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Breaking Into Top Universities. TOP SIXTH FORM COLLEGE. In 2013 CSFC was ranked top of the A-Level League Tables cited by and . Education Advisors UK also ranked CSFC top in three categories : Top Private School in the UK

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Breaking into top universities



Top Universities

Breaking into top universities


  • In 2013 CSFC was ranked top of the A-Level League Tables cited by and .

  • Education Advisors UK also ranked CSFC top in three categories :

  • Top Private School in the UK

  • Top Private Co-Educational Boarding School

  • Top Private Sixth Form College

CFSC A Level Results

2013100% A* - B / 95.01% A* - A2012

99.5% A* - B / 94.7% A* - A


98.1% A* - B / 83.7% A* - A


100% A* - B / 91% A* - A

Breaking into top universities

Top once again!

CSFC topped the league tables again in 2013! Ranked top amongst all independent schools in the UK by national newspapers:

Breaking into top universities


  • Since 2007 100% of students applying for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science have been successful in gaining university places for their chosen courses, as well as considerable success in gaining places to study other high demand course such as Engineering, Economics and Humanities.

29% received offers from Oxbridge, Imperial and LSE

71% received offers from Top Universities.

  • 17 students received offers from Oxbridge this year

  • 14 students received offers from Imperial

  • 16 students received offer from London School of Economics

57 students received offers from one of the Top 15 Universities.*excluding Oxbridge, Imperial and LSE.

18 students who applied for Medical School all received offers including Hong Kong and Chinese

Top 15 uk universities 2013
Top 15 UK Universities 2013






St Andrews

7. UCL









Teaching background
Teaching Background

  • At CSFC we are fortunate to have some of the best and most experienced teachers, across all subjects.  We believe that teachers play an integral part in ensuring our students' academic successes.  Our teachers are involved in both classroom teaching and mentoring one-to-one sessions with students.

  • Prior to joining CSFC a number of our teachers have had more than 15 years teaching experience, and have held various positions, such as Head of Department, Head of Sixth Form, and, most importantly for us, the experience of being an examiner.

  • In 2011 Yasmin Sarwar won the coveted PEARSON's "Science Tutor of the year"  Award and was invited to meet the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street.  Nominated by both staff and students, Mrs Sarwar was awarded the trophy after a hard-fought competition which tested all aspects of her teaching ability.

Breaking into top universities




Breaking into top universities


Top A levels

Extra curricular


Work experience

Breaking into top universities



What the top universities expect:

There are some key steps students need to take in order to achieve the best chance of getting your chosen place.

Important Note: The following steps do NOT apply to all universities.

Breaking into top universities

Step 1: GCSE/IGCSE Results

The top universities will check your GCSE/IGCSE (or equivalent) grades and the more A* grades you have the better.

Breaking into top universities

Step 2: AS Module Results

You must get at least 90% in each of your AS modules.

Breaking into top universities

Step 3: Predicted A Level Results

Universities will check your predicted A Level results. These are based on your AS results.

e.g. If you have obtained above 90% in each module then you are likely to be predicted A* in A2. If you have below 90% your predicted grades will be based upon your modules (80% = A, etc)







Step 4 personal statement

The Personal Statement section of the UCAS form is very important because it gives you the chance to show the selectors how good you are and why they should select you from all the applications they receive.

The Personal Statement section of the UCAS form is the part where students have the chance to show what they are really like as people – make the most of this chance!

Breaking into top universities



There are a number of university entrance exams, including:

  • BMAT (Biomedical Admissions Test) for Medicine/Veterinary Science

  • LNAT (National Admissions Test for Law)

  • UKCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test) for Medicine/Dentistry

  • TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment) for Engineering, Economics, Philosophy and Psychology

  • STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper) for Maths

  • ELAT (English Literature Admissions Test)

Step 6 interviews
Step 6: Interviews

Interviews for a place on a university course are a very important part of the selection process. They are your chance to convince the selectors that you are the right student for their course!

The interviewers are not trying to ‘trip you up’, they just want to see you and to hear you talk. They cannot tell how good your communication skills are just from your UCAS form – this is your chance to show them!

Breaking into top universities

Universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, and all healthcare courses require you to attend an interview.

Breaking into top universities

How can CSFC

help you?

Cardiff sixth form college inspire reach and achieve
Cardiff Sixth Form CollegeInspire, Reach and Achieve

Unlike traditional schools CSFC offers a flexible subject combination with a timetable tailored to each individual student.

An average of 7 hours per week for core A level subjects; most schools offer an average of 4 hours per week.

Specialist teaching from staff with over 15 years experience and many of whom are text book writers and have Chief Examiner or External Examiner status in the UK for various examination boards.

Small class sizes with a Staff : Pupil Ratio of 1 : 12.

We regularly monitor students progress with weekly tests in all subjects; we identify problem areas early and provide additional support where needed.

Regular homework assignments.

Additional private study sessions on a one-to-one basis or in groups.

Regular revisions classes during half term, revision weeks and holidays.

Csfc a level programmes
CSFC A-Level Programmes

A- Levels are an internationally recognised qualification as well as being the preferred qualification by UK Universities for their depth and breadth.

They offer students the opportunity to experience the intellectual challenge and stimulation of studying subjects in much greater depth before they go to University.

A level routes subjects
A-Level Routes & Subjects

At CSFC there is an interesting selection of subjects which can be taken in any combination . Each student has their own unique timetable which is tailored to meet their individual needs.

We offer two A-Level routes; 18 months (January intake) and 24 months (September intake).

In Year 1 students choose 4 AS subject choices and at Year 2 they will continue with 3 subjects for A2. During their studies students receive approximately 25 hours a week of scheduled class time, plus tutorials and study sessions. Students benefit from weekly test, frequent homework assignments and regular revision classes during the school holidays and weekend, if required.

Breaking into top universities


Since 2007 100% of students applying for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science have been successful in gaining university places for their chosen courses, as well as considerable success in gaining places to study other high demand course such as Engineering, Economics and Humanities.

We actively arrange regular work experience placements (a very unique feature to CSFC) coupled with an extensive Cambridge Pre-u Diploma; Global Perspective Research and Independent Research Report, allowing students to make an informed career choice.

We have an excellent record for placing Oxbridge candidates –

17 students gained offers in 2013!

Breaking into top universities


In the past three years alone we have placed 31 students into their first choice Medical Schools; and expect a further 19 students to take up their places this September!

That’s 50 qualified doctors by 2019!

The average number of successful medical students at a Private school or college is 6.

Medical School Students

201319 students* 2012

19 students


19 students


12 students

*Pending A-Level results

Breaking into top universities


  • Cardiff Sixth Form College offers first class student accommodation at Student Castle; a brand new development just 5 minutes walk from Trinity Court.

  • The hall is warden controlled, and has 24 hour security, 7 days a week. The building is divided into separate flats for males and females.

  • Each flat consists of 5 bedrooms which are single occupancy and each have en suite bathrooms.

  • These flats share a communal kitchen.

  • Students benefit from on-site catering at Trinity Court.

  • Students also have shared common room and laundry facilities at Student Castle.

Accommodation where you’ll feel happy, safe and secure

Sport at csfc

  • All boarders have free access to state of the art sports facilities at David Lloyd Leisure Club. And a free shuttle bus 3 times a day 7 days a week to and from the club.

  • Facilities include:

  • • Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools.

  • • Gym and Exercise Classes.

  • • Racquet Activities and Indoor and

  • Outdoor Team Sports-Badminton, Tennis

  • and Squash.

  • We also have the following clubs at the college:

  • Football Club

  • Netball Club

  • Basketball Club

  • Captains Ball

  • Runner Club

  • Fitness Club

Breaking into top universities


AT CSFC we have students from over 32 nationalities. We cap entry from each

country at 20-25 students to ensue we maintain a multicultural environment

Where students not only excel academically but learn from each other and their


Breaking into top universities

Sport Facilities


Teaching & AdministrationBuilding

Breaking into top universities

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  • Accredited by ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) with excellent report.

    Please view this on our website

    We achieved “Outstanding” in Teaching, Learning and Welfare