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local chapter meeting thursday september 5 2013 n.
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Local Chapter Meeting Thursday, September 5, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Local Chapter Meeting Thursday, September 5, 2013

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Local Chapter Meeting Thursday, September 5, 2013
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Local Chapter Meeting Thursday, September 5, 2013

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  1. Local Chapter MeetingThursday, September 5, 2013 We’re pleased to welcome OSU Student Chapter Members!

  2. Meeting Agenda

  3. 2013-14 CALENDAR • CEM Course & Exam • OSU Student Union • 30 student maximum SEPTEMBER 25-27, 2013 • World Energy Engineering Conference (WEEC) • Washington, D.C. OCTOBER 7-11, 2013 NOVEMBER 14, 2013 • 2:00 – 4:300 pm • 4-H Center • Carbon Footprinting FEBRUARY 13, 2014 • 2:00 – 4:30 pm • 4-H Center

  4. Certification AEE has certified over 13,000 professionals since 1981 AEE certification is recognized in the eyes of colleagues, government agencies, present and prospective employers, and clients Certification promotes quality through continuing education to assure a high level of competence within constantly changing fields Certifications develop individuals capabilities through encouragement of long-term career goals AEE Certification Programs: • CRM – Certified Carbon Reduction Manager (New!) • CEA– Certified Energy Auditor (New!) • CEM– Certified Energy Manager • CSDP – Certified Sustainable Development Professional • BEP – Certified Business Energy Professional • DGCP – Certified Distributed Generation and Cogeneration Professional • CBCP– Certified Building Commissioning Professional • CGD – Certified GeoExchange Designer • GBE – Certified Green Building Engineer • CIAQP– Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional • CLEP – Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional • CPQ – Certified Power Quality Professional Internationally , the most recognized certification is the CEM. AEE has also presented the following courses internationally: CRM, CEA, CAIQP, DGCP, CMVP.

  5. CERTIFICATION Since the program’s inception in 1981, AEE has certified 8,000 CEM professionals in 22 countries To become a CEM an individual must demonstrate a high level of experience, competence, proficiency, and ethical fitness in the energy management profession This program is recognized by the US Department of Energy, Office of Federal Energy Management Programs (FEMP), and US Agency for International Development (USAID) • REGISTER TODAY! • October 7-11, 2013 • The Ohio Union at The Ohio State University • $1,750 includes all fees • RSVP today – 30 student limit • Registration forms available today or contact Cassy Sleeper for more information Certified Energy Manager

  6. Membership Check your renewal status today! • Chapter v. National Membership • 167 national AEE in Central Ohio (25 expired) • 42 local OCCAEE (16 active) • 16 students (60+ anticipated) • Member Dues • Local - $40.00 • Student - $15.00 • National - $185.00 • Application Process • Hard copies available today • Online atwww.aeecenter.organd be sure to select “Ohio Capital City Chapter” to join locally *Only members that have paid national dues will be recognized by AEE National

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! JEFFREY ROE OSU Senior Energy Engineer OCCAEE VP of Careers ENERGY PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AWARD Presented to an individual for outstanding accomplishments in training and development of energy engineers and managers, and for superior service to the Association

  8. OSU Student Chapter BEN MUSCI President OSU OCCAEE Mechanical Engineering Student • 1st Official Student Chapter Meeting Recap • Nationwide Children’s Hospital CEP Tour • Conference Opportunities • WEEC • Big Ten & Friends • Testing opportunities • CEM • LEED GA • In The Works • Job Shadowing • Mentorship Programs • Networking Event • More Site Visits

  9. AEP Ohio Residential Programs Janet Rehberg is a native of Fort Smith, Arkansas. She is a graduate from The University of Tulsa where she received her bachelor degree in electrical engineering. She is also MBA graduate from Capital University. Janet is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Certified Energy Manager (CEM). JANET REHBERG, M.B.A., PMP, CEMAEP Ohio Consumer Programs CoordinatorEnergy Efficiency & gridSMART Programs She has worked for American Electric Power for 9 years in various departments including engineering, planning and customer services. She is currently a Consumer Program Coordinator for energy efficiency and smart grid programs which includes Weatherization, Behavioral, SMART Appliances, Electric Vehicles and Home Area Network. Outside of school and work, she is involved in Toastmasters and was the VP of Public Relations. She is currently the International Vice President of Women’s International Network of Utility Professionals. She is also very involved with Big Brother Big Sisters where she’s currently a mentor for a 10th grade girl. In 2011, she and her match won the “Match of the Year” Award. She was recently asked to be on The University of Tulsa Industrial Advisory Board to help restructure the Electrical Engineering Department’s strategy and objectives. Janet and her husband Eric, along with their two dogs Brutus and Apollo, reside in Westerville, OH.

  10. $aving Money and Energy 2013

  11. How much energy does lighting account for on the average home electric bill? • 1 percent • 10 percent • 30 percent • 70 percent Question: Do you know? • How much energy does lighting account for on the average home electric bill? • 1 percent • 10 percent • 30 percent • 70 percent

  12. Overview: Do you know? • The benefits of using a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) instead of an incandescent light bulb? • CFLs use approximately 75% less energy • CFLs last almost 10 times longer • CFLs give off one-quarter as much heat

  13. Energy Efficiency Programs

  14. Question: Do you know? • On average, which home appliance uses the most energy? • Television • Freezer • Refrigerator • Home Computer …Refrigerators use more than 1100 kWh/year. This is almost 5 times the electricity as an average television set

  15. Energy Efficiency Programs • Appliance Recycling 50/50/150 • Receive a $50 rebate for Refrigerator Recycling ($50 rebate on new energy efficient refrigerators) • Save over $150 a year on energy costs • Free, convenient pickup of your appliance • Free up space in your garage, basement or recreation room • Program Requirements: • Must be 10-30 cubic feet in size • Must be operational at time of pickup

  16. Energy Efficiency Programs • Appliance Rebate Program • $50 rebate • ENERGY STAR Refrigerator • ENERGY STAR Freezer • ENERGY STAR Clothes Washer • ENERGY STAR High Efficiency Electric Water Heater • $300 rebate • ENERGY STAR Electric Heat Pump Water Heater • Rebate available on-line (www.aepohio.com/rebates)

  17. Energy Efficiency Programs • In-Home Energy Program (Option One) • Customers pay $25 for assessment and installation of the select energy efficiency measures: • Up to 12 CFLs • Programmable thermostat • Low flow showerhead (if electric hot water) • Faucet aerators (if electric hot water) • LED nightlight • Pipe wrap for the water heater (if electric hot water) • Customer will receive a prioritized list of additional improvements that will save energy • Customer eligible for rebates • For program details, call 1-877-856-2454

  18. Energy Efficiency Programs • In-Home Energy Program (Option Two) • Comprehensive, four-hour In-home Audit • $50 for all-electric homes • Receive same measures as Option One • Receive more extensive diagnostics and computer modeling of how the home uses energy • Receive a prioritized list of additional improvements that will save energy that includes a payback analysis • Eligible for rebates • For program details, call 1-877-856-2454

  19. Energy Efficiency Programs • Online Energy Checkup (Free) • Customer completes step-by-step profile of their home • Report shows how home uses energy and ways to save • Customer receives free energy efficiency measures: • 5 CFLs and LED nightlight • Depending on how home is heated, cooled and how water is heated: • Low flow showerhead, faucet aerators, pipe wrap for the water heater • Weather-strip, draft stoppers • Customer eligible for rebates • Find at aepohio.com/rebates

  20. Energy Efficiency Programs • e3smart℠ • An energy efficiency education program for grades 5-9 offered to schools in AEP Ohio’s service area. • Now partnering with Columbia Gas • Currently recruiting teachers; please go to www.aepohio.com/rebates.

  21. Energy Efficiency Programs • Community Assistance Program (CAP) • Customers living on low or fixed incomes (at or below 200% of poverty level) may be eligible to receive weatherization assistance or repair services. • To qualify, customers must be approved for an energy assistance program such as PIPP, HEAP, or HWAP • Learn more by contacting your local community action agency • https://aepohio.com/save/programs/SMARTCommunityAssist.aspx

  22. Why Efficiency?

  23. Thank You Janet Rehberg Consumer Programs Coordinator, EE/PDR jprehberg@aep.com

  24. The Columbus Zoo BARBARA REVARD Director of Programming & Planning Barbara Revard, Director of Program Planning at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, is responsible for developing programs which enhance the conservation education and/or entertainment experiences for Zoo and community audiences. Barbara also develops community partnerships that strengthen the ability of the zoo to promote and deliver quality education, conservation, and research projects. She has led the Sustainability Team at the Zoo since 2008. The Zoo has recently completed a carbon footprint assessment and developed a Sustainability Strategy Plan to lead them in creating future projects aimed at reducing their carbon footprint. A member of the Zoo staff for 26 years, she spent 18 of them with the Education Department, before moving to the Planning and Design Department. Barbara is a Professional Fellow of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. She represents the Zoo on the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commissions Materials Management Working Group; the Delaware County Protocol for Assessing Community Engagement in Environmental Health committee; the Ohio By-Product Synergy Network; the Ohio Zoo Green Consortium and the Ohio Food Scraps Recovery Network.

  25. Building a Sustainable Zoo

  26. What is Conservation? Animals Habitats Resources

  27. What is Sustainability? “,,, able to be maintained” The capacity to endure The ability to provide for the needs of the present without detracting from the ability to serve the needs of the future Sound business practice, corporate social responsibility

  28. What’s the Deal? What are we doing and why? Reducing energy, resource, and water consumption Increasing use of alternative energy sources, increase diversion from the landfill Board approved policy statement - 2008 Board-level Carbon Neutral/Zero Waste Task Force - 2010

  29. Sustainability Policy Recognizing its impact on all stakeholders, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium will develop a world class sustainability program leading to the meaningful reduction of its carbon footprint.- Adopted by the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Executive and Appointed Board, December 2008

  30. What happens at home? 580 acres of land Over 10,000 individual animals in our care More than 1.9 million guests visited in 2012

  31. Areas of Concentration

  32. Waste Reduction • Reuse old wetsuits as protective gear for animal handling • Reuse celery and/or grocery bags as well as the rubber bands that hold broccoli bunches together  • Deliver food to animal areas in reusable containers • Use barrels and trashcans rather than trash bags to collect soiled bedding • Put up dry erase boards for checklists and communication • Save handles to broken tools so they can be reused with new heads.

  33. Just the facts, ma’am

  34. Waste Recycling 2012 816 tons manure, bedding material and food waste   126.73 tons of baled corrugated (21 tons in 2010) 5.21 tons of paper (Abitibi)  7.46 tons of mixed metal  11.22 tons of co-mingled recyclables (8.81 tons in 2011) Cell phones recycled (183 in 2011) Over 5,000 light bulbs – fluorescent, metal halide, U-tubes,,, 21.5 tons electronics –Public drop off event

  35. Save a Watt, Save a Lot

  36. Energy Conservation Is it driven by money or mission?

  37. WildLights at the Zoo

  38. WildLights at the Zoo Converted 3 million traditional holiday lights to LED bulbs 85% reduction in electricity 2-year effort Major support by American Electric Power

  39. Warehouse Lighting The lighting system was upgraded to more energy efficient lights Active daylighting system was installed (fancy skylights) The daylighting system is integrated with the lighting system

  40. Warehouse Lighting The lights are connected to occupancy sensors The Zoo has seen a savings of $11,000 per year on its electric bill The estimated ROI on this project was 2.4 years

  41. Flux Drive Installations Frictionless coupling of motor and pump using magnet technology Design life of 20 years

  42. Flux Drive Installations No throttling; all valves are wide open Provides variable speed control to reduce flow as required Saves energy & money* No harmonics Reduced noise and vibration* Straightforward in design, easy to operate & understand Designed to operate in harsh environments *documented at the CZA

  43. Who cares?

  44. Polar Frontier Theming Reuse Rethinking Plantings

  45. Polar Frontier Geothermal System provides geothermal heating and cooling to 3 buildings, including the Battelle Ice Bear Outpost Heats and cools the water for all bear pools Geothermal system eliminated need for traditional air-cooled chillers, gas-fired boilers and heating units Zoo water tower serves as heat sink and heat source

  46. Life Support System Controls • LSS Control changes at Manatee Coast and Polar Frontier • Touch screen controls on Zoo-wide network, remote log-in • Staffing efficiency • Programming changes for optimal operations efficiency

  47. Savings

  48. Energy Savings Program Active Energy Savings Program for years: Lighting Ciralight active skylights Fluxdrives Building Controls

  49. Recycling 270 new sets of combined recycling/trash containers are now on-grounds The project was funded in part by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Recycling and Litter Prevention