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Agile Project Management

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Agile Project Management. “more about business…less about IT”. What is Agile project management?. Agile Project Management ( AgilePM ) is the new training course and qualification certified and accredited by the APMG.

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agile project management

Agile Project Management

“more about business…less about IT”

what is agile project management
What is Agile project management?

Agile Project Management (AgilePM) is the new training course and qualification certified and accredited by the APMG.

Developed in partnership with the DSDM Consortium it is based upon the tried and tested principles of DSDM Atern and was developed to work alongside more traditional approaches such as PRINCE2®.

AgilePM explains how an agile project is managed and clarifies the different management styles needed to deliver successful agile projects.

benefits of agile project management
Benefits of Agile project management

Most agile methods in the marketplace to date, such as Scrum and XP are software specific and work only at a product delivery level. Because AgilePM is based on DSDM Atern, the only agile method that works at a project management level, it provides a full project management framework that includes roles and responsibilities and a full project lifecycle.

AgilePM can be used on any type of project and of any size

Agile Project Management provides structure and rigour whilst still enabling the fast pace, change and empowerment provided by agile and because AgilePM is fully scalable it provides perfect integration with PRINCE2.

By flexing the deliverables on a project and through the various techniques used such as timeboxing and MoSCoW prioritisation, AgilePM delivers projects on time and on budget whilst protecting the quality of the final deliverables.

agile project management principles
Agile project management - principles

Focus on the business need

Deliver on time


Never compromise quality

Build incrementally from firm foundations

Develop iteratively

Communicate continuously and clearly

Demonstrate control

agile project management techniques
Agile project management - Techniques

Facilitated workshops –bringing together all stakeholders to discuss the requirements of the project and to help identify the potential solutions to be delivered by the project.

Modelling –approaches to developing the solution using a lot of visualisation and involving the business or customer as much as possible.

MOSCOW (M = must; S = should; C = could; W = won’t have this time) -prioritisation technique to reach a common understanding on the importance of each requirement.

Prototyping – create examples of the solution from different perspectives in order to converge on an accurate solution.

Timeboxing – controlling the project by breaking the project down into small timeboxes which each have clear objectives and deliverables.

benefits of the qualification
Benefits of the qualification

Ensures you know about the fast growing trend in project management – the number of Agile Project Management exam candidates doubled 2011 to 2012

Provides you with an excellent understanding of how to manage a project that is being delivered in an agile development environment:

  • If you already have experience of project management it will give you the opportunity to consider how to integrate managing the creation of the project deliverables with managing the overall project according to the standards of your organisation
  • If you are new to project management it will give you an easy to use project management approach that aligns to best practice in project management i.e. PRINCE2
what do people say about the course
What do people say about the course?

“I am a Scrum Master but I wanted more structure for handling problems – Scrum assumes everything is going to go well but I want to know what I can do if there are problems”

“I wanted to be able to make an educated decision on what project management approach to use – Agile is often mentioned so I wanted to see for myself what is offers”

“I have done PRINCE2 and MSP but was looking for something that bridges the gap between development and project management”

“This qualification is offered by the same organisation that does the PRINCE2 exams so I thought it was a good qualification to get”

“To be honest Agile has become a bit of a buzzword and I wanted to find out what it meant”

agile project management qualifications
Agile project management qualifications


1 hour multiple choice paper

60 questions, 30 correct answers (50%) are required for a pass

Closed book exam


2 hour objective based testing exam

4 questions with 15 marks per question

30 marks (50%) of the marks are required for a pass

Open book (can use hand book to research your answers)

are qualifications important
Are qualifications important?

Agile is growing in importance as a core qualification requirement for many project management roles – and not just IT project management. Examples of what you might see in an agile job description:

  • “Maintain momentum for project delivery in a dynamic and fast moving environment”
  • “Drive Agile Methodology throughout the project/teams - ensuring the development teams are practising the core agile principles of collaboration, prioritisation, team accountability and visibility”
  • “Organising and facilitating project planning, daily stand-up meetings, reviews, retrospectives, sprints and release planning”

The Agile Project Management Qualification is evidence that you have current knowledge of project management best practice (the qualification was launched in November 2010) and you are committed to your personal development

why choose agile change management ltd
Why choose Agile Change Management Ltd?

ACM is an Accredited Training Organisation, assessed by the APM Group every year to check that we have quality processes, course materials and trainers to give you the best possible change management training course

Trainers are highly experienced in Agile and other project management approaches so they can offer real world experience and a detailed assessment of the advantages and challenges of using Agile and how to align it with other methods

Professionally trained trainers, who are part of our ACM Excellence Train the Trainer programme:

  • Attending specially commissioned train the trainer events throughout the year
  • Attending other qualification based courses and taking examinations themselves so they know how it feels!

Regularly updated course materials and sample papers to ensure our courses are as enjoyable, relevant to the real world and up to date as possible

when you train with acm
When you train with ACM

Before the course

Access to our on-line platform which has lots of information to help you prepare for your course:

  • Pre-course information including summary tables of information to help you understand the subject more quickly
  • Quizzes and sample examination papers to test your knowledge

During the course

Course materials including models, games, puzzles, slides, activities and sample examination papers

Experienced trainers who know how to manage change and have applied what they teach to real world situations

Activities to help you understand how to apply change management techniques and how to pass the examinations

After the course

Use to stay up to date