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Drugs. By: Josh J imison, Austin Lawrence, Hunter Ware. Drugs are bad MMMKAY!. Introduction To Drugs. There are many types of drugs, you can: Inject them, smoke them, snort them, orally take it.

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By: Josh Jimison, Austin Lawrence, Hunter Ware

introduction to drugs
Introduction To Drugs
  • There are many types of drugs, you can: Inject them, smoke them, snort them, orally take it.
  • There are lots of drugs you can use such as: marijuana, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs (very popular now), alcohol, crack, Ecstasy, Meth
  • Alcohol is made with grains, fruits, or vegetables.
  • Your BAC should never be 0.08 or above, because that is legally drunk.
  • Alcohol is absorbed through the blood stream, and it affects the central nervous system.
  • Alcohol can be very addictive and used to hide emotions, or so the user thinks.
  • This substance is NOT addictive because it doesn’t contain nicotine but it contains THC.
  • Marijuana is illegal in most states, but in some it is used as prescribed medicine.
  • It can help Glaucoma and cure migraine headaches.
  • Marijuana is distributed illegally

by the pounds everyday.

Drug dealers will never stop until it is


  • Heroin is a very highly addictive, and dangerous drug.
  • It can be injected, snorted, or smoked.
  • When it enters the brain, it is converted into morphine and binds to receptors.
  • Heroin abuse is associated with many health issues, and fatal overdosing.
  • Chronic use of heroin causes your body to become physically dependant on the drug.
  • It’s pretty bad.. Mk?
  • Meth can be made from common household items.
  • Prolonged usage of meth effects the brain, and central nervous system.
  • The manufacturing environment for meth is found in many places, and can put children and other people at risk.
  • After being addicted to meth, withdrawal from is intense, and painful. It’s also said to last longer than withdrawal from other drugs.
  • Meth causes neurons to release large amounts of dopamine to produce a high, and is very addictive.
  • It’s not worth it mk? Meth is bad, really bad mk?
  • Ecstasy is really small white pill with a lot of different symbols engraved on them to indicate what it contains in the pill, called fillers, normally caffeine to keep the person awake, but such symbols as Nike's swoosh and Mitsubishi are known to have heroin and/or cocaine.
  • The scientific name for ecstasy is MDMA
  • You can take Ecstasy orally or if your not

smart, you can take it by chopping it up

and snort it.

lsd acid
LSD (Acid)
  • Acid is a very dangerous and deadly hallucinogen.
  • When the user is taking acid, a stage occurs called a “acid trip.”
  • Acid is illegal because of the fact it can kill you the very first time you use it.
the chart
The Chart
  • There are actually over 100,000 deaths resulting from D.U.I.’s and just drinking alcohol
  • There are over 200,000 people die each year from overdosing on prescription medication.
  • The other drugs are undetermined because apparently it doesn’t really kill you without the use of another narcotic.
  • However, Marijuana will never kill you.
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