national strategy for jordanian women nsjw 2013 2017 n.
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National Strategy for Jordanian Women ( NSJW) 2013-2017 PowerPoint Presentation
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National Strategy for Jordanian Women ( NSJW) 2013-2017

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National Strategy for Jordanian Women ( NSJW) 2013-2017 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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National Strategy for Jordanian Women ( NSJW) 2013-2017. - The Main Trends & General Features –. Workshop on the Development of Gender Indicators in the Arab Countries, Turkey- Istanbul, 1-3 April, 2014. Vision.

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National Strategy for Jordanian Women ( NSJW) 2013-2017

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national strategy for jordanian women nsjw 2013 2017

National Strategy for Jordanian Women (NSJW) 2013-2017

- The Main Trends & General Features –

Workshop on the Development of Gender Indicators

in the Arab Countries,

Turkey- Istanbul, 1-3 April, 2014

Dr. Muna Mutaman/ 2014

  • Jordanian woman empowered socially, legally, politically and economically, able to carry out her various tasks and roles, enjoying equal value, dignity and rights, participating actively in the building of all pillars of society; a powerful force towards developing Jordan to be a democratic country enlightened by Islamic tolerant teachings, committed to international conventions and distinguished regionally and internationally.

Dr. Muna Mutaman/ 2014

balanced scorecard strategy driven


Balanced Scorecard Strategy Driven

National Goals

Strategic Objectives

Sub - Organizational Objectives

Key- Performance Indicators/ KPIs

Performance Measures/ PMs

Formulas Description

Dr. Muna Mutaman/ 2014



Determining the

Future Vision

for Women in Jordan



Monitoring and

Evaluation on

Regular Basis

Determining the Main

and Cross-cutting

Themes of the Strategy

Designing the

Balanced Scorecard/ BSC

to Follow up the

Implementation of

the Strategy

Development of

Strategic and

Operational Plans

Defining the Strategic

& Sub Objectives

According to the Themes



Defining Appropriate

Performance Indicators

and Measurements


Dr. Muna Mutaman/ 2014









Dr. Muna Mutaman/ 2014

the strategy national dialogue campaign
The Strategy “National Dialogue Campaign”

NSJW (2013-2017) was built based on the results of the evaluative studies and summary of indicators reflected in the national and regional reports regarding national achievements of NSJW themes’ objectives (2006-2010), and in the light of women's status analysis, and the discussions and outputs of the national dialogue campaign (24 Workshops) conducted on women priorities with participation of the official, private, academic, and media sectors as well as the civil society organizations all over the country.

the strategy main themes
The Strategy Main Themes

Dr. Muna Mutaman/ 2014

the strategy cross cutting themes
The Strategy Cross-cutting Themes

Dr. Muna Mutaman/ 2014


The Main Areas of Human Security and Social Protection (Social Empowerment) Domain

Dr. Muna Mutaman/ 2014

the requirements have been determined upon to be adopted by the strategy
The Requirements have been Determined upon to be Adopted by the Strategy
  • Providing more fair and better opportunities to ensure active and effective participation and get women gradually and deliberately to a representation percent not less than 30% at least, in all sites of policy and decision making at various authorities and sectors and in different councils, entities elected and assigned.
  • Ensuring economic equal opportunities to achieve wider participation of women in various sectors of national economy, as well as rising their share degree of participation in developing policies and making economic decisions.

Dr. Muna Mutaman/ 2014


Enhancing the role of social culture so that it support women's equity and empowerment, fighting discrimination against them in various fields, the necessity for adoption of positive trends and attitudes which help to draw a positive image of women status and strengthen their vital role in the processes of civilized change and construction of their country and its original, vested values.

  • Development of national legislations, policies, plans and programs; ensuring they observe social gender and achievement of justice, equality, and equal opportunities.

Dr. Muna Mutaman/ 2014


Work to provide transparent and sensitive statistics of social gender in various sectors and fields of life related to the real status of women and their empowerment; for the possession of these digital indicators will help in policymaking, decision taking, developing plans, and designing programs and projects in accordance to real needs of women, and thus, improving performance, effective management of recourses and providing services fairly, which contribute to achieving the targets of women's sector.

Dr. Muna Mutaman/ 2014


Feeling proud of accumulative achievements fulfilled by women movement and the necessity to build upon it.

  • Taking advantage of the area of freedom and democracy available to work on improving women's situations in general.
  • Investment and activating the nature of the influential role practiced by civil society organizations concerned with women's issues deployed in different parts of the Kingdom, especially in the provision of programs, services and consulting that contribute to the empowerment of women in various fields and increasing equal opportunities for them to access to justice.

Dr. Muna Mutaman/ 2014


Investment of infrastructure of information technology and communications in the kingdom, and the enormous potentials provided by this sector to serve women's issues.

Dr. Muna Mutaman/ 2014


Thank you

Equal Opportunities

Equal Rights

Progress for All

Dr. Muna Mutaman/ 2014