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X-Ray Calorimeter ~ Concept Presentation ~ PowerPoint Presentation
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X-Ray Calorimeter ~ Concept Presentation ~

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X-Ray Calorimeter ~ Concept Presentation ~ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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X-Ray Calorimeter ~ Concept Presentation ~. Mechanical David Robinson/543, Dave Palace/547 Feb 17, 2012. Mechanical Status. Put together a CAD model of the XMS by combining elements from: 2008 Con-X Study Cryocooler

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Presentation Transcript

X-Ray Calorimeter

~ Concept Presentation ~


David Robinson/543, Dave Palace/547

Feb 17, 2012

mechanical status
Mechanical Status
  • Put together a CAD model of the XMS by combining elements from:
    • 2008 Con-X Study Cryocooler
    • 2011 Athena Dewar, re-scaled. Some features & dimensions per Astro-H Dewar.
      • Shell distance per Mike Dipirro’s recommendations (DMS-OVCS = 50mm, OVCS/IVCS = 38mm, IVCS/-4.5K = 50mm)
    • 2011 Athena Detector Assembly
    • 2012 Astro-H ADRs
  • Added the following:
    • Neck region on DMS for Aperture Assembly filter
    • Gate valve on DMS aperture
    • Filter wheel above DMS aperture (attached to s/c)
    • SQUID box to interface with 12 connectors in DA.
      • (flat donut shape, underneath DA, on main plate)
    • Four ports on side of DMS (He fill/vent ports, Gate valve for venting in orbit, manual vent valve)
    • Helium loop around 4.5K shell, traveling to the He fill/vent ports
    • Internal 3 support bipods from DMS inner surface to the 4.5K shell (S-Glass struts, alum end fittings). Notional design
    • Radiators
    • 2 Cryocooler compressors and one displacer (“cold finger”) on back end of dewar
instrument on spacecraft
Instrument on Spacecraft
  • Dewar Main Shell is 50 cm diameter, 82cm tall.
  • Electronics box arrangement is notional.
  • Dewar total height from s/c deck is 130 cm.
  • Attached to spacecraft deck via four bipods.
  • Radiator locations notional

Everything TRL 6+

Filter wheel


Block Diagram - Cryostat


Aperture cover



Detector 50 mK stage

main shell

Calorimeter/ADR insert

Vent valve

Focal Plane Assembly (FPA) at 50mK

50 mK


conductive bond



readout amplifiers

Antico detector

thermal link

heat switch

3-stage Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator (ADR)

superconducting cable

ADR Stage 1

cryostat shells

4K SQUIDs & termination resistors

ADR Stage 2

Calorimeter/ADR Insert


Detector Control

ADR Stage 3

1.3 K

Custom cryostat encloses the FPA and ADR, as well as the readout amplifiers



4.5 K

JT stage

18 K

75 K

260-300 K

cold head

Loop Heat Pipe to radiator

Commercial Cryocooler

Cryocooler Compressors

dewar concept
Dewar Concept

Displacer cools 4.5K shell

Gate valve

ADR 1, 2, 3


(22 cm dia)

Detector Assy

Aperture Assembly

Gate valve

X-ray beam

Cryocooler Deck on flexures


OVCS (75K)

IVCS (18K) 4.5K Shell

Helium fill/vent valves

(cools 4.5K shell during I&T)

S-Glass Bipod struts

support the shells from

DMS to 4.5K baseplate


580 mm detector to filter wheel

200 mm DMS filter to s/c deck

aperture cylinder
Aperture Cylinder
  • The aperture cylinder for ASTRO-H was designed and built in-house
  • We used the mass and materials breakdown from this design to parametrically cost a similar assembly for the 2012 design
  • It is intended that this assembly is delivered to the dewar vendor in piece parts to integrate with the final dewar integration steps
    • Our mass model reflects this hierarchy of integration
  • The filters in this assembly were costed using an ASTRO-H historic reference of cost provided by R. Kelley/662
aperture assemblies
Aperture Assemblies
  • Aperture Assemblies are heritage designs from Astro-H. Each dewar shell needs a “window” to allow X-rays to pass through.
  • Dewar shape was optimized (added neck to dewar aperture) to simplify ApA structures.

OVCS Carrier size ~60 mm diameter, mass ~185 grams

  • This illustration is the proposed FPA design from the Athena documentation
  • We used this volume to size the cryostat enclosure
  • S. Bandler/662 provided a detailed mass breakdown that was used to derive our mass total
    • The composition by mass was derived from this breakdown to parametrically estimate the I&T to the FPA
  • It is intended that this assembly is integrated and tested at Goddard, and the cost estimate was based on a grassroots estimate derived by S. Bandler/662 and J. Chervenak/553
  • Then the FPA would be integrated with the Goddard-developed ADR and delivered to the dewar vendor to be integrated with the cryostat assembly
    • Our mass model reflects this hierarchy of integration