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Danny Hanny

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Danny Hanny
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Danny Hanny

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  1. Danny Hanny By: Nicholas

  2. Danny Hanny, Lucky Mucky, Shurcky Lurcky, Doosey Loosey, Poosey Coosey have problems at Quwirkle School.

  3. They get detentions and they always have to stay after school for things they didn’t do. When they get out of their detention they get stuck in their house when they go home. They may not go out until they finish their homework.

  4. One day on his way to school Poosey Coosey walked into a spider’s web and the spider bit him! Poor Poosey Coosey limped all the way to school and ended up with a tardy slip and a detention!

  5. The next day, they were playing baseball at school and Danny Hanny hit a homerun in the woods during gym. “That was the school’s ball!” said Lucky Mucky. Shurcky Lurcky ran to get it but these two men were fencing and the ball got stuck on one of their swords. The ball was useless. The teacher blew his whistle and Shurcky Lurcky could not get inside in time so by the time he went around the back, he was late for class and was given a detention by his Reading teacher!

  6. So the next day before school on the way up the stairs Lucky Mucky fell down and he had to get stitches on his little webbed foot. It took him a little longer to waddle to school so he was late and received a…detention.

  7. So only Danny Hanny was left but the next day, Danny Hanny got sent to the principal and he told the principal that they were being caught for what they didn’t do! Danny Hanny gave the principal all of the examples of what had happened and at the end of the conversation, the principal said, “All right that was all you had to say.” “I will fix it,” said the principal.

  8. So the principal got a new baseball and he fixed everything else. From that time forward, Danny Hanny, Lucky Mucky, Shurcky Lurcky, Doosey Loosey, and Poosey Cooseyalways told the truth and spoke up when something was wrong.

  9. The End