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Myths About Root Canal Therapy PowerPoint Presentation
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Myths About Root Canal Therapy

Myths About Root Canal Therapy

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Myths About Root Canal Therapy

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  1. Myths About Root Canal Therapy

  2. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding root canal treatment and if patients experience any pain during this treatment. However, it’s important to know in detail about every little thing if you are going to take any particular treatment. And, if still left with some concerns, it’s a wise idea to seek a second opinion.

  3. Myth #1 - Root Canal Treatment is Painful. Truth - The RCT does not cause any pain, in fact, it helps get rid of it. Decades ago people started thinking that root canal treatment is painful, but since the evolution of modern technology it has turned into a myth. With the use of anesthetics and modern machinery, it is no more a painful treatment. In a survey, people who gone through this treatment said, “Root canal treatment is six times painless then the earlier treatment”

  4. Myth #2 - Root canal treatment causes illness. Truth - So far there is no valid evidence which says that root canal caused any additional illness in the body. Poor searches on the internet may come up with the results that the patients receiving root canal treatment go through other body illness, but till date there is no evidence of this statement. There’s no scientific statement which declares that having a RCT leads to other linking health issues or so.

  5. Myth #3 - A good alternative to root canal treatment is extraction Truth - The best option is to save your natural teeth, then its extraction. Nothing can replace your natural teeth. In case, you replace it with an artificial one, there are chances that you will be denied to eat certain food, which is not a healthy choice. So, the truth is to try keeping the natural teeth than its extraction. And, if doctor strictly pursues you for its extraction, ask for the root canal treatment.

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