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Monday 4-15 PowerPoint Presentation
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Monday 4-15

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Monday 4-15 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Monday 4-15

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  1. Monday 4-15 • none

  2. Tuesday 4/16 • none

  3. Wednesday 4/17 • none

  4. Thursday 4/18 • Why do you think The Diary of Anne Frank became such a successful book over the years?

  5. Pre-Class: April 19th-Friday Which sentence from the passage best supports the idea that Luther Vandross was one of the most influential R&B singers of his time? A. He was born in New York City and came from a musical family. B. He also started writing songs, including "Everybody Rejoice" for the Broadway musical The Wiz. C. Vandross also won eight Grammy Awards , including four for Best Male R&B Performance and Song of the Year. D. Luther began playing the piano at three and also sung in a group in high school called Shades of Jade.

  6. Pre-Class: April 22th-Monday Based on the evidence in the passage, Cameron can be described as A. lonely. B. impolite. C. stubborn. D. bossy.

  7. Pre-Class: April 23rd-Tuesday What can be inferred from the evidence in the passage? A. Cameron is afraid of Kevon. B. Kelly and Kevon fight a lot. C. Cameron is really a nice guy. D. Kelly is the smarter sibling.

  8. Pre-Class: April 24th-Wednesday Which quote from the passage supports the idea that Cameron thinks highly of his sister Claire? A. I'm going to have to teach Kelly how to defend sooner than I anticipated. B. "Wow, you really are just like my little sister Claire." C. "I stopped because I have a little sister at home, and I never let her see me fight." D. "Okay, okay! If you agree to stop that screaming, we'll stop fighting."

  9. Pre-Class: April 25th-Thursday Which quote from the passage best supports the idea that Kevon's opinion about Cameron has changed? A. "Hey, do you want to go to the pizza parlor with us to grab a slice?" B. "You mean your parents have more kids?" C. "We can compare notes on our bratty little sisters!" D. He wasn't sure if he could trust Cameron's word.

  10. Pre-Class: April 26th-Friday From the passage, the reader can tell that: A. Kevonwill fight Cameron at the pizza parlor. B. The elevator people heard Kelly's screams. C. Cameron is worried what Kevon thinks of him. D. Kevon'slittle sister is very sharp.