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  1. TOOTH COLOURED RESTORATIONS Gone are the days of the old amalgam , metallic fillings . Tooth coloured fillings are now the preferred method of filling cavities. These fillings blend with the natural colour of the tooth . Tooth coloured fillings are definitely strong enough and looks like your natural tooth

  2. WHERE IS A TOOTH COLOURED RESTORATION PROCEDURE DONE ? To restore cavities • To repair chipped off or broken teeth • To change the colour of discoloured teeth • To close the gaps between front teeth • To make teeth look longer • As an alternative to silver amalgam fillings • To protect the roots of teeth when gum recede.

  3. ARE TOOTH COLOURED FILLINGS SAFE? Tooth colored restorations are very durable and safe. While millions of people have silver amalgam fillings, which contain MERCURY, some people are allergic to mercury. Regardless, there are no such concerns with tooth colored fillings.

  4. CAN TOOTH COLOURED MATERIALS ENHANCE THE APPEARANCE OF ONE’S SMILE? Tooth colored restorations provide a more youthful and healthy appearance. Whereas gold and silver restorations are easily noticeable within the mouth during smile but tooth colored fillings blend with tooth color and giving the appearance of a filling free smile and one cannot differentiate between restoration and your natural tooth. Tooth colored fillings also serve as an excellent option for changing your tooth shape, size and colour cosmetically. So the tooth coloured option is typically best for visible teeth.

  5. WHAT ARE ADVANTAGES OF TOOTH COLOURED FILLINGS ? MORE CONSERVATIVE PROCEDURE, most amount of natural tooth structure is retained, only the bad part of the tooth is removed while preparing cavity in a tooth. When we place an amalgam filling, we have to remove extra healthy tooth structure, just so the filling will stay in place. When we restore your tooth with composite resin (tooth colored material), we only need to remove the decayed portion, because the bond (Generation 5th and 7th) anchors the material tightly in place. This means you retain more healthy tooth structure. Also, because white fillings are bonded to your tooth, they add strength to the tooth.

  6. WHAT ARE ADVANTAGES OF TOOTH COLOURED FILLINGS ? • DURABILITY – Lasts at least 10 to 15 years, does not corrode with time. Even 30 years old restorations are also reported in studies. It depends upon ones oral hygiene methods, more you take care of it all restorations survive more. • CRACKS AND FRACTURES – Amalgam material in comparison with other filling materials, may experience a wide degree of expansion and contraction and lead to a higher incidence of cracks and fractures in restoration.

  7. So, tooth colored restorations are best choice in present times, to keep natural color of your tooth and for confident smile. 9814611971, 9814600971