science and health resources freely available from the national library of medicine n.
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Science and health resources: freely available from the national library of medicine PowerPoint Presentation
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Science and health resources: freely available from the national library of medicine

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Science and health resources: freely available from the national library of medicine - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Science and health resources: freely available from the national library of medicine. Lydia N Collins National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Middle Atlantic Region Consumer Health Coordinator LYDIA@PITT.EDU. National library of medicine.

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Science and health resources: freely available from the national library of medicine

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    1. Science and health resources: freely available from the national library of medicine Lydia N Collins National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Middle Atlantic Region Consumer Health Coordinator LYDIA@PITT.EDU

    2. National library of medicine The National Library of Medicine (NLM), on the campus of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, has been a center of information innovation since its founding in 1836. The world’s largest biomedical library, NLM maintains and makes available a vast print collection and produces electronic information resources on a wide range of topics that are searched billions of times each year by millions of people around the globe. In addition, the Library coordinates a 6,000-member National Network of Libraries of Medicine that promotes and provides access to health information in communities across the United States.

    3. NN/LM: A regional Medical Library near you • 8 Regional Offices • Support Network members to achieve NN/LM mission • 5-year contracts • Mission • Provide health professionals, K-12 educators and the general public with equal access to and training on health and science resources NN/LM MAR is your Regional Medical Library Join the NN/LM MAR network

    4. NLM K-12 Science and health education resources • Careers • Health Information Tutorials • Lesson Plans • Projects • Spanish-Language Resources • Biology • Environmental Health/Chemistry • Forensics and Medical Technology • General Health • Genetics • HIV/AIDS

    5. General health

    6. MedlinePlus Suitable for ALL ages Available in English and Spanish includes information on: Diseases and Conditions Wellness Issues Drugs & Supplements Interactive Tutorials Anatomy & Surgery Videos Calculators & Quizzes Games and much more…

    7. A page just for Kids!! MedlinePlus: Children’s Page How the body works What happens when you go to the hospital Quizzes Games Cool Websites safe for kids

    8. CDC: BAM! Body and Mind Resources for kids and teachers Diseases Food & Nutrition Physical Activity Body Safety Outdoor Tips Helmets Life Pressures Stress Conflict

    9. Includes kids health in the classroom section with Preschool to grade 12 teachers guides KidsHealth from Nemours Covers a variety of topics How the Body Works Puberty & Growing Up Staying Healthy Recipes & Cooking Staying Safe Health Problems Illnesses & Injuries Health Problems of Grown Ups People, Places & Things that Help Feelings and more

    10. KidsHealth in the Classroom (Homework)

    11. Locate resources that focus on: MedlinePlus: Teens’ Page Health Information for Teens!! Health and Safety for Teens Teen Sexual Health Teen Violence Teenage Pregnancy Smoking Cessation Injury Prevention Prom Health and Safety Teen Dating Violence and much more…

    12. NIDDK: Take Charge of Your Health

    13. TeensHealth

    14. MedlinePlus : Videos & Cool Tools

    15. Tutorials/Additional Resources (MedlinePlus) Teach students how to… Surf the Web Safely Consider the source Focus on quality Critical thinking (‘Cyberskeptic’) Look for the evidence Check for currency Beware of Bias Protect your privacy Consult with your health professional Evaluate Internet Health Information (Tutorial) Evaluating Health Information (MedlinePlus Page)

    16. MedlinePlus: Topics of Interest • Bullying • Child Safety • Asthma • Obesity • Drugs and Young People • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder • Autism • Disaster Preparation and Recovery • Winter Weather Emergencies • Mental Health • Stress • Food Safety • Teen Violence • Food Labeling • Social/Family Issues • Environmental Health • Weight Control • Safety Issues • Homeless Health Concerns • Domestic Violence • Health Occupations • Health Topics (Body Locations/Systems) • Conjunctivitis • Learning Disabilities • Teen Development • Lice • Pet Health

    17. pubmed • PubMed.govcomprises more than 21million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. PubMed is a free resource that is developed and maintained by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), at the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), located at the National Institute of Health (NIH). • PubMed provides links to PubMed Central (PMC) a free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. NIH/NLM. • PubMed Tutorials are useful for those learning to use the resource. • PubMed: • PubMed Tutorials: • PubMed Central:

    18. Pubmed central (PMC) PMC, launched in February 2000, is designed to provide permanent and free access to biomedical and life sciences journal literature at NIH/NLM. PMC is the digital counterpart to NLM’s extensive print journal collection.

    19. Pubmed health PubMed Health specializes in reviews of clinical effectiveness research, with easy-to-read summaries for consumers as well as full technical reports. Clinical effectiveness research finds answers to the question “What works?” in medical and health care. Includes Behind the Headlines section (from England's National Health Service).

    20. Clinical Effectiveness

    21. PubMed Health: Medical Encyclopedia

    22. Pubmed health: new info tools

    23. careers

    24. Changing the face of medicine • Changing the face of Medicine honors the lives and achievements of women in medicine. Discover the many ways that women have influenced and enhanced the practice of medicine from the 19th century. • Items of interest in the Resources Section: • Careers – Learn about steps you can take to join the field of medicine and advance your medical career • Lessons – Teachers can locate lesson plans targeted for K-12 age groups to enhance understanding of the physiology of the body and the field of medicine • Suggested Reading – Supplement lesson plans or simply further your knowledge with books/videos listed in the bibliographies

    25. Enviro-health links • This Web site provides information geared towards education and training in Toxicology and Environmental Health on the following topics: • Academic Program Directories • Continuing Education and Tutorials • Distance Learning • K-12 Education • Miscellaneous Specialized Resources • General Science Resources • Accreditation Boards • Career Resources • Professional Societies • International Resources

    26. Haz-map • Haz-Map is an occupational health database designed for health and safety professionals and for consumers seeking information about the adverse effects of workplace exposures to chemical and biological agents. • Haz-Map shows the diseases linked to each agent and the agents linked to each disease. Agents are chemical such as formaldehyde, or biological such as grain dust. Haz-Map links jobs and hazardous job tasks with occupational diseases and their symptoms.

    27. Medlineplus: Health occupations Find information on a variety of occupations Locate information about professionals who work in the healthcare industry

    28. environmental health/chemistry

    29. Environmental health student portal The Environmental Health Student Portal provides a safe and useful resource for students and teachers to learn how the environment can impact our health. Suitable for grades 6-8

    30. ToxMystery Suitable for ages 7-11 Toxiethe Cat helps children find the hazards hidden in each room and offers hints when needed. Available in English and Spanish “For Teachers” section includes 3 lesson plans with student worksheets/activities” Parent Resources

    31. ToxMystery: garage scene

    32. Tox town Suitable for grades 6-12+ Tox Town provides information on: Everyday locations where you might find toxic chemicals Non-technical descriptions of chemicals How the environment can impact human health Available in English and Spanish Includes an afterschool Science Club Curriculum

    33. Tox town: city scene

    34. Household products database (HPD) Suitable for grades 6-12+ HPD was designed to answer questions such as: What’s under your kitchen sink, in your garage, in your bathroom, and on the shelves in your laundry room? Do these household products pose a potential health risk to you and your family? What are the chemical ingredients and their percentages in specific brands? Which products contain specific chemical ingredients?

    35. Household products database: products categories

    36. genetics

    37. Genetics home reference Topics Covered • Condition Summaries • Gene Summaries • Gene Family Summaries • Chromosome Summaries • Handbook • Glossary • Resources

    38. Help me understand genetics handbook • Cells & DNA • How Genes Work • Mutations and Health • Inheriting Genetic Conditions • Genetic Consultation • Genetic Testing • Gene Therapy • The Human Genome Project • Genomic Research

    39. Handbook: How genes work

    40. GeneEd Suitable for grades 9-12 GeneED is a safe and useful resource for students to learn about genetics Topics to explore include: • Cell Biology • Biostatistics • DNA, Genes, Chromosomes • Epigentics/Inheritance and the Environment • DNA Forensics • Biotechnology • Evolution • Genetic Conditions

    41. GeneEd topics

    42. GeneEd : biostatistics

    43. Harry potter’s worldrenaissance science, magic, and medicine Harry Potter’s World presents the following instructional resources for the educators in middle-and high-schools, and in higher education institutions. Explore genetics through the characters and creatures featured in Harry Potter! Includes instructional guides and materials Suitable for grades 6-12

    44. Harry potter’s world exhibition

    45. Harry potter’s world resources

    46. Interdisciplinary resources/nlm exhibitions

    47. Against the odds Suitable for grades 6-12+ Activities & Resources includes lesson plans and online activities. ‘Get Involved’ section where students can view different perspectives and share thoughts on global health issues. Against the Oddshighlights stories of communities who, in collaboration with scientists, advocates, governments, and international organizations, are taking up the challenge to prevent disease and improve quality of life around the world.

    48. “And there’s the humor of it”:Shakespeare and the Four Humors William Shakespeare (1564–1616) created characters that are among the richest and most humanly recognizable in all of literature. Yet Shakespeare understood human personality in the terms available to his age—that of the now-discarded theory of the four bodily humors—blood, bile, melancholy, and phlegm. Lesson plans are included.

    49. Every Necessary Care and Attention: George Washington & Medicine This exhibit focuses on the work of George Washington and his attentiveness to the health and safety of his family, staff, slaves and troops as President and Revolutionary War general. This exhibit provides lesson plans, online activities and other resources while providing an interdisciplinary approach to history and medicine.

    50. Life and limb: the toll of theAmerican civil war Explore the experiences of veterans of the American Civil War with the online exhibit Students can learn about: Wounds of War Deadly Diseases Civil War Surgery Artificial Limbs and more