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Statistics Authority Economic Statistic Department PowerPoint Presentation
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Statistics Authority Economic Statistic Department

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Statistics Authority Economic Statistic Department - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Statistics Authority Economic Statistic Department
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  1. Statistics Authority Economic Statistic Department Economic Census Project2008

  2. 1. General Remarks • Each district has a separate record or more. The establishments’ data in each block is registeredstarting by the first block in each district or the lowest number. • The data of each establishment is recorded on a questionnaire starting by the first establishment in each block according to the serial number of the establishment census. • If a block does not include any establishments, the symbol is mentioned in the statement of block symbols at the end of the record. 4. The record questionnaires have serial numbers. Questionnaires start by number (1) and Zone numbers start by (001). The number of collected questionnaires is mentioned on the record envelop.

  3. 5. Administration and identification data must be mentioned on the internal and external envelop, the top of questionnaires before registering any data. 6. Numbers including administration and identification data are mentioned in squares in English. 7. If any of the coded answers is chosen, the right code shall be circled. 8.The researcher must include all the establishments operating in residential buildings or hotels. If any establishment is not included, it should be mentioned as the last establishment in the block. The inspector should be notified to take action.

  4. 9. Establishments which are closed temporarily during the census, must be visited by the researcher until the last day of the census to collect required data. 10. A closed warehouse with no employees, used for work purposes shall not be registered in the questionnaire or given a serial number. Only operating warehouses with employees shall be included.

  5. 2. Definition of the Establishment • A project or sub-project, with a specific location a block borders performing one economic activity or more under one management. The holder of the project may be an individual or a company or a government body. The components of the establishment are: 1- A specific location in one block 2- An economic Activity 3- Holder (individual or company)

  6. If the establishment: • Operates in more than one location, whether the activity is one, or integrated or…, all locations within the same block are treated as one establishment since the holder is one. • Has one activity or more within the same block, with separate financial statements, each activity is treated as a separate establishment. • If the data of each activity cannot be separated, all activities are considered as one establishment. The main economic activity of the company has the priority.

  7. 4. If many holders are operating in the same location. The establishment of each holder is independent even if the activity is the same. 5. The following are not considered establishment: • Ambulant merchants • Water tankers • Taxis • Construction sites Ambulant booths • Closed warehouses affiliated to establishments with no employees

  8. 3. Instructions to collect the establishment census records Municipality Name and zone Number Register the municipality name and number And the zone number assigned by the head Of group. Zone Record Number The record number is collected by the head of groups once researchers accomplish their work in a specific zone. Zone numbers start by (001).the remaining records have serial numbers after Record classification starting by the first block.

  9. Number of questionnaires in one record: Write the number of questionnaires collected in one record in the specified squares. Block codes in one record: Mention the number of blocks in the specified Areas including blocks that do not include establishments. Employees Data: Collect the employees data as mentioned in the record.

  10. 4. Instructions to collect the economic census questionnaires Register the municipality name and number And the zone number assigned by the head Of group. • Block Number: Mention in this field the block number from 3 digits • Questionnaire Number: Mention the questionnaire number starting by (01) in the specified squares. The last questionnaire carries the last number in the record. • Establishment Number: Mention the establishment no. from 4 digits on a sticker

  11. 4. Building Number: Mention the building no. occupied partly or completely by an establishment and which was mentioned on the main entrance. The building no is 3 digits and the entrance number is one digit. 5. Electricity Number: Mention the electricity number written on the establishment entrance and the electric meter 6. Name and Number of street: Mention the street number written on the municipality blue sign and name of street where the entrance is located.

  12. 7. Building Number/Owner’s name: mention the building number given by municipality in the specified square. If there is no number, only mention the owner name. 8. Location (Complex/Market): Mention the name (Ghanim al Qadim, WAdi al Sil, Bin Omran, bin Mahmood, al Najada) 9.Establishment location in the building: Whole building, store at the ground floor, Apartment in second floor….)

  13. 10. Establishment Status: Circle the establishment status during the census (operating, temporarily closed, permanently closed, under operation, empty) 10.1 Operating An establishment where employees perform one economic activity or more. 10.2 Temporarily closed An establishment where employees perform one economic activity but temporarily closed during the census period (maintenance, decoration..)

  14. 10.3 Permanently closed: An establishment that closed permanently for reasons like bankruptcy etc.. 10.4 Under operation: A new establishment preparing to open (decoration, transportation of commodities..) but has not operated yet. 10.5 empty: A location that has a purpose of economic activity but is not performing any during the census.

  15. 11. Establishment Name (Arabic): Establishment name that identifies the activity (industrial, commercial, services). Some establishments carry the owner’s name. Government establishments and non-profit, diplomatic and international organisations do not have a commercial name. Write the Arabic name as mentioned inside or outside the establishment. 12. Establishment Name (English) Write the English name as mentioned on the establishment façade without translation from Arabic The following data are collected only from the operating establishment

  16. 13. Establishment sector: Circle the exact sector code 13.1 Government establishment performing administration, service or government activity like ministries or departments (defence, interior, finance, public schools, public hospitals…) 13.2 Government Institutions They include institutions performing an economic activity which capital is totally owned by the government (Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Central Bank) 13.3 Private institutions An establishment owned by an individual or a group Qatari or non-Qatari (do not include government shareholder companies)

  17. 13.4 Mixed institutions This sector includes shareholder companies which are owned by the government and another national or foreign body. 13.5 Diplomatic or international Establishments performing a diplomatic or consul activity for another countries (embassy, Consulate..) and establishments affiliated to regional or international organisations.

  18. Main Economic Activity The actual activity performed by the Establishment regardless of the sector, (government body, government institution, private, mixed, diplomatic, international) capital ownership, establishment status (sole, headquarter, administration offices, help desk, local branches, foreign branches, holding company). one of the economic activities shall be mentioned in details. The establishment name doe not necessarily reflect the economic activity

  19. The owner or the general manager of the establishment are the reliable reference concerning names and definitions. The activity should be mentioned in details including the identification and classification as per the economic activity guide (retail fabric trade, wholesale construction material trade, cement industry, menswear, videotape rental, construction, plumbing, engineering consultant bureau)

  20. Examples of problems and solutions for researchers in the field. A- Trade and construction Establishment An establishment can be trading construction materials and conducting construction services. Data cannot be separated. In this case, the researcher should ask about the main economic activity of the establishment. 1.If the answer is construction materials trade, the researcher shall ask whether the trade is wholesale or retail. 2. If the answer is construction service, he shall ask about if it is building, plumbing, or electricity.

  21. B- Tailoring or Fabric trade establishment: the researcher shall ask if the activity includes menswear or women wear or retail fabric trade. C- Sale or rental of videotape: The main activity shall be mentioned, whether it is wholesale or retail. Important Remarks the following expressions should be detailed in the economic activity statement Trade and Construction Tailoring and Fabric trade Grocery and Supermarket (retail trade of food supplies) Construction (Building, electricity..)

  22. Factory (Plastic, bricks, soap..) Trade (Wholesale, retail..kind of products: Food, oil, fabrics, read-to-wear clothes..) 15. Date of economic activity

  23. Economic Sample Survey 2008 The survey covers the following activities: Banking Insurance Construction Industry Personal services Hotels and restaurants Wholesale & Retail Trade Business Services Transport and Communications In October 2008 Qatar Statistics Authority (QSA) Conducted an Establishment Census. The census showed that there was about (23,000) operating establishment in Qatar.

  24. Objectives of the survey: Provide Statistics for the aforementioned activities to facilitate estimation of GDP in current & constant prices by activity. Sample size: Full count (about 5500 establishments) for the large establishments (employing 10+ employees) was carried out, while sample of establishments (employing less than 10 employees) was selected. The sample size by activity was as follows:

  25. The total sample size was about (10,000) establishments. Questionnaires: For each activity a special questionnaire was designed, which was compatible with SNA93. Data Collection: About (200) enumerators, (40) group heads and (8) supervisors participated in the field work of data collection. The enumerators were distributed by geographic locations. Each enumerator was assigned to visit about (50) establishments and fill the competent questionnaire with cooperation of the establishment’s accountant.

  26. Data collection started at the beginning of June and it Is expected to last for one month. Data Processing: Special computer programs were designed to enter process and tabulate the data. The process will start during July overlapping with data collection. This process is expected to last for about two months. Dissemination of results: The final results will immediately be posted on QSA Website ( after finalizing an approval By QSA management.