section of the Class Page.“Now it is your turn to try it.”

  9. Work Time

  10. Getting Started • “Take the next 30 minutes to find 2 reliable websites, post them to the Class page and then access them as a student would do during class. You will also download the document you posted.”

  11. Work Time • Participants will...Step 1 – Find 2 websites that they will post under the Resources section of the Class pageStep 2 – Add a link to those sites on the Class PageStep 3 – Log out as teacher and access that Teacher’s Class PageStep 4 – Click on the links that you added to make sure that they workStep 5 – Click on the file that you added to download it. • Step 6 – Click on the file again, and then click on Choice #2 (Open the file in its application)

  12. Share

  13. Share • Ask selected participants to share particularly good examples of their work.Lead a discussion about how this work addresses the focusing questions.

  14. Share • What did you do?

  15. How does this work address the questions that began the session? • Students are now able to assist teachers in uploading resources to their eChalk Class Pages. • Students will also be able to assist their fellow classmates in retrieving resources from the teachers’ class pages.