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International Public Sector: Global Trends and Practices Mauricio Paranhos PowerPoint Presentation
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International Public Sector: Global Trends and Practices Mauricio Paranhos

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International Public Sector: Global Trends and Practices Mauricio Paranhos - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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International Public Sector: Global Trends and Practices Mauricio Paranhos
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  1. International Public Sector: Global Trends and Practices Mauricio Paranhos

  2. Apex-brasil • The Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency promotes Brazilian products and services abroad. • It attracts foreign direct investment (FDI) to strategic sectors in Brazil’s economy. • Supports over 12,000 companies in 80+ business sectors that export to over 180 countries. • Promotes Brazilian brands, products and services abroad. • Encourages companies to be innovative, use design and work sustainably to increase their competitiveness internationally. • Elaborates Business Intelligence and Business Competitiveness studies to define Brazilian sectors exports strategy. • Trains, consults and advises Brazilian companies about their internationalization process.

  3. Our business offices abroad serve as platforms to: • Support the internationalization process of the Brazilian companies. • Prospect business opportunities. • Increment national participation in the main global markets. • Promote the investment opportunities in Brazil.

  4. industryprojects • Over 80 industry projects in partnership with businesses in these areas: • Housing and construction • Fashion • Agribusiness • Machinery and equipment • Technology and healthcare • Creative economy and services Conducting activities that are specific and appropriate for each participating business – ranging from companies that haven’t started exporting yet to those seeking to consolidate markets or expand their presence abroad.

  5. tradepromotionactivities • Exploratory missions to assess potential markets • Trade missions • Business roundtables in Brazil and abroad • International trade fairs • Visits to Brazil by foreign buyers and opinion leaders Industry branding (Brasil Beyond) Special campaigns with Brazilian products in major retailer chains outside the country Cultural and sporting events as a platform to bring Brazilian businesses and foreign buyers together

  6. experience marketing Participation in Expo Milan – the Universal Exposition that will run from May 1 to October 31, 2015, with over 130 countries taking part The Expo’s theme: “Feeding the planet, energy for life” Forecast for visitors to the Brazil Pavilion: 20 millionvisitors • Highlights in 2014: • FIFA 2014 World Cup™ Project • IndyCar Project, in the USA • Carnival Project, in Brazil • PBR – Professional Bull Riders, in the USA • PGA – Professional Golfers’ Association, in the USA • F1 Grand Prix • MotoGP

  7. attracting foreigndirect investment • We work in three main areas: • 1. Attracting investments in new productive plants in Brazil. Helping foreign investors through each stage of the process. • 2.Bringing together Brazilian companies and potential foreign investors, whether groups interested in partnerships or investment funds. Capitalizing Brazilian companies to help them grow and become more competitive. • 3.Partnering to welcome investors interested in evaluating what each state has to offer and training agencies or offices in methods to attract foreign direct investment. Partnership with the World Bank.  

  8. Apex-brasil in numbers 2007 2014 2003 • Apex-Brasil was created. • Operational focus helping Brazilian companies to participate to sectors fairs. • Apex-Brasil was restructured. • Started implementing IT solutions like ERP, CRM, BI (BigData), Project Management, ... • Apex-Brasil projects generated US$ 26bi of exports to Brazilian Balance of Trade. • Apex-Brasil was responsible for 19% of Brazilian manufactured goods exports. • Apex-Brasil supported 4700 Brazilian companies. • Apex-Brasil supported 62 sectors of Brazilian economy (0 of services). • Actual Apex-Brasil results: • Its projects generates US$ 46 bi of exports to Brazilian Balance of Trade. ↑76% • It is responsible for 25% of Brazilian manufactured goods exports. ↑31% • It supports 13000 Brazilian companies. ↑176% • It supports 84 sectors of Brazilian economy (15 of services – results of services was not analyzed yet). ↑35% • Full compliant with government audits.

  9. The integrated solution comprising Oracle Middleware, OBIEE and Apex-Brasil GIS allowed the calculation and presentation of performance indicators to the company and helped Executives to take decisions about corporate strategy that increased the participation of Apex-Brasil in exports to Brazilian Balance of Trade. How Technology improved business results? • Fenix Application integrates all of these technologies and enables users spread around the world to access the system with a robust architecture and a fast response. The solution implemented and software developed allow Apex-Brasil to: • Automate processes with approval workflow integration directly to ERP; • Centralize the management of companies that participate in the projects integrated with the CRM and GMS systems enabling the measurement of projects results; • Better perception of users about the quality and speed of operation and management of Apex-Brasil in a high availability redundant environment. Integratedinformationenvironmenttosupportdecisionprocess GIS (GeographicInformation System) Crucial multivendorcorporate systems use Oracle tecnology as dababaseand SOA toimprove qualityofaccesstoinformationandtoprovideaneficientintegrationwithother systems. ORACLE Plentyof Apex-Brasil corporate systems are supportedbyOracle infrastructurethatprovidesusability, performance, integration and consequent safety and traceability of actions of this Agency. Apex-Brasil Corporate Systems Oracle InfrastructureLayer

  10. Contactus • Mauricio Paranhos