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6 Tips to Market Your Dental Practice in 2018

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6 Tips to Market Your Dental Practice in 2018

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  1. 6 Tips to Market Your Dental Practice in 2018

  2. Dental Practice • It's the start of another year. You're probably still thinking about how you can improve marketing for your dental practice. • As you review your marketing budget for the year, pay attention to efforts that would bring in profit without necessarily having you spend more. There are tons of ways to promote your dental office but you'll want to focus on those that are most likely to be profitable.

  3. For 2018, here are options you may want to incorporate into your marketing strategy.

  4. Get Help from your Team • Your employees will always be your biggest assets. Encourage them to get the word out about your dental practice. Their posts don't have to be promotional or hard sell by nature. They could be sharing a quick snap of how their day looks at while at work. • They could also feature dentists, colleagues, and even patients who have eventually become their friends. These social media posts will help give people an idea of the culture in your dental office and if they like what they see, chances are they'll also be paying a visit soon.

  5. Set up and Maintain your Social Media Accounts • If you're seeking help from your team members to promote your practice in social media, then you might as well ensure that you're also present online. • If you have not created social media accounts for your dental office, this is the best time to start doing so. You don't have to be present on every platform. Choose one your patients are actively using. Use your account to share updates and other useful information and to connect to your network as well.

  6. Host Social Events • Promoting your dental practice doesn't necessarily mean having to 'sell'. You can introduce what you do within your community by hosting fun events. Take this opportunity to meet potential clients and also to show your gratitude to existing patients. • The event can be as simple as a free movie with drinks, food, and games. If you're catering to families or kids, you can also organize an event for young patients educating them about good oral health practices.

  7. Get Involved in Community Projects • Look for opportunities to participate in outreach projects. Not all can afford to go to the dentist. • Going out of your way to help these people shows that you're not just about 'doing business'. You have your human side and you're happy to share your knowledge and expertise with those who need it.

  8. Get to Know your Target Customers Better • Once you have set up your social media accounts, take time to get to know your customers better. See about their lifestyle, interests, family and professional background. • Understanding what's important to your patients will help as you streamline your marketing efforts. Consider having patients fill out a survey to gather insights on how you can improve your services.

  9. Encourage Online Reviews • Request patients to share reviews about their experience in your dental practice. These testimonials help boost your reputation as a dental service provider. • Not to mention, new patients are most likely to go over these reviews before deciding to book an appointment with you.

  10. Check this Out! • Marketing your dental practice in 2018 doesn't have to involve new gimmicks. By ensuring the quality of the services you provide and making full use of every opportunity to increase exposure for your business, you can attract new patients and keep the old ones. • Brought to you by DGS - Dental Growth Strategies, Fortune 500 style marketing for dentists on a small budget. Check it out: https://dentalgrowthstrategies.com for more details on Dental Marketing Solution. Take your practice can grow to the next level with Dental Growth Strategies.

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