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Monday 4/21/2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Monday 4/21/2014

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Monday 4/21/2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Monday 4/21/2014. Announcements:. Homework/Class Assignments!!. Avatar Essay and Movie Questions due today for 45 Points. Due Today: Avatar Essay GRADE CHECKS TODAY! AGENDA : Ecology Unit Activity : Avatar Essay. Avatar Movie Essay.

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Monday 4/21/2014

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    1. Monday 4/21/2014 Announcements: Homework/Class Assignments!! Avatar Essay and Movie Questions due today for 45 Points Due Today: Avatar Essay GRADE CHECKS TODAY! • AGENDA: Ecology Unit • Activity: Avatar Essay

    2. Avatar Movie Essay Using your notes and movie guide for Avatar, you are to write an essay incorporating the following ideas and vocabulary: How does Pandora compare to Earth? What are its features? Why did the humans want to take over Pandora? What resource did the humans want from Pandora? What were some of the consequences of human infiltration of Pandora? Why would Jake Sully be considered an invasive species? What were some things he had to learn to adapt? Why did the scientists think cutting down the trees in Pandora wasn’t a bad idea? Why are the trees so important to the Na’vi? How does this film represent ecosystems and ecology? Why did Jake Sully change his mind about taking over Pandora? Vocabulary to be used at least once: Organisms, ecosystems, invasive species, species, habitat, resources, population, community, energy, biosphere,

    3. Tuesday 4/22/2014 Announcements: Homework/Class Assignments!! Abiotic vs. Biotic Worksheet due Wednesday/Thursday 4/23-4/24/2014 for 20 Points Due Today: Abiotic vs. Biotic Worksheet • AGENDA: Ecology Unit • Notes: Types and Ecology of Organisms • Activity: Abiotic vs. Biotic Worksheet

    4. TYPES OF ORGANISMS • AUTOTROPHIC: -organisms that are able to make their own food for energy. EX: plants • HETEROTROPHIC: -organisms that consume food for energy. EX: animals

    5. ECOLOGY OF ORGANISMS • BIOTIC FACTORS – LIVING components in the environment. EX: animals, plants, bacteria… • ABIOTIC FACTORS- NON-LIVING components in the environment – physical & chemical characteristics. EX: temperature, pH, humidity, nitrogen..

    6. If someone was talking about the temperature and the pH levels in a lake, what type of factors are they talking about?

    7. ABIOTIC


    9. Thursday/Friday 4/24-4/25/2014 Announcements: Homework/Class Assignments!! Population Sizes Reading Assignment due Today for 40 Points • Agenda: Ecology • Notes: Population Sizes • Activity: Population Size Reading Assignment

    10. Population Demography • The statistical study of populations • Demos = people • Graphy = measurement

    11. POPULATION DYNAMICS • BIRTH RATE= the # of births per yr. • DEATH RATE=the # of deaths per yr. • AGE STRUCTURE= distribution of species ages within a population; this can lead to life expectancy.

    12. POPULATION GROWTH • EMIGRATION= Movement of individuals out of a population • IMMIGRATION=Movement of individuals into a population

    13. EXPONENTIAL GROWTH • If a population does not have any restrictions, it can continually grow, BUT in real life, there are limitations such as food or predator relationships that prevent a population from growing exponentially. THIS IS KNOWN AS THE J CURVE

    14. What Can Limit Growth? • Limiting factors are factors that limit the growth of the population. • Ex: Availability of food, Disease, Predators, Lack of space, etc. • These factors cause a S-Shaped growth curve.